Vagaries' Meets in Pics

XVI>>> 3rd June 2017...Pre Monsoon Meet at Willingdon Club Mumbai


XV >> 25th February 2017....Pune
Vagaries' meet in Pune with Sikandarji (IMD) and Dr. Mazumdar (IITM) on 25th February 2017.
Had very useful and helpful discussions with the IMD/IITM scientists.

With our Co-Authors

XIV >> 18th February 2017...Celebrations!! 10th Anniversary of Vagaries of Weather Group.
Had amazing Vagaries Meet today on 18 Feb,Saturday, 2017.
Celebrated 10th Anniversary of our group.
"This group is amazing coming together of people from diverse backgrounds coming together with one common passion of studying weather. We are Vagaries of Weather!!! "...Vishal Kelkar

XIII >> Atria Meeting...

XII >> Vagarians Meet on 26th September 2015 at Upvan Lake, Thane...

Pics By Vagarian Salil


XI >> Vagaries meet at Vagarian Salil'S residence. 6th June 2015....Meet to wish Vagarian Junaid Luck for his new Career abroad and to Honour Vagarian Salil for Getting a Photography Award...

X >> Visit to the Air Traffic Control. IMD, Mumbai Airport...29th April 2015
Very informative visit, and got to know the intricacies of air traffic control. Good to know something besides weather !..Thanks to Shri Sunil Kamble and Shri Pawar.

IX >>  Vagaries Meet at Atria Mall, South Mumbai ....10th January 2015..Invitee and Chief Guest Mr. S.Kamble, Director in Charge (IMD), Mumbai Airport.

 Gift From vagaries to Mr. Kamble.

Pics Courtesy vagarian Salil Kawli

VIII >>  Vagaries Meet at Yeoor and Upvan Lake Thane..2nd October 2014

 VII> Vagaries Visit to IMD Pune ..23rd June 2014
Pics ( except Main Building) by Kunnal & Junaid
Album Link

Attn All Vagarians!

A field trip to IMD Main Office Pune is being planned and worked out. I would like all to take and grab this once in a way opportunity , and take full advantage of learning and seeing Pune Observatory.
Would like all vagarians to come, from all over, and make this trip a learning trip, and a success for Vagaries.
We will have seniors showing us all the facilities and explaining the details.
All are welcome (and must come...its an order ! :-))
Planning to visit in the week starting 16th June OR week Starting 23rd June...either of these weeks, during a weekday.
We can arrive a day earlier and stay overnight for an early morning visit to the Observatory.

Please confirm on FB AND Vagaries Blog in Comments on THIS PAGE....BOTH confirmations are necessary for the blog readers to know the vacancies...Entries  Limited.
You may suggest your dates to make the planning easier...

All Meets Video  

VI.. Vagaries' Arranged a study trip to regional Met Centre (IMD) Mumbai, Colaba. The visit was on friday 21st Feb.See Video slide Show here

v. ----Meet at Upvan Lake Thane, 15th February, 2014

IV.---Meet at Panvel on 28th September 2013

  III>>Meet at Atria Mall on 29th June 2013

II....Meet at Mall in Thane  19th April 2013

I..First Meet at Costa Coffee, Phoenix Mills..11th February 2013


Tejas Baxi said...

Tejas Baxi i am confirmed

Abhijit Modak said...

I am also confirmed.. Thank you Sir, for organizing study tour to IMD Mumbai..

Very excited to see how weather instrument works and obviously how weather charts are prepared..

Pavan said...

me too confirmed,
i will be directly coming to imd at 1500 hrs on 21/02/14


pavan gudi

Unknown said...

Me confirmed...

Ron said...

I am also confirmed. I cannot miss this moment..Eagerly waiting..Ronnie Bhaumik

salil said...

Me too confirmed

Unknown said...

Jayesh mehta confirmed

Unknown said...

Confirmed RMC

GSB said...

Ok....confirmed.....see you guys on 21st....and two jayesh

Rohit Aroskar said...

Me confirmed

emkay said...

I am joining you guys and will meet up at 1525 hrs in front of IMD.

Viravanalluran said...

WORLD METEOROLOGICAL DAY will usually be celebrated throughout the world on 23 March. As 23 March 2014 happens to be SUNDAY, the India Meteorological Department, the apex National weather body, decides to celebrate the WMD-2014 on 24 March 2014 [MONDAY]at all major centers of IMD.
A tour to Regional Meteorological Centers /or {METEOROLOGICAL CENTERS}of IMD at various major locations [like DELHI / KOLKOTTA /CHENNAI /MUMBAI /PUNE /NAGPUR /GAUHATI / {BENGALURU /HYDERABAD /THIRUVANATHAPURAM} ETC] by Vagarians of respective places will be more exciting.
Do NOT miss this opportunity.

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir nice pictures :) Looking great :)

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