Thursday, December 09, 2021

Minimum Temperatures in NW India on 9th Morning;

Punjab: Adampur 5.2c, Faridkot 5.5cBhatinda 6.0c,  Amritsar 6.8c, Gurdaspur 7.7c

Rajasthan :   

Churu 4.5c, Sikar 5.0c,, Piani 6.4c, Bhilwara 7.7c, Jaisalmer 8.3c,


Hisar 6.0c,, Narnaul 6.5c, Sirsa 7.9c, Karnal 8.4c

New Delhi:

Lodhi Road 8.3c, S"Jung 8.4c.


Drass -15c, Leh & Thoise  -10c, 

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

 Cold Wave and Below normal Night temperatures likely in Rajasthan on 9th/10th/11th December...

Churu records 4.5c on 8th.

Tuesday, December 07, 2021

 Vagaries forecast

औरंगाबाद जिल्हा - पुढचे ४ दिवसाचा हवामानाचा अंदाज 

पुढचे ४ दिवस (8 dec- 12 dec) हवामान विशेषतः कोरडे राहील. किमान तापमान साधारण १४°-१६°C असेल. शुक्रवार १० डिसेंबर आणि शनिवार ११ डिसेंबरला आकाश थोड्या प्रमाणात ढगाळ राहील व किमान तापमानात आणि आद्रतेत थोडी वाढ अपेक्षित आहे.

Monday, December 06, 2021

Posted on 6th December Monday night 

Forecast for next 3 days (7th to 9th December):

Mumbai: Rise in day temperature due easterly winds. Max temperature likely to be around 34°C, dry afternoons. Sea breeze setting in by late afternoon/evening. Nights will be in the range of 20-21°C. 

Interiors in Thane district may see min temperature dropping to 16-17°C.

Pune: Winter chill will be felt, especially after sunset. Min temperature may drop to around 11-12°C. Outskirts may see slightly lower temperature.

Sunday, December 05, 2021

Friday, December 03, 2021

Outlook for the next 3 days (4th, 5th, 6th December): 

BB-20 intensified into cyclone Jawad. It will move north-northwest initially and then towards northeast and may strengthen slightly as it approaches the coast of Puri, Odisha by 5th December. It may travel along the Odisha and West Bengal coasts thereafter, bringing rain all along these regions and into northeast India. 

Rainy weather with some heavy spells likely along Odisha coast from tonight into tomorrow as the clouds associated with cyclone Jawad reach the coast prior to the storm center.

For north India, a western disturbance (D-2) is likely to affect the western Himalayan states on 5th and 6th December bringing rain at low elevations, foothills and snowfall in the mid-upper reaches. 

After the passage of this WD, cold northwesterlies will blow over northern plains, intensifying the winter chill.  

Weekend forecast for Mumbai, Pune and for all of konkan and Madhya Maharashtra: 

Mainly dry weather to return, however some patchy rain/showers likely in the vicinity of western Ghats, parts of Madhya Maharashtra and interior konkan region for another day or two because of the excess moisture push from Arabian Sea. 

Mumbai: Daytime temperature will hover around 30°C, nights will be around 22°C. Some fog may be observed during early morning hours.

Pune: Day temperature around 28-29°C, nights will be pleasant around 16°C. No major drop in temperature at nights. Early mornings maybe foggy. 

Mahabaleshwar and Lonavala to witness pleasant weather, with chance of some spotty showers and early morning fog. 

Thursday, December 02, 2021

Posted Thursday 2nd Night

Mumbai & Pune : The winter rain spell in Mumbai over after record rains. Cool weather and shallow fog will prevail on Friday & Saturday morning. 

Due to weak trough alignment with BB20, Small chance of light patchy rain in some parts only, not widespread. 


The system BB 20, forecasted last week is now Deep Depression in Central Bay.

A cyclone ( Jawad) will generate by 4th.Dec.

Strong system BB20 will by pass T. N. and skirt coast of North A. P. 

May strike coastal Odisha around 5th or 6th December. 

Minimum Temperatures in NW India on 9th Morning; Punjab : Adampur 5.2c, Faridkot 5.5cBhatinda 6.0c,  Amritsar 6.8c, Gurdaspur 7.7c Rajasthan...