Thursday, January 22, 2015

Big Asteroid 2004 BL86 Buzzes Earth on January 26:A rare opportunity then to see an Earth-approaching asteroid easily...See Detailed animation on Space News Page

Mumbai Region Temps on Rohit Aroskar's Page..

m Rohit  

Light drizzle in South Mumbai on Thursday Night...

Rain Areas as on 24 hrs ended 0830 hrs IST Friday...Compare with Vagaries Estimate of same period..Ended 0830 hrs 23rd ..In previous Post

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Posted 21st Wed Night: Showers in Rajkot accumulate 6 mms till 8.30 pm IST Wed. Rajkot max temp 27.7c. Light rains in Veraval and Dwarka.

Posted 20th Tuesday Night:Light rains in parts of Mumbai on Thursday 22nd, and partly cloudy Wednesday.
Parts of Saurashtra (Rajkot included) get some rain on Wednesday.

Rain areas marked in Map (1st Map fro 0830 hrs 20th) got rainfall, including Karachi ( 1 mm).Other figures from Western Pakistan:Turbat 32, Nokkundi 24, Jiwani 19, Gawadar, Ormara 18.

Forecast Posted on Sunday Night:
Monday 19th: Will be dry in the region.
Rains expected in Muscat .Heavy rains in Dubai....
Posted Monday Night::And Rains in Muscat and Hail in Dubai on Monday. 44 mms in Al Amerat (Oman), 14 mms in Muscat..Max temp in Dubai 19.6c.Pics from Oman and Muscat and Dubai on Inter Active Page.

Next 3 days 20th, 21st and 22nd January....>>>

Friday, January 16, 2015

Main Cities of India /Pakistan Temperatures Anomaly for last 30 days( Mid Dec 2014-Mid Jan 2015)...See Current weather Page

Rain Expected in Muscat (Oman) from Monday evening. Thunder likely on Monday Night..and rains and cloudy weather extending into Tuesday 20th. Monday will be around 26c, but Tuesday will be cool with the maximum at 21c. 

Posted Friday 16th Night:

Forecast for Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th:

Dry weather in the Sub Continent. 
Mumbai will be clear and cool. 
Delhi NCR will be cold and with a foggy morning. Day temperatures around 20/21c and nights at 8/9c.
Thunder showers expected on 21st and 22nd. 
Chennai: The pleasant nights warm up a bit with cloudy conditions. Showers expected on 21st.

A brief report on Next Week's Weather systems....More in details on 18th Night.

20th: A WD, J-2, will bring precipitation to Western Pakistan and Coastal Sindh (Including light showers in Karachi).

21st: showers move into Northern regions of Pakistan and India. That is Pak Punjab and Extreme North Pakistan. 
Indian Punjab, North Rajasthan, Kashmir and HP get precipitation.Heavy snows expected in Kashmir and HP. 
Light rain expected in parts of Saurashtra.

22nd: Northern Sub Continent and North MP get rains. 
Cloudy and light drizzles for Mumbai.
More rain for Interior Maharashtra after 25th.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

GFS on various site being upgraded. As per information given, the resolution is being upgraded to 13 kms from 27 kms. Parameter changes also might be made ..Now the Back Propagation Algorithm technique is being improved upon. Temperature varies and other parameters predicted with respect to temperature.Due to this sites will be blacked out for few runs (maybe 48 hrs)..Will not work on older versions.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

 As J-1 Moves East, Season's First Snowfall in Mussoorie...

The lowest latitude for seasonal sea ice formation in the world...See International Page

J-1 Effect...Precipitation as on Wed Morning. More details from Pakistan with Pics in Vagaries Pakistan

Last 12 hrs ended 5.30 pm IST Wed, meaning daytime Wed.(Note concentration near Chandigarh and a patch around Gwalior area.

J-2 is approaching around the 19th of this Month. As indications show, it will be fairly strong and effective South till Sindh in Pakistan and Rajasthan. But, we will gauge its precipitation and movement in a few days as the upper trough shows its depth.

Mumbai Day drops on Wed 14th to 29.7c at Scruz and 27.0c at Colaba.

Cloud Streets over the Black Sea. An Overview from Space...A Must See for all Meteorologists....See Space News Page

Light rains in many parts of Northern Pakistan on 13th...Islamabad AP recorded 10 mms in the day. Lahore with traces saw a cold day at 13.5c as the maximum. Murree had mild snow.
Rains now approaching North India as on schedule....!!

Delhi NCR had a cold night...Lows shown by Arpit in Comments.

Current WD J-1 has started precipitating. Next, J-2, expected to be fairly strong and approach Pakistan (North and Sindh) on 19th/20th Jan and move into India.

Mumbai on Tuesday saw a high of 32c at Santa Cruz and 31c at Colaba.

Severe cold wave conditions prevailed over some parts of Interior Karnataka.

Vijayapura has recorded lowest minimum temperature of 6.4 deg Celsius today, the 13th
January 2015 which is the lowest recorded for the month of January during last 123 years.

