Monday, March 27, 2017

Heatwave Conditions Grips in West & Central India

On this auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa, May you be endowed with happiness, prosperity and success. Happy Gudi Padwa & Best wishes for the New Year to all Vagarians  !

With widespread High pressure area sitting stationery over Saurashtra on 500 hPa wind level chart as we can see in above image so under it's influence hot N/NW breeze prevailing on surface level over West & Central India and thus witnessing first heat wave spell of year 2017 !

Today's top 20 hottest centers of India below dated (27-03-2017) :

1.Barmer (Raj) 44.4 °C
2.Deesa (GJ) 43.4 °C
3.Surendranagar (GJ) 43.3 °C
4.Gandhinagar (Guj) 43.2 °C
5.Akola (MH) 43.0 °C
6.Amreli (GJ) 43.0 °C
7.Chandrapur (MH) 43.0 °C
8.Ahmadabad (GJ) 42.8 °C
9.Baroda Aerodrome (GJ) 42.7 °C
10.Khargone (MP) 42.6 °C
11.Jaisalmer (RJ) 42.3 °C
12.Malegaon (MH) 42.2 °C
13.Bhuj (GJ) 42.0 °C
14.Jalgaon (MH) 42.0 °C
15.Nanded (MH) 42.0 °C
16.Anantapur (AP) 42.0 °C
17.Rajkot (GJ) 41.9 °C
18.Parbhani (MH) 41.8 °C
19.Adilabad (Tel) 41.6 °C
20.Ratlam (MP) 41.6 °C

Overall 71 places have recorded above 40°C temp today.

Aurangabad 40.5°C
Nashik 40.3°C
(Both missed all time highest max temp record of March month by 0.2°C but hottest in last 10 years !)

Pune (AP) 41°C 
Pune 39.7°C (which is hottest temp for March month in last 10 years).

As HPA is near of N.Konkan so Interior Konkan is also witnessing heat wave conditions from past 3 days !!

Official IMD Mumbai max temp reading was Santacruz 38.4°C & Colaba 33.4°C for today on 27 March 2017.

We Vagarains are monitoring temperature privately(so +-1c error may be applicable)  

Thane to Badlapur/Karjat belt is recording 40C or above mark temp for 3rd consecutive day today !! And today recorded highest max temp in Thane-Karjat belt since we are tracking temp privately as part of self recording as an weather enthusiast !!

Vagarian Puneet reports from Dombivli that never seen such severe and intense long lasting heat in my entire life. Today is one of the remarkable day for Interior Konkan , Dombivli recorded max temp of 43.3°C with 27% humidity. #ExtremeWeather

Vagarian Ameya Swar reported Thane max as 43.1°C today.

Myself from Badlapur reporting that for the first time my device has clocked 42+ since I tracking temps from 2012 🔥😱 Record breaking Heatwave. #Summer2017 #sunburning#heatwave

Badlapur max temp 42.8°C with 11% humidity today. 

Vagarian Tejas Baxi reported Borivali max 38.8°C today.

Vagarian Salil Kawli reported Dadar max 34.1°C today.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Posted Sunday Night (19th):

> Western Disturbance will precipitate rains and snow (in the upper reaches) of Kashmir and H.P. on 21st Tuesday and 22nd Wednesday. 
Rains will also effect Northern and Western Pakistan these days.

> Gujarat expected to get hotter from Monday into the week:
Cities in Saurashtra will reach 38c by Tuesday.
 Ahmadabad: Sunday was at 35c. Days are expected to get hotter, with maximum touching 40c by Tuesday and  Wednesday
 Surat and Bharuch expected to heat up next week reaching 38/39c by Tuesday/Wednesday.

> Mumbai: Max temperature on Sunday was at 34c ( Scruz). Days expected to get slightly hotter by 2/3c on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday.
 Pune which was 35c on Sunday, expected to rise to 37c by Tuesday and 38c on Thursday.

> Cities in Vidharbh expected to be around 38/39c from Monday thru Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Around the Arctic Circle, observers are reporting an outbreak of polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs). "The sky was filled with their brilliant colors from sunrise to sunset," says Mia Stålnacke, who sends this picture from Kiruna, Sweden:

These clouds are newsworthy because normally the stratosphere has no clouds at all. Home to the ozone layer, the stratosphere is arid and almost always transparent. Yet, Stålnacke says, "we've been seeing stratospheric clouds very often this winter and last." 

According to multiple longtime residents of the area, the Feb 13th display was exceptional. 
"I've been living here all my life (33 years)," says Stålnacke. "I definitely feel that these clouds are appearing more often then they used to. I remember seeing them a few times/year since I was a kid, but these last couple of years we've had them much more often--sometimes for almost a week straight. Others seem to feel the same way; I see local groups on Facebook flooded with photos of PSCs and comments on how often they're appearing now."

"The clouds were all over Finland, too," says Matti Helin who took this picture on Feb. 13th:

What's going on up there?
PSCs are a sign of very cold temperatures in the stratosphere.  The clouds are made of ice. Indeed, that is the source of their remarkable color: High-altitude sunlight shining through tiny ice particles ~10µm across produce a bright iridescent glow.  For ice crystals to form in the very dry stratosphere, temperatures must drop to around -85º C.

