Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Augumbe(in KA ghat section) seasonal rainfall 4005 mms 
till today. Seems like it is first 4K station in country(as per IMD )!

Extremely heavy rainfall continue to lash Saurashtra region! Some rainfall in mms ending 8.30am today(18-07-18):

Khambalia(Dwarka) 412(before 24 hr previous seasonal total was just on 54mm info by Gaurav)
Ghee (Dwarka) 325
Manvadar (Junagadh) 283
Mangrol (Junagadh) 210
Porbandar 200 (of which 185 mm was recorded till 5.30pm in 9 hrs)
Ranavav (Porbandar) 194
Malia (Junagadh) 191
Mendarda (Junagadh) 164
Lalpur (Jamnagar) 156
Vanthali & Keshod (Junagadh) 155
Jamjodhpur (Jamnagar) 147
Kutiana (Porbandar) 146
Una (Gir Somnath) 134
Gir Gadhada (Gir Somnath) 128
Diu 128
Talala (Gir Somnath) 117
Kalyanpur (Dwarka) 117
Bhanvad (Dwarka) 114
Kodinar (Gir Somnath) 105

Waghai( Dang) reported 214 mm in last 24 hours with that became first center to cross seasonal rainfall (2149) 2000 mark all over Gujarat....Runners up Umergam (Valsad) stands at 1904 mm(info courtesy Patel Anki)

Mumbai water supplying lakes situated in interior N. Konkan having a live water storage on over 75% full till today.

Below is lakes data in pictorial format:

Data info Richa Pinto TOI

Maharashtra ghat section rainfall for past 24hrs in pictorial format:

 May by Tejas & Data by Abhijit

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

 Data compiled by Abhijit and Map by Tejas

Kodinar (Gir somnath) in Saurashtra received 1255mm rainfall during last 7 days.... season's total 1345mm....annual average 973mm....Gaurav Raninga Informs
Last 24 hrs ended Tuesday Morning:
Una 450 mm
Machhundri 431 mm
Kodinar 330 mm

Sutrapada 245 mms.

Gujarat: Diu 263 mm
Valsad 223 mm
Rajkot 189 mm
Veraval 182.5 mm
Mahuva 120.8 mm


Monday, July 16, 2018


Mumbai ..the monsoon city .. and the surrounding metropolitan region has received good rains .. 
Vihar (8 kms from IMD SCZ ) has received 2687 mms for this season ..(Altitude of Vihar is 80 metres above mean sea level) ..
It is in close pursuit of Cherrapunji at 2843 mms 

Totals as on today: Patharpunj(Maha) is at 3438 mms , Agumbe(Kar)  at 3367 mms , Amboli (Maha) at 3364 mms..

Numerous stations in the Mumbai metropolitan region have crossed 2000 mms rains during this season till now ..(Refer daily /seasonal Mumbai region rainfall maps on this blog)..

1. 3D Map of INDIA


Wet day for Delhi NCR too today: 
Delhi NCR Rainfall till 5:30PM 16th Monday:- 
Pitampura: 68.0mm, Narela: 64.0mm, Ridge: 38.6mm, Safdarjung: 32.0mm, LodhiRoad: 30.8mm
Safdarjung AWS: 30.0mm, NewDelhi AWS: 28.0mm. Sports complex: 28.0mm, Palam(Airport): 25.2mm
Mungeshpur: 18.0mm, Pusa: 17.0mm, Gurgaon: 6.0mm

Posted 16th July afternoon

Friday, July 13, 2018

Posted 13th July Night:

As posted on 9th , The Low pressure has formed in the North West Bay. It has been long since we saw a system from the Bay, only numbered BB-4 .
This has kept the Monsoon trough in its normal position.
As Vagaries had mentioned in the 10th post,  Being active along the trough, Delhi region got very good rains on Friday. From 8.30 am- 5.30 pm, The Ridge saw 118 mms, Ayanagar 71 mms, Lodhi Road 44 mms, Gurgaon 39 mms.S'Jung  5 cms.
Rains reducing after Saturday, to increase again next Wednesday.

After a few showers on Friday, we see a gradual increase in rainfall from Saturday. Frequent showers on Saturday increasing to frequent showers with increased rainfall on Sunday and Monday.With rainfall likely around 100 mms or more in some Northern suburbs, Local flooding possible on Sunday/Monday. 
More rains likely in Northern outer townships and ghats. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Posted 11th July:
Data compiled by Abhijit and Map by Tejas

Wet July (10 days) for Mumbai this Monsoon.
Santa Cruz received 869 mms of rain in the first 10 days of July. The season's total now stands at 1662 mms.
Well, let's see, the wettest July ever for Scruz was in 2014 when July recorded 1469 mms in the month. 600 mms more to catch up in 20 days !
The current record for the fastest 2000 mms at Santa Cruz was in 1965, when it touched 2000 mms on 30th July, in 60 days. Followed by 2005 when the total was surpassed on 31st July, in 61 days.

Is Mumbai in for the fastest 2000 mms ever ? Will it beat the previous record of 60 days this year ?
Short this year by 338 mms and 20 days to go to beat the record for fastest ever total of 2000 mms !

Colaba, just for the records, has crossed 2000 mms by July 3 times. In 1886, 1907 and 1991. But, we are still way behind for this station to cross 2000 mms by July end.603 mms to recover stilll for the fastest 2000 mms.

Colaba has managed 609 mms in July this year, with the seasonal total at 1397 mms.

From Pradeep: 
 Race to 3000 mm in South West Monsoon 2018, who will reach it first Rainfall from 01.06.2018 to 10.07.2018
1. Agumbe, Karnataka - 2807
2. Kollur, Karnataka - 2771
3. Hulikal, Karnataka - 2761
4. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya - 2638
5. Masitkatte, Karnataka - 2624
6. Yadur, Karnataka - 2621
7. Kuttiyadi, Kerala - 2484
8. Anasi, Karnataka - 2381
9. Bhagamandala, Karnataka - 2347
10. Thariyode, Kerala - 2302

Augumbe(in KA ghat section) seasonal rainfall 4005 mms  till today. Seems like it is first 4K station in country ( as per IMD ) ! ...