Haveri has recorded lowest minimum temperature of 7.4 deg Celsius today, the 13th January
2015 which is the lowest recorded for the month of January during last 11 years.

Dharwad has recorded lowest minimum temperature of 8.5 deg Celsius today, the 13th January
2015 which is the lowest recorded for the month of January during last 11 years. 

Posted Sunday 11th night:

13th January: 
A WD will be approaching the Northern parts of the Sub Continent from 13th January. 
Rains in North Pakistan plains (Islamabad showers on 13th, around 10-15 mms. Gujrat also gets showers ), and snow in the Hills  expected in Pakistan on 13th night. Parts of Upper Sindh may also get cloudy weather and light rains. 
Cool days with Lahore and Gujrat around 14c as max.
Rains/snow in Kashmir and Upper reaches of HP.

The Rains move into North India plains on 14th. 

14th January, rains expected in India in Punjab. Haryana, ( Maybe Heavy in Chandigarh), Rajasthan and plains of Uttarkhand. 
Thunder showers expected in Delhi NCR on 13th late Night and cloudy with rains on 14th. Rain amount upto 5 mms on Wednesday. East Winds in NCR after the WD moves away..After Wednesday.

Rains and cloudy weather expected in North MP (Gwalior) Heavy snow likely in middle reaches of Kashmir (Gulmarg/Pahalgam) and in Srinagar. HP and Uttarkhand Stations get rains/snow.
Day will be cold in Punjab.

15th January. Precipitation moves Eastwards, and restricted to HP Mountains and parts of Upper Uttarkhand.
East Winds in UP, Haryana and North Rajasthan from Thursday.

Cold conditions in Punjab, Haryana and UP next 3 days.

Mumbai: Warm Monday12th  at 32c, decreasing to 30c on Tuesday 13th and 29c on Wednesday. Partly cloudy sky on Wednesday. Night, after being 13c on Monday Morning,  Lows around 16/18c at Santa Cruz next 2 nights.
Pune, Cloudy on Wednesday 14th. Days around 28/29c, and Nights rising to 10/11c from Tuesday.

Vidharbh and Marathwada Cold conditions on Sunday Morning (Lows):


OSMANABAD --- 08.8(-5.8)
AURANGABAD  09.5(-1.9) 
PARBANI  10.2(-4.1) 
NANDED ) 08.0(-5.1) 


AKOLA  08.6(-5.5) 
AMRAOTI --- 11.6(-2.9) 
BULDHANA --- 11.0(-3.7) 
BRAMHAPURI --- 09.9(-3.2) 
NAGPUR  07.9(-5.0) 
Washim --- 14.2 
WARDHA --- 09.4(-4.2) 
YEOTMAL --- 08.5(-6.8) 

Cold Conditions in Marathwada and Vidharbh abate from Monday 12th.

 IX Vagaries Meet Pics held in Mumbai on 10th Pics on Vagaries Meet Page...

Friday, January 09, 2015

Saturday Morning Cold Wave Temperatures in Vadharbh and Marathwada

OSMANABAD ---                                                 07.8(-6.7) 
AURANGABAD              28.0(-1)                         07.9(-3.3)
PARBANI                       28.3(-1)                         09.4(-4.4) 
NANDED                        29.0(-2)                         07.0(-6.0) 

AKOLA ----                                                           08.5(-5.4) 
AMRAOTI                      26.8(-2)                         10.2(-4.4)
BULDHANA                   26.5(0)                          10.0(-4.5) 
BRAMHAPURI                                                    09.9(-2.4) 
CHANDRAPUR                                                  09.6(-4.1) 

NAGPUR                        28.0(0)                         05.3(-7.3) 

Washim                                                              13.0 
WARDHA                        28.0(0)                        08.0(-5.3) 

YEOTMAL                       27.0(-1)                       08.4(-6.7) 

Posted Friday 9th Night:

Forecast for the next 2 days, 10th and 11th January...

No rainfall is expected in the SubContinent. 
Cold conditions with the Night temperatures around 3/4c below normal expected next 2 nights in MP, Vidharbh and marathwada. 
Nagpur may see lows around 7/8c, Akola and Aurangabad around 9c.

Partly light to medium clouds likely in North Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi NCR, and Pak Punjab and Upper Sindh. on saturday and Sunday. As a result, we may see a reduction in foggy nights and a rise in the day temperatures in Punjab. 

Delhi NCR may see around 19c next 2 days. A rise in the minimums by a couple of degrees also is expected.

Mumbai will be sunny and East winds in the day will result in the days getting warmer at 32/33c. Nights will be around 19c at Santa Cruz.
Saturday and sunday morning, Pune may see a low of 7/8c.

Kolkata clear, and temperatures ranging between 26c and 13c.

Next Week 12th -14th:
A WD will bring showers, on 13th to Pak Punjab and Upper Sindh and on the Indian side to Punjab, North Rajasthan and Haryana. Kashmir will get snowfall on 13th ,14th. We may expect heavy snow in the middle reaches (Gulmarg/Pahalgam), and rain/snow in Srinagar on 13th..
Delhi can get a thundery shower on 14th Night.