Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Posted Tuesday Night:

A weak Low pressure is located over North Maharshtra/MP on Tuesday. Low pressure will move West and cover West MP and move into North Gujarat and South Rajasthan on Wednesday. Heavy rains likely in West MP/North-East Gujarat.
Surat and Indore can get showers.
Few showers for Ahmadabad on Wednesday. 
Bangalore got the expected shower on Sunday ...Now, possible shower of around 15-20 mms on Wednesday expected.

Rains likely in South East Sindh on Wednesday.

Monsoon axis shifts North again from 29th July.Heavy rains along axis in North on 30th July.

North Mumbai had heavy showers on Tuesday, with Scruz recording 66 mms in 12 hrs ended 8.30 pm. In the South, Colaba recorded 22 mms. 
Wednesday will see sunny periods with a few showers. Average rainfall for city on Wednesday: 15-20 mms. Rainfall increasing from Thursday.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Posted Sunday Night:
The possibility of increased rainfall for Saurashtra holds good. Saurasthra may see rainfall increase on Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday. Much needed !(UAC over West MP can interact with the Northern parts of the west coast trough which is shifting westwards).

Good rains in West M.P. as on Sunday Morning as expected: Some amounts in cms::WEST MADHYA PRADESH:
45 mms in Indore IMD.

Mumbai: Rains had been predicted last week  to decrease form Monday, but Sunday saw very little rains in Mumbai.
We see Decreased rainfall in Mumbai on Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday.Days will be partly cloudy and sunny spells will raise the day temperatures.Towards the end of the week, rainfall intensity can increase, may be with thunder.
Latest Lake Storage is 866 MCum. That translates to 59% Storage available. Meaning water available till about End of May 2017 .

Pune: Cloudy skies. Monday/Tuesday will see light rains in some parts, with warmer daytime temperatures.Thundery developments likely on Thursday.   

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Some Heavy Rainfall Amounts from Telengana (22nd July): Sirsilla 88 mms, Thollada 86 mms, Jukkal 81 mms, Dhar Palle 76 mms, Mudhole & Bejjanki 70 mms, Aswapuram 63 mms, Boath 59 mms, Narayankhed & Parkal 51 mms, 

On Friday, Delhi Palam remains hot as mercury touches 41.5c !

Posted Thursday 21st Night: 

Mumbai: After this weekend, from Monday 25th, Mumbai will see a marked decrease in rainfall intensity. The rains will reduce from Monday all along the Konkan belt and Coastal Karntaka. 
However, the weekend will see Mumbai getting its regular periods of showers.Showers in many parts of Mumbai will fill up the rain gauge to between 20-30 mms per day till Sunday. 
All along the interior Konkan towns too, showers ranging from 30-60 mms per day will continue till Monday.

The Monsoon Trough moves Southwards this weekend. While after Sunday, the West Coast trough tends to shift Westwards. Can bring improved rainfall to Saurashtra next week.
UAC from Bay moves inland towards Telengana/Vidharbh

Meanwhile, we can expect heavy showers in Vidharbh and Telengana (Hyderabad) this weekend. As the system moves inland, rains expected along coastal AP also.N.I. Karnataka can get good showers this weekend.
Chance of a good thunder shower in Bangalore on Sunday.

Good rains expected in West MP (Indore) on Saturday.In East MP also, places and towns can expect daily rains ranging between 10-20 mms per day.

As Delhi NCR records 37/38c, we may see a thunder shower on Friday in some parts, but day expected to remain hot.
Light showers in parts of Kolkata this weekend.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Posted Wednesday Night:
UAC has formed off the AP Coast. Likely to form Low by 23rd. UAC may form over Telengana on 22nd...If then heavy rains over Telengana/Vidharbh. Will confirm both developments on Thursday Night.

Mumbai: Occasional showers expected in Mumbai from Thursday evening.
Delhi day got hotter as expected, and max on Wednesday was 38c at Palam and 37c at S'Jung.

Karachi: Wednesday was windy, with max wind speed at 37 kmph around noon. Light drizzles in some parts in the evening.

20th July: Good rainfall keeps the Mumbai Lakes Filling 
Lakes Supplying Water to Mumbai are Today 54% full. With a Storage of 793 Mcum, Mumbai has (at 20% cut rate) about 283 days of water available. That is till about 1st May 2017..( Source of Info: Vagarian Jayesh Mehta).

Compiled by Vagarian Tejas

Monday, July 18, 2016

Mumbai got the occasional  showers on Tuesday, and Colaba measured 51 mms  and Scruz 63 mms in 12 hrs from 8.30 am - 8.30 pm IST. 
Mumbai may see a slight decrease in rains intensity and amount on Wednesday ( Maybe around 30 mms).

In Konkan, Ratnagiri got 64 mms.

Rain was very heavy in Meghalaya, with Mawnsynram recording a massive 549 mms, Cherrapunji 448 mms and Cherrapunji RKM 400 mms in 24 hrs  till 19th morning !

Nepalgunj (Nepal) received 66 mms in 24 hrs ended 5.30 pm IST today and Kathmandu 24 mms.

Good overnight Rains around Mumbai..Nagothane gets 154 mms and Panvel 114 mms. See Mumbai Region rains and more on Mumbai Page.

Posted Monday 18th Night:

The Axis of the Monsoon: Now Northern most in the Himalayan foothills. Likely to remain in this position till 22nd July.
Next Low in Bay: BB-4, can form off the A.P.coast around 22nd July.

Monsoon axis passing from North Pakistan Punjab thru Amritsar, Haryana,Thru U.P and Bihar and thru North West Bengal into the NE States.

Next 2 days,19th and 20th July: Rainfall likely to be persistent along the Monsoon axis.There will be pockets and patches of very heavy rainfall along this "Line".But i would vouch for very heavy showers in Assam and Meghalaya. Huge 3 digit amounts in Cherrapunji and Mawsynram for sure.
Along with Himalayan West Bengal, I would estimate heavy showers in Bhutan and Eastern Nepal and Kathmandu.

Expect heavy thunder showers in Kathmandu on 19th and 20th. Maybe cumulative more than 100 mms in 2 days. Local mountain regions will get heavy rains also.
Heavy rains along Delhi/West UP region on Thursday 21st.

As we have a weak off shore trough along the West coast of India, showers ranging from 20-60 mms would continue in most towns of Konkan and Coastal Karnataka. 
Scattered light showers upto 10 mms in few places in Saurashtra. No meaningful increase.
Strong Gusty SW winds in Saurashtra and SE Sindh (Pakistan). 

Mumbai: Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th: Cloudy and windy weather. Regular occasional showers, and some of them may be heavy with gusty winds and low clouds. Rainfall amount could be between 30-40 mms and maybe > 40 mms in some parts. This will be on Tuesday. Wednesday may see occasional showers amounting to around 20-30 mms.
Pune: Usual typical Monsoon climate. Cloudy with few light passing showers in several parts of city. Day around 26/27c.

New Delhi: Hot next 2 days, and a significant increase in rainfall on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd. (As axis moves Southwards).

Normal rain fall this week, around 5-10 mms in Akola District. We wait for some increase this weekend in Vidharbh & Marathwada.

Karachi: Cloudy skies with strong windy conditions (Upto 40 kmph). Light rains in some parts of city.