Monday, July 24, 2017

Mount Abu broken it's own record of all time highest rainfall !

Once in 350 year rainfall event has happened in Rajasthan, Mount Abu records 773 mm in last 24 hours. Many stations break their all time high in Rajasthan. North Gujarat too is getting very heavy rainfall.

One hell of rains have fallen in the Desert Region of Rajasthan and the north Gujarat belt and pounding continues. Mount Abu Tehsil and Mount Abu in Rajastan has got staggering 773 mm and 733 mm with in last 24 hours. With this, Mount Abu broke its all time high rainfall of 653 mm recorded on 8th September, 1992,
Many stations in rajasthan has got nearly 50% of their annual rainfall in a day. North Gujarat too battered with Danitwada recording 342 mm rainfall, Palanpur 255 mm and Deesa 248 mm.

Rainfall in Rajasthan in mm ending 8.30 am on 24.07.2017
Mount Abu Tehsil, Sirohi dt - 773 
Mount Abu, Sirohi dt - 733 
Angore, Sirohi dt - 445
Reodar, Sirohi dt - 403 
Sirohi, Sirohi dt - 380
Pindwara, Sirohi dt - 303
Aburoad, Sirohi dt - 266
West Banas, Sirohi dt - 261
Sei Dam, Udaipur dt - 260 
Bhinmal, Jalore dt - 257 
Jawai Dam, Pali dt - 240 
Sumerpur, Pali dt - 230 
Rani, Pali dt - 187 
Sheoganj, Sirohi dt - 175
Kotra, Udaipur dt - 170 
Kotra, Udaipur dt - 167 
Mithri, Pali dt - 165 
Babalwara, Udaipur dt - 150 
 Ogna, Udaipur dt -143 
Sanchore, Jalore dt - 138 
Sayala, Jalore dt - 137 
Bali, Pali dt - 137 
Dantiwara, Pali dt - 137 
Kot, Pali dt - 135 
Somkagdar, Udaipur dt - 135 
Desuri, Pali dt - 132 
Kherwara, Udaipur dt - 132 
Kherwara, Udaipur dt - 132
Dantaband, Sirohi dt - 131
Phutiya, Pali dt - 124 
Pali, Pali dt - 122 
Kana, Pali dt - 115 
Marwarr Junction, Pali dt - 114 
Salumbar, Udaipur dt - 114 
Salumbar, Udaipur dt - 114 
Beawar, Ajmer dt - 113 
Jaisamand, Udaipur dt - 113 
Muthana, Pali dt - 112 
Beawar, Ajmer dt - 111 
Sadri, Pali dt - 110 
Pratapgarh, Pratapgarh dt - 110 
Jhadol, Udaipur dt - 105 
Jhadol, Udaipur dt - 105 
Rishabdev, Udaipur dt - 102 
Deogarh Rajsamand dt - 101 
Wana, Cheetal dt - 100

Flood water in Rajasthan -

(Rainfall data Courtesy - Vagaries Rainman/ Tamil Nadu Weatherman - PJ)

As per hinted by various global models of extreme heavy rain event likely on Guj/Raj border by sticky system.. So as per the estimates, BB-5 has dumped historic rain in Mount Abu of S.Rajasthan yesterday !!

Mount Abu Tehsil recorded massive 773 mms & Mount Abu IMD 733 mms rainfall ending 8.30am today dated 24-07-2017 in past 24hrs !!

Above Source: IMD Pune and rainfall in cms

With this Mount abu broken it's own record of 653 mms which was recorded on 8thth Sep 1992 !!

Some 500 mms+ extreme event in 24 hrs period for year 2017 till today: 

Mount Abu,Rajasthan 773 mms on 24 July 2017
Cherrapunji,Meghalaya 638 mms on 17 June 2017
Chamorshi(Gadchiroli),Maharahstra 519 mms on 19 July 2017

Also there have been 12 instances of around 400 mms or more daily rainfall events this monsoon till now

North Konkan .. 3 instances (within a week) , Cherrapunji ..2 instances , Saurashtra .. 2 instances , South Gujarat .. 1 instance , Maharashtra western ghats .. 1 instance ,  Orissa .. 1 instance , Vidarbha .. 1 instance, South Rajasthan ..1 instance

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Posted Sunday 23rd Night:

