Saturday, June 11, 2011

AS-1 note has been put up at 8pm today.

Stationary at present, but likely to move NW and intesify initially. Moving towards Saurastra coast and subsequently the Sindh coast. As anticipated, will skirt the coasts. Weakening trends possible from Sunday night.


In the 12 hrs ended 8.30 pm on Saturday, Mumbai Colaba received 102 mms and S'Cruz 181 mms.

A few showers of short duration on Saturday night.

Sunday: Cloudy, with short sunny intervals. Short duration showers.

The coastal belt of Goa and Mah. received very heavy rainfall due to spiral binding of clouds from As-1.

Rainfall in 24 hrs ended 8.30 am Saturday:

Very heavy rainfall of 21 cms was recorded at Mahad and Mahbleshwar and Poladpur had 17 cms.Harnai 14 cms while Bhira and Roha had 11 cms while Mumbai Colaba guaged up 10 cms. Panvel received 8 cms.

In the Ghats section, Tamini had 14 cms and Koyna 10 cms.

With the system pushing in moisture and rain Northwards, I feel that a further advance of the SWM into North Mah. and South Gujarat is getting favourable.

Next update at 11.30 pm IST Saturday.

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