Tuesday, July 16, 2019

15th July 2019..
Kolkata Heat Wave !!

Max Temp on 14th at Dum Dum 37.8c (+5) and 37.1c at ALP,
and A.P. Min on 15th 29.6 c (+4)
Max on 15th was 37.7c...and Min 29.1c....
Hottest July Temperature was 39.9c on 10th July 1971...

Rainfall 0 mms and total at AP 133 mms (-329 mms)  and Alipore  131 mms (-309 mms)

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Posted Saturday 13th Evening:

The Monsoon Trough lies in the Himalayan foothills, extreme North.

Rainfall along Axis on 13th...

Axis likely to slide South from 17th July. An UAC/LP can form off the Odisha Coast around the 17th/18th of July.
Rains may spread to East M.P. and increase along Central India and West Coast with Low Pressure Track...but lets wait !

Outlook till Wednesday 17th;
Heavy rains expected in Sub Himalayan Bengal, Sikkim and NE States. Thundershowers likely in some parts of Odisha. 
Heavy rainfall also expected in H.P. and Uttarakhand.
Moderate showers in Coastal Karnatak and Kerala
Subdued spotty rains in M.P. (Jabalpur) , Gujarat, Interior Maharashtra and Telengana..

Outlook till Wednesday 17th;
Mumbai: Overall Subdued rains. A couple of showers ( Brief but intense) in some parts and with sunny periods in between. 
Some Eastern Outer Townships and Lonavala/Khandala Ghat sections can get a couple of heavy showers. Overall Less.

Delhi NCR: Hot ( about 40c) till Tuesday. Showers on Wednesday.

Kolkata: Few Moderate showers on Sunday..and Tuesday/Wednesday.

For Information as asked:
Cherrapunji total rain from 1st January till 13th July: 5904 mms, and from 1 st June  3931 mms. 
Mahableshwar correspondingly 2340 mms and 2325 mms !

Friday, July 12, 2019


Of the Mumbai water supply lakes , Tulshi lake has filled to the brim..
Current water stock in Mumbai water supplying lakes .. 44%

A) Rains over India's most populated cities ..

B) Rainiest 5 state capitals/Union territories 

1. Mumbai (IMD Scz),Maharashtra.. 1407 mms 
2. Dadra Nagar Haveli ..1298 mms
3. Panji ,Goa ..1170 mms
4. Daman..1030 mms
5. Itanagar,Arunachal..936 mms

Highest rains at Mumbai..Tulshi lake..2025 mms
Tulshi lake is located at a straight line distance of 11 kms to the NorthEast of Imd Scz ..

C) Mumbai (IMD Scz,Vileparle) 21st century updated averages (with median rains)..

Today evening ,looking towards IMD-Scz(Vileparle) from near the Arabian sea ..

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Giants in Belgaum and UK districts in Karnataka continue to steal the show

Yesterday Giants in Belgaum district Khanpur Taluk such as Gavali and Kanakumbi rocked. Near by Amagaon should have rocked. Anasi which is wettest in UK ahead of Castle Rock rocked too.

Posted Thursday Afternoon: 

Mumbai: Good rains on Wednesday..in the day and finally decreasing and tapering off at night. 
Day's rain Colaba 72 mms, Scruz 50 mms. 

Decreasing rains on Thursday with few showers for Mumbai, and lesser showers on Friday as Monsoon weakens for a few days.. 

Lakes Rainfall with storage in Brackets Map by Vagarian Tejas and figures compiled by Vagarian Abhijit.
Total Storage at 38% available.

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Yesterday some parts of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai cities witnessed intense spell in short period

Heavy Rain lashed in parts of N. Kokan region. Rainfall Map below of Mumbai MMR in North Kokan division

Maharashtra's Western Ghats region Rainfall Map

Mumbai water supplying lakes water stocks rise to 28% as on today. At current supply rate, 121 days water available i.e up to 7th Nov 2019

                                                                                                    Lakes data courtesy Richa Pinto TOI

Above Maps by Vagarian Tejas Baxi  & Data compiled by Vagarian Abhijit Modak

Monday, July 08, 2019

Posted Monday 8th Night:
Monsoon now yet to enter West Rajasthan, which it will in next 3 days.

The Monsoon Axis (Trough) runs through Punjab, thru low pressure (BB-3) in East U.P. and into the North Bay.
Now, this trough is expected to slide North towards the Himalayan foothills from Tuesday, creating a break Monsoon condition for the Peninsula, Central and North-West India.

Rainfall will decrease substantially in the Peninsula Regions, till South India, Gujarat, Central India and North West India from Wednesday. Very meagre precipitation in Interior Maharashtra.
West Coast belt will be active till Wednesday.

From Wednesday, rains will increase in U.P, Bihat , Uttarkhand and H.P. Major rivers of U.P. and Bihar may cause some flooding later in the week.

Delhi NCR: Some showers on Tuesday, but decreasing then from Wednesday for the next 3/4 days...Days may go up to 40c again from Thursday.

30-40 mms rain possible on Tuesday, with intermittent showers in the day (A Notch below a forecast of frequent showers.) Wednesday evening will see decrease and reduction in rains, with few showers only on Thursday and Friday.
Monday suburbs saw heavy showers in the pre afternoon session, with Scruz recording 122 mms fro 8.30 am -2.30 pm...No rain from 2.30 - 8.30 pm. This was due to an UAC vortex formation on the North Kokan coast...thereby pushing SW winds rising upto Vortex height and creating thundery clouds.

Pune: Active rain on Tuesday, but reducing to light showers from Wednesday thru Friday.

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Maharashtra's Ghat section records first 300 mms rainfall spell of the season

MH Western Ghats region Rainfall Map below with Koyna basin seeing highest rain of all

Heavy Rain lashed interior N. Kokan, Rainfall Map below of Mumbai MMR in North Kokan division

Mumbai Lakes situated in N.Int Kokan region was lashed by much needed heavy Rains! 

Rainfall in Cms for last 24 hrs ending 8.30 am today:-

Bhatsa 20
Vaitarana 19
MiddleVaitrana 16
Tansa 15
UpperVaitrana 12
Tulsi 11
Vihar 5

Above Maps by Vagarian Tejas Baxi  & Data compiled by Vagarian Abhijit Modak

Ghats in Maharashtra show their heavyweight power as they get one of heaviest rains this season.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

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Heavy Rain lashed interior N. Kokan, Rainfall Map below of Mumbai MMR in North Kokan division

Maharashtra's Western Ghats region Rainfall Map

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Posted 4th July Afternoon:

The Well Marked Low, Monsoon Trough and 3 days Forecast is given in the Diagram Map below:

Good rains expected along the Path of the Low, with initial good rains in Eastern Gujarat, North M.P. Western U.P... and Eastern /South Rajasthan.

South West Monsoon expected to move into Delhi by 6th July.

After a wet weekend upto Monday, the City had a Breather on Wednesday....just 4 mms at Scruz and 10 mms at Colaba. 
In the wet spell from June 28th -2nd July, Scruz recorded 795 mms of rainfall ( July avg 850 mms).. With 375 mms in one day (24 hrs till 2nd Morning).
The seasons total is 1021mms at Scruz and 634 mms at Colaba.
Total Water Storage in Lakes is today at 1.739 Mcum ( 14.47  Full) that is 12% .
Thursday: Intermittent showers, some heavy...between 35-55 mms rain . Bright periods possible.
Friday: Slightly increase to frequent showers around 40-60 mms.  No cause for Flooding.
Saturday, again intermittent showers .

Pune Thursday/Friday/Saturday: Passing light to moderate showers. Upto 10-15 mms per day. Max temperature around 28c.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Massive overnight rains lashed Mega city Mumbai !

Tulshi lake in Mumbai recorded massive 504 mms rainfall today in last 24hrs! Seasonal total on 1464 mm till today.

Also it would be First 50cm rainfall event in 24 hrs period in whole country for this season till now!

With 375 mms, Mumbai Santacruz IMD observatory has now seen the highest rainfall for 24 hours period in at least a decade for July month! May be after 26 July 2005 also...

Some mind boggling Mumbai city rainfall figures below in map format

Heavy Rain lashed Palghar dist for 3rd day, Rainfall Map below of Mumbai MMR in North Kokan division

Mumbai water supplying lakes water stocks rise to 10% as on today

Lakes data courtesy Richa Pinto TOI

Above Maps by Vagarian Tejas Baxi  & Data compiled by Vagarian Abhijit Modak

First 500 mm rainfall in Maharashrtra as Mumbai gets highest one day rainfall since 2005

Monday, July 01, 2019

Rains pound Palghar district again in Maharashtra and North Coastal and Interior districts in Karnataka continue to get heavy rains.

MONSOON REPORT (1-6-2019 TO 30-6-2019)

TOTAL ALL INDIA RAINFALL (as on 30-6-2019)




required in mm
MINIMUM 700.0 mm 6.39
AVERAGE 887.5 mm 8.42
MAXIMUM 1100.0 mm 10.74