A brief Report: BB-5 has moved Westwards towards Kutch thru South Rajasthan on Sunday evening. Expected to move West and precipitate heavy showers on Southern Rajasthan, Gujarat Region ( Barring Saurashtra and Kutch) and some parts of Southern Sindh in next 24 hrs from Sunday evening. 
Saurashtra may escape the major brunt of rains, while Kutch will see isolated heavy falls on Monday. 
Rain patch may persist on Tuesday in Southern Rajasthan for a day into Wednesday.
Strength and rains intensity from BB-5 expected to decrease from Tuesday evening. 
Ahmadabad: Occasional heavy showers on Sunday night and thru Monday afternoon. Around 50-70 mms rains expected in the 24 hrs from Sunday night to Monday night. Rains decreasing from Tuesday.
Karachi will be cloudy with some showers on Monday and Tuesday. A heavy shower expected in some parts of city on Monday.
BB-6 has formed in the North Bay located currently over G. West Bengal.Heavy rainfall expected in G.West Bengal and Jharkhand on Monday.

Mumbai: Monday and Tuesday will be cloudy with sunny spells. Interrupted by few showers, and one or two may be heavy. But reduced rainfall will bring around 10-12 mms per day. Very windy with SW winds blowing at 35-40 kmph along the sea fronts.
We wait for the tracking of BB-6, and recovery of rains over Mumbai by Friday.
Kolkata: Frequent heavy showers expected on Monday and Tuesday.
Delhi NCR: No meaningful increase and pick up in rains expected this week till Thursday.

Indore: Cloudy with Occasional showers on Monday and Tuesday, around 15-25 mms per day expected.

Marathwada sees no major or meaningful increase in rainfall this week.
Yes... I have been very irregular in my postings on this at Vagaries. I appreciate and thank all those who showed concern about my absence.
.Actually i have not studied and gone thru the detailed weather since last 8 cannot give my views without seeing in depth...have been away for some time. I do see some heavy rains in North Gujarat and Southern Rajasthan on Monday, but according to me reducing on Tuesday..

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Image result for rain cartoon
[ Stay tuned ..updated 23 Jul 2017 ]

There have been 11 instances of around 400 mms or more daily rainfall events this monsoon till now

North Konkan .. 3 instances (within a week) , Cherrapunji ..2 instances , Saurashtra .. 2 instances , South Gujarat .. 1 instance , Maharashtra western ghats .. 1 instance ,  Orissa .. 1 instance , Vidarbha .. 1 instance

Update .. Highest Rainfall stations of Maha / Kar western ghats 
Highest rainfall station in Mumbai city .. Vihar .. 2210 mms (1 Jun to 23 Jul)

Vagaries exclusive update .. State wise highest rainfall ( 1 Jun to 23 Jul ) 

..South west monsoon coverage is a team effort ( special thanks to Abhijit , Shivkumar ) at Vagaries ..Be a part of the team , by adding monsoon information you have in the comments sections..

Monday, July 17, 2017

Posted Monday Night:
BB-5 has formed as we mentioned, and is likely to become a depression. Situated off the North A.P. coast, it will track Westwards as mentioned.

Had mentioned in the comments that there would be a decrease in rains on Monday , and to revive on Tuesday, but BB-5 has activated the trough off North Konkan a day ahead of schedule...

Against the expectations, Mumbai City and Suburbs received heavy rains on Monday...With Scruz receiving the first 100 of the season...
In 12 hrs from 8.30 am-8.30 pm on Monday:
Scruz recorded 127 mms, Colaba  49 mms.
Some 12 hrs rainfall in various parts of Mumbai: Andheri 108 mms, BKC 78 mms, Bandra 73 mms, CST 74 mms, Chembur 81 mms, Dadar E 91 mms, Ghatkopar 95 mms, Goregaon 73 mms, Vikhroli 97 mms, Kurla 101 mms.
Pune recorded 10 mms with a maximum temperature was 25.4c on Monday.
Mumbai: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will see intermittent and frequent showers in Mumbai City and Suburbs. Nearly consistent rains brings back the monsoonish atmosphere.
Heavy showers expected again on Monday night.
Around 70-90 mms (Average) expected on Tuesday ( after 8.30 am) and 50-70 mms on Wednesday/Thursday.

