Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Posted Tuesday Night...
Next 2 days ( 30th/31st)
Heavy Rains in Sikkim, Meghalaya and Bