Monday, December 05, 2022

Saturday, December 03, 2022

BB 18

A Low expected near the Andaman Islands by  Monday 5th. System can strengthen to a depression or cyclone over the Bay of Bengal before closing in near T.N or South A.P  late next week...8th/9th.

Nights to get warmer in Maharashtra ( and Peninsular) next few nights..

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Thursday, December 01, 2022

 1st December

Sensational News....Mumbai was the Hottest City in Entire Sub Continent  on the last day of November!

Mumbai was hottest yesterday because of delay and weak setting of the sea breeze.

Sea breeze, by afternoon, sets in and keeps the temperature under control.

In the case yesterday,  East winds from inland dominated the konkan coast. 

5 out of the ten  hottest are from west coast.


Pakistan 👇

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Weather outlook till Friday 2nd December

Dry weather in north India in the absence of any WD, daytime weather comfortable and not extreme cold.

Winter chill at night to prevail over northern plains. Getting cooler over Maharashtra.  

Mumbai: Warm days around 31-33C, min around 17-19C. 

Interior konkan: Cooler nights than Mumbai...min around 14-16C. 

Pune and Madhya Maharashtra: Warm days 30-31C, pleasant nights around 13-15C. 

Nagpur: Days warm around 30C, nights pleasant around 12-14C. 

Marathwada/Vidarbha districts: Warm days (30-32C) and cool nights (13-15C). 

Ratnagiri/Sindhudurg: Warm days (33-34C), nights around (19-21C). 

Goa: Warm and humid days 31-33C, nights around 23-25C, slightly cooler in interiors.

Delhi NCR/Punjab/Haryana: Expected max temperature around 24-26C, min temperature around 7-9C.

Maps from NCMRWF

Gujarat: Mainly warm days 30-32C, pleasant nights 14-16C. Warmer days upto 33C max and 17C min possible near Surat. 

Bangalore: Max around 27-29C, min around 18-20C. 

Kolkata: Not much winter chill, max around 28-30C, min around 18-20C. 

Chennai: Max around 28-30C, min around 22-24C, light showers at the most.

NEM remains weak over Tamil Nadu, some increase in rain likely over weekend with moderate showers along the coast. 

Monday, November 28, 2022

Friday, November 25, 2022

Plenty of queries on the fluctuating Weather in Mumbai & Pune.

After giving hopes of a good winter coming, a change from  pleasant weather,we see hot muggy conditions. 

Mumbai: After dropping to 17c, city sees a ruse to 22c. Added with increase in humidity. Currently humidity is averaging around 65 -70%. 

Next 3 days on the weekend Mumbai, with scattered high clouds, will be at 32c, with humidity making the real feel in the day at 34c. Nights also just around 21c.

Pune: Punekars, disappointing weekend as low at night expected around 18c ( 8c last week). Partly cloudy and hot days at 32c, while the real feel will be 33c.

Chance of localized showers in south Madhya Maharashtra (Kolhapur/Satara) and south konkan (Ratnagiri/Sindhudurg) today and tomorrow

 Talking about the current  Mumbai  Pollution