Monday, September 28, 2020

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Coldest Northern Hemisphere temperature, first recorded by UW, officially confirmed

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Posted Sunday 27th Afternoon:

The South West Monsoon withdrawal has started with the formation of an Anticyclone at 850 hpa levels.

As the withdrawal continues towards Kutch and rest of Rajasthan, Delhi, J&K, Ladakh, H.P. and Haryana, during the week from 28th Sept-2nd Oct, the anticyclone starts extending around the Kutch region.

Saurashtra and Gujarat withdrawal after 3rd October. 

This will bring North/North-West winds upto 850 hpa levels in central peninsula and Maharashtra, creating a temporary period during the week of sporadic scattered rains.

With the wind and pressure gradient changing, the western Ghats region and western Maharashtra will start getting the retreating thundershowers from Saturday 3rd October.

Weather for Marathwada: Very little rains for the next 4 days in the region. Day temperatures will start to rise. Monsoon retreating(Parti)showers /Thundershowers from 3rd October.

Aurangabad/Jalgaon: Very light rainfall during week from Monday -Thursday. Thundershowers on Friday 2nd/Saturday/Sunday

Mumbai: Monday 28th thru -Thursday 1st Oct will be hot and sunny. A few sporadic showers in some parts. The retreating thundershowers will be starting from Saturday 3rd/Sunday 4th.

Pune: Partly cloudy with light rains. Thundershowers from the weekend.

Goa: Reduction and decreased rainfall in Goa from now. The week will see no meaningful rain readings.

Delhi: Monsoon Withdrawal in a few days (as explained above) , dry weather with days warming up to 38/39c.

Friday, September 25, 2020

 Posted Friday 25th afternoon:

Parameters wise South West Monsoon has started its Withdrawal phase from North West India and Punjab.

Rainfall will be reducing in NW and Northern India
Delhi will be Hot and dry this weekend and for the next 4 days.
Punjab and West Rajasthan also to be dry.
 Gujarat and Saurashtra Region: Light to moderate scattered rains this weekend.
Surat/Valsad/Bharuch: Light to moderate rains this weekend..Rains decreasing from next week.

Mumbai: Sharp decrease in rains this weekend with bright and sunny periods. Warm and humid.
Pune: Light drizzles this weekend with marginal rainfall. Rise in day temperatures.

Goa: Sharp decrease in rains quantum after Saturday.
Aurangabad & Jalgaon: Medium rains till Saturday...Thereafter decrease.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Rainfall figures of MMR and nearby regions:

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Total Rainfall at Scruz (June-Sept) in 2020 is 3680 mms..Record crossed !

2019 Mumbai Santa Cruz ...All Time Record of  3670 mms (June-Sept).

Colaba total in 2020 is 3199 mms..Heading for record ..

Scruz all time annual record is 3785 mms (1958)...and Colaba 3482 mms (1954).

Both Stations crossed 3000 mms in 1954 and 1958

Past 12 hours rainfall in MMR and nearby region(9:30am-9:30pm) in mm:-

1.Ghansoli 189

2.Airoli 134

3.Juinagar 133

4.Ram Mandir 132

5.Khairna Village 130

6.Sanpada 124

7.Kopar Kahirane 123

8.IIT Powai 101

9.Abhyudaya nagar 100

10.Nerul 98

11.Mumbra 96

12.Santacruz IMD 95 (8:30am-8:30pm)

13.Kandivali 94

14.Malad 93

15.Mira Road 90(IMD Aws)

16.Andheri,Grant Road 89

17.Borivali 85

18.Chembur 83

19.Belapur 81

20.CST Railway Stn 72

Data Source:IMD,IITM & MCGM

Posted 23rd Wednesday:

Rainfall ending at 8:30am on 23/09/2020 in MMR and Mumbai and nearby regions:-rainfall in 24 hrs till 23rd morning

In mms.

1.Dadar 344(Pvt Reading)

2.Chincholi 328

3.Dharavi 313

4.Csmt 311

5.Panvel 307

6.Malad 304

7.Kandivali 302

8.RamMandir 300

9.Santacruz 286(IMD)

10.Worli 284

11.Belapur 278

12.Thane 219(IMD Aws)

13.Borivali 208

14.Wadala 196

15.Mulund 195

16.Kopri 194

17.Naupada 187

18.Kurla 187

19.Vashi 186

20.Vasai 182

21.Matheran 163

22.Uran 153

23.Colaba 148(IMD)

Data Source:IMD,MCGM & IITM... Compilation by Abhishek Apte

 Weather for Aurangabad District 23rd -25th: Aurangabad region is receiving good and excess rains since last few days. The total rainfall at Aurangabad has reached 1320 millimeters, which is almost double of the normal for this time. Normal should be 575 millimeters.+130% Excess.

Rains will continue at this rate till Friday 25th. From Saturday 26th rains will reduce. To preserve the standing crops, wait till not pluck from the crops as preserveeing will be difficult for a few days.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

 Mumbai: Heavy rains for Mumbai from Tuesday 22nd Evening/Night..And increase in rains on Wednesday 23rd rains with increased frequency...>100 mms expected ...Rainy Day....Posted 22nd afternoon. 

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Monday, September 21, 2020

 Posted 21st Afternoon:

Water Vapour has reduced in Punjab and West Rajasthan..withdrawal seems possible in 3 days (As west Rajasthan recorded some rain on 20th...Bikaner 3 cms,, Osian 2 cms, Jodhpur 1 cm).

Mumbai: 21st and 22nd will be partly sunny with few passing showers in some areas. Rains may increase on Wednesday 23rd with occasional showers....

Pune: Intensity of rain frequency reducing from 22nd.

Goa: Intensity of rainfall to reduce from 22nd...still occasional showers continue.

Sporadic thundershowers possible in Jabalpur region next 3 days. Total rain crosses the 1000 mms mark for this season.

Delhi": Sporadic light to medium showers on 22nd/23rd...Getting dry and hot after 24th.

  See World Weather News Page Update ...Latest.. Coldest Northern Hemisphere temperature, first recorded by UW, officially confirmed