The Highest totals in Maharastra this season till 17th July: Compiled by Vagarian Abhijit Modak.
Shirgaon 3226 mms, Lamaj 2847 mms, Kesari (Kolhapur) 2710 mms, Davdi Camp (Mulshi) 2478 mms, Amboli 2440 mms, Walvan 2421 mms, Kitwade 2360 mms, Matheran 2318 mms, Lonavla 2265 mms, Mahableshwar 2239 mms, Bhimashankar 2228 mms, Patgaon 2127 mms, Navaja 2143 mms, Gajapur 2100 mms, Tapola 2097 mms.

Position of Storage in Lakes supplying water to Mumbai as on 17th: Information from Vagarian Jayesh Mehta.
With Modak Sagar overflowing, the gates of Middle Vaitarna were opened, otherwise it would have also overflowed. 

Total storage is at 67 % at 987 Mcum. With a daily consumption of about 4 Mcum, Mumbai has about 245 days of water available: That is upto about 15th March 2018.

On Tuesday, 18th, BB-5 precipitate heavy Rains in Coastal A.P, Chattisgarh and Telengana.Rains likely in Konkan and Goa.
Wednesday will bring heavy rains to Chattisgarh, Telengana, parts of Marathwada, Vidharbh, East MP and Konkan .
Nagpur will get heavy showers on Wednesday and Thursday.
Akola region will get moderate showers upto 15-20 mms per day in the next 3 days.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Posted Saturday Night:

Massive amounts of rainfall was recorded in Gujarat. Rain amounts as on Saturday 15th Morning:
Saurashtra: Chotilla 450 mms, Rajkot 348 mms, Tankara 340 mms, Kaprada 260 mms, Muli 160 mms, Padhari 159 mms,  Kapadvanj 144 mms, Posina 137 mms,
Danta 130 mms.
As mentioned, the rains have shifted to Kutch, with Bhuj getting 92 mms in the 9 hrs ended 5.30 pm on Saturday.
Decrease in rainfall in Gujarat Region and Saurashtra on Sunday.

A UAC/Low moves into Northern Coastal A.P. on Monday.  Heavy rains expected in Northern A.P. on Monday.The system will move Westwards into Telengana.

Mumbai Scruz recieved 68 mms and Colaba 24 mms till 8.30 am Saturday. In the day on Saturdfay, Scruz recieved another 69 mms and Colaba 7 mms in the next 12 hrs ended 8.30 pm Saturday.
Expecting intermittent showers on Sunday, around 35-40 mms . Reduction in rainfall on Monday.

Just for Information, Scruz total from 1st June till date is 812 mms, Colaba 659 mms. Mahableshwar total is 2034 mms, Mathran 2118 mms, Lonavla 1959 mms and Thane 1263 mms.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Posted Thursday Night:
Writing and updating this blog after 6 days:

There is a delay since the last posting, so we take a leap from last reporting into the current scenario:
1. The Monsoon axis has moved Southwards as expected after the 11th.
2. Refering to the last post, the Low formed in the Northern Bay as we mentioned and is now a Well Marked Low over the NW parts of M.P. Likely to move  Westwards. May not strengthen significantly.
3.  The west coast off shore trough is strengthening.

Heavy Rains expected next 2 days: Gujarat Region, Northern parts of Saurashtra . Rainfall around 150- 200 mms expected. 
Northern Maharshtra also will get heavy rains.
Cool days with showers expected in Nasik this weekend, around 10-20 mms per day.
Ahmadabad: Heavy showers on Friday and Saturday accumulating about 100-125 mms in 2 days.
Indore : After a cool Thursday at 24.5c, with 17 mms in 12 hrs ended 8.30 pm, some showers expected on Friday.

Sunday, rainfall moves into Kutch and coastal Sindh.
Karachi can expect Showers on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Mumbai: Friday and Saturday will have cloudy skies with intermittent/frequent rain showers. Showers in the day, and some heavy, will bring around 50-60 mms per day.
Sunday will also be cloudy with occasional showers bringing around 40-50 mms.
Pune: Pune had good frequent showers on Thursday, with some regions measuring upto 25 mms till 10 pm IST.
Cloudy cool weekend. Showers on Saturday, with decreasing intensity by Sunday.