Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vagaries had mentioned the trough line remaining steady today(Tuesday), with rainfall along the line, and east Rajasthan getting more rains Tuesday.

The monsoon trough is steady along the same lines as yesterday.The rainfall continues along the trough axis, running thru Rajasthan/M.P. and Jharkhand. Guna(M.P.) received 122 mms and Kota(Raj) 103 mms during the day on Tuesday.
The trough may shift North from Thursday, and the resul in decrease in rains in regions mentioned in Monday's blog.

Mumbai Thunderstorm assessment on Mumbai Page.

Rainfall just around Mumbai !! Cloud width is less. I mean if one sees west, there is not much backing to this cloud. But height caught on is 12 kms.


NT said...

Rajesh, as of 5:30 PM today, I have not heard any thunder nor is there any heavy rain (light rain continues though) around Andheri (W) so far. Although, it's gotten much darker then what it was during the better part of the day today.

sridhar said...

absolute no rain in thane as well till 5.39 pm .... and rajesh where do i get to see these doppler reports....

emkay said...

@Sridhar here is the link for doppler

sridhar said...

thanks emkay

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