3.74 mm


A & N ISLAND 662.2 413.7 60%
KONKAN & GOA 642.1 689.7 -7%
COASTAL KARNATAKA 588.3 866.7 -32%
ASSAM & MEGHALAYA 378.4 496.9 -24%
SHWestBengal & SIKKIM 370.3 483.3 -23%
KERALA & MAHE 358.5 643.0 -44%
ARUNACHAL PRADESH 310.3 490.7 -37%
LAKSHADWEEP 243.5 330.3 -26%
Nagaland Mizoram Manipur Tripura 226.9 398.0 -43%
ODISHA 146.4 217.7 -33%
CHHATTISGARH 129.4 193.5 -33%
MADHYA MAHARASHTRA 123.3 157.0 -21%
GUJARAT REGION 114.0 138.6 -18%
N. I. KARNATAKA 108.5 107.1 1%
GANGETIC WEST BENGAL 106.7 256.2 -58%
S. I. KARNATAKA 103.4 144.1 -28%
BIHAR 98.7 167.7 -41%
MARATHWADA 92.3 138.0 -33%
VIDARBHA 91.0 170.6 -47%
JHARKHAND 89.6 199.9 -55%
TELANGANA 86.3 132.0 -35%
UTTARAKHAND 84.3 177.8 -53%
JAMMU & KASHMIR 79.2 73.9 7%
WEST MADHYA PRADESH 78.8 105.9 -26%
EAST RAJASTHAN 72.3 66.8 8%
COASTAL AP and YANAM 65.9 105.2 -37%
SAURASHTRA & KUTCH 61.7 94.0 -34%
EAST MADHYA PRADESH 59.5 140.4 -58%
RAYALASEEMA 54.4 70.9 -23%
HIMACHAL PRADESH 54.2 100.5 -46%
EAST UTTAR PRADESH 47.5 108.2 -56%
TN PUDU and KARAIKAL 33.6 54.1 -38%
PUNJAB 25.0 50.4 -50%
WEST RAJASTHAN 24.6 36.9 -33%
WEST UTTAR PRADESH 22.4 76.0 -71%
HAR. CHD & DELHI 18.6 48.1 -61%

TOTAL ABOVE AVERAGE DAYS (1-6-2019 TO 30-6-2019)

TOTAL BELOW AVERAGE DAYS (1-6-2019 TO 30-6-2019)

30 (100%)

Source IMD

Gujarat total rain till 1st July not one dsy
Mumbai rainfall From Shri Hosalikar imd
Map presented by Vagarian Tejas with input by Vagarian Abhijitj

Lake levels now at 7%now from 4.9%three days ago

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Massive rains seen in Ghats of Maharashtra with rainfall shifting from coast to the mountains. Belgaum and Shimoga rock in Karnataka too.

June Month Rainfall Map for Mumbai region with Lakes storage & Ghats section of Maharashtra

June 2019 Total Rainfall (see bracket) Map of Mumbai MMR in North Kokan division 

Maharashtra's Western Ghats region Rainfall for June 2019

Mumbai water supplying lakes June rainfall & current live storage till today

Lakes data courtesy Richa Pinto TOI

Above Maps by Vagarian Tejas Baxi  & Data compiled by Vagarian Abhijit Modak

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Maps by Vagarians Tejas and data by Vagarians Abhijit


Massive rains in Maharashtra Coast with Palghar getting mammoth 455 mm of rainfall in a day and most of the Mumbai region get over 200 mm rainfall

Rainfall ending at 8:30am on 29/6/2019 in Mumbai region(All above 200mms):-

Andheri Rly Station(W):239mms
Bandra( W):213mms
Borivali Rly Station:223mms
Century Bazar(Worli Fire Stn):212mms
Chembur Naka:201mms
Chincholi Bundar:212mms
Dahanukar Wadi(Kandivali):240mms
Deonar Municipal Colony:215mms
Jogeshwari Rly Stn:216mms
Kamala Nehru Park:210mms
Kannamwar Nagar(Vikhroli):250mms
Kurla Kamani:209mms
Malad Link Road:258mms
Nadkarni Park(Wadala):207mms
Patkar College(Goregaon):202mms
Ram Mandir Rly Station:208mms
Vikhroli Park Site:226mms
From BMC aws compiled by vagarian abhishek Apte 

Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday rains till 6 pm in 9 hrs
Nariman Point: 51.55mm Fort: 65mm Malabar Hill: 73.9mm F North ward office (Parel): 94.22mm Wadala: 119.37mm Worli: 86.62mm BKC: 97.27mm Bandra: 110mm Marol: 147.81mm Vile Parle: 103.12mm Andheri fire station: 132.05mm L ward office -Kurla: 109.97mm Vikhroli: 139.19mm Mulund: 116.07mm N ward office -Ghatkopar: 109mm

Mumbai rains in 6 hrs till 2.30 pm Thursday
Scruz aws 126 mm, kurla 95 mms, bhandup 84 mms, andheri 83 mms, dadar 87 mms, kandivali 76 mms, malabar hill 46 mms CST 42 mms, vagaries club 55 mms

Mumbai lakes get good rainfall on Thursday 27th
Bhatsa 125 mms, upper vaitarna 110 mms, tulsi 90 mms and middle vaitarna 55 mms.

Thane dist rainfall ending 8.30am today:

Shahapur 120mm
Bhiwandi 105mm
Kalyan 96mm
Thane 76mm
Ambernath 67mm
Ulhasnagar 39mm
Murbad 30mm

15th July 2019.. Kolkata Heat Wave !! Max Temp on 14th at Dum Dum 37.8c (+5) and 37.1c at ALP, and A.P. Min on 15th 29.6 c (+4) Max ...