See Space News Page for the Latest Sun Spot Situation/Count

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Posted Sunday 12th Night:
Rising Summer temps pushed back by a week in Vidharbh:

1. On Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th showers expected in all regions of Vidharbh (Akola/Nagpur), parts of adjoining Marathwada (Light rain in Aurangabad), Northern Telengana (Hyderabad) and adjoining Chattisgarh (Light rain in Raipur). Rain from confluence of air from South and stronger NE winds.

2. Mumbai: Temperature on Sunday was 31c and 17c. From Monday, Mumbai will see a rise in temperatures by 2/3c to 33/34c in the day and around 20c at night.
Pune, which saw 31c and 10c on Sunday, sees a rise of 2/3c from Monday.

New Delhi: Dry weather next week. The week will begin with temps around 27/28c in the day. Rising after a couple of days.


Below normal temps by 5 to 10 c over North and west India on Holi Day .
South India(TN /Kerala) is very warm .

Gulmarg (JK) @ -12 c , Keylong (HP)@ -9 c , Udaipur /Mount Abu (Raj) @ 6 c ,Ujjain (MP) @ 8 c

 1 .(Click and enlarge the map below)

2.Weather over Mumbai was dry and fine today .Humidity over the suburbs ranged between 10% to 25 % during noon.
The clear skies overlooking the Arabian sea (near Mumbai SCZ)

3.Frost was reported from Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) today morning
Frost on the windshield of a car near Venna lake (Pic courtesy :Shiraz Satarawalla)

Happy Holi to all Vagarians
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Friday, March 10, 2017


As we expected,Mumbai was partly cloudy today..Fine conditions prevailed with the maximum temps at 30 c , cool breeze , comfortable humidity (50 to 55 % ) .
  • The clouds overlooking the Arabian sea ( near Mumbai SCZ )

  • The puffy cumulus clouds on the canvas of blue sky over the metropolis ( near Mumbai SCZ )

Max temp in celcius at some cities..

Chennai @ 35.5 (humid), Bengaluru @ 33.5 , Hyderabad @ 36 , Rajkot @ 33 , Kolkata@ 32 , Delhi @ 26  , Pune @ 29 , Goa (Pedne) @ 36

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Posted 9th March Night:
H.P.: Biting cold wave conditions returned to Himachal Pradesh Wednesday as hilly areas received fresh snowfall and lower reaches saw rainfall. 

The tourist resorts of Manali, Kufri, Narkanda and Sangla received snowfall while hilly areas of Chamba district including Bharmaur and Pangi experienced intermittent rains. 

The Rohtang Pass and its adjoining areas are experiencing intermittent snowfall. 

Kothi recorded 60 cm of snow, Udaipur 17 cm, Keylong and Kalpa 14 cm, Manali 6 cm and Khadrala, Kufri and Fagu 4 cm each. 

Manali received 50 mm rainfall, the highest in the region. Bhuntar recorded 24 mm rainfall, Seobagh 23 mm, Dalhousie 19 mm, Bajaura 18 mm, Tissa and Pachhad 15 m each, Udaipur 11 mm and Jubbal 10 mm, it said. 

Minimum temperatures dropped marginally with Keylong and Kalpa recording -5.6c and -1.2c respectively, the MeT said. 

Manali recorded Max 4.8c and Min -0.6c, Shimla 4.4c and Bhuntar 6.5c. 

Pic from Manali Sent by Vagarian Shitij

Kashmir: The high altitude areas of the Valley including the famous ski resort of Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sonarmag experienced fresh snowfall, while Srinagar and other plains were lashed by intermittent rains under the influence of Western Disturbance. 
Gulmarg (Max -1c and min -4c) and Sonamarg hill resorts experienced over one feet of fresh snowfall, while Pahalgam hill resort recorded seven cm of snowfall till 8.30 am.

Most places in Punjab and Haryana had overnight rains and rains on Thursday. Day temperatures remained below normal.

Navdeep Informs:Pathankot: 33.2mm, Amritsar: 22.1mm,Ludhiana: 17.6mm, Jalandhar: 5.2mm, Kapurthala: 5mm, Fatehabad(tohana): 25mm, Sonipat: 10mm, Rohtak: 6.5mm. Delhi AP (Palam ) recorded 9.6 mms till Thursday morning.

Posted 7th Tuesday Night:

2 cms of snow was recorded in Manali (H.P.) on Tuesday. There was a day long snow event in Manali with the day's max at 7.6c. Max in Shimla on 7th was 13.4c.
Wednesday 8th: Heavy rain/snow expected in H.P. Moderate rainfall in Kashmir, Uttarkhand, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi.
Heavy showers in Central Kerala and adjoning TN. Moderate thunder showers in Odisha and TN.
Thursday 9th: Heavy rain/snow in HP and Uttarkahand. Moderate rains in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and North Rajasthan.
Heavy showers in Nilgiri and Central TN. Moderate rains in East Vidharbh.

Rains in all Metros except Mumbai Expected:
New Delhi: Rain/Thundershowers likely next 3 days.Getting cooler after Thursday. 
Kolkata: Daily rain showers from Wednesday for 3 days.
Chennai: Rain on Wednesday, and probably thunder showers in many parts of city on Thursday and Friday.
Bangalore: Light rains next 3 days.

Mumbai:Cooler Weather expected: Partly cloudy skies on Thursday and Friday. Temperatures dropping, getting cooler, from Thursday. Day around 28c and nights around 16c.
Pune: Partly cloudy next 2 days. Weather overall getting cooler from Thursday by 2/3c.