Tuesday, February 09, 2016



Geographic centres of India , South America and Africa are the warmest 
Geographic centres of Russia , Canada are the coldest 

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Monday, February 01, 2016

Posted Thursday Night

Weekend forecast for Friday 5th/Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th:

Mumbai Santacruz which was at 14c and Colaba at 19c on Thursday, will see the same temperature range on Friday, with the day at around 29/30c. Slight rise on Saturday and Sunday.
Pune , on the weekend, will be in the range of 33c in the day and 11/12c at night.
Maharashtra night temperatures rising from current trend this weekend...

A Western Disturbance (F-1) will cover the extreme North of Pakistan with rains and snow on Saturday 6th. On 6th, cloudy weather will also cover the Indian hill states of Kashmir and HP. Light precipitation will start from Saturday, increasing on Sunday. 
Srinagar will be cloudy on the weekend with light precipitation on Sunday, day's high dropping to 10c on Suday after about 14/15c on Saturday. 
Sunday 7th, precipitation will also be covering Uttarkhand and West UP.

Delhi NCR and Punjab and Haryana will be partly cloudy on Saturday and Sunday. Night temperatures rising this weekend.
F-2 will approach the North India and Pakistan region from 9th February.

This time a different contest...Surely testing your skills...Your Meteorology Skill !!

You have to give the name of the City or Town , in India, which you think will be the first in the country to touch the 40c mark this year. Meaning it should be over 40.0c....
And the answer will be taken ONLY from IMD Stations and/or the Daily IMD Reports. (No other Source eg: AWS, ARG PWD etc will be considered)( Bhira (Mah) readings WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED).  

Answer will be brief: Name of City (State): only ONE CITY (With the State) permitted. 
Please give your name and your home town with your answer. 
Answer to the following E mail : vagariesoftheweather@gmail.com

Contest closes on 12th February Mid Night. If, by chance, the 40c is reached before 12th February, the Contest stands cancelled.
If in doubt, ask only in Blog comments..( So as not to repeat the similar query by another).
Participation by all Vagarians is Compulsory.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

We Saw record colds and "New Regions" Snow in our previous Article ...Now more news...First Time Snow ever in Kuwait ...and more freezing news on International Page.

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Refer Map 1 below- 
Afternoon (max) temperatures along the west coast show an increasing gradient from northern to southern part of the coast ..
Dwarka (Gujarat) .. 26 c ,  Mangalore ..37.8 c   

Refer Map 2 (Mumbai region micro-climate) below- 
Afternoon(max) temperatures in the Mumbai region show an increasing trend from the coast towards the interior.. from 27.7 c  to 37 c
Night (min) temperatures in the Mumbai region show a decreasing trend from the coast towards the interior.. from 20 c  to 15 c

Mumbai Coast (Colaba) records lowest afternoon(max) temp in the state (Maharashtra) @ 27.7 c ..
Lower than Mahabaleshwar in the ghats (1350 mtrs above mean sea level) @ 31.2 c 

Map 1 -

Map 2 (Mumbai region micro-climate) -

We Saw record colds and "New Regions" Snow in our previous Article ...Now more news...First Time Snow ever in Kuwait ...and more freezing news on International Page.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

On Friday, 29th, Days were warmer in Maharashtra as expected. Mumbai Scruz & Pune were 33c, while Ratnagiri was hottest in the State at 36.6c.
Temperatures should drop again in State from 1st February. ( Mumbai included).

Western Disturbance J-4 active over North India on 29th..date expected...with 16 mms of rain in Amritsar on Friday (till 8.30 pm IST) and day's high at 14.9c. Several places in Punjab, Kashmir and HP had precipitation.
Yesterday, J-4 was active in Pakistan, with Quetta recording 47 mms and many places in Balochistan and Punjab and Northern regions recording between 2 - 20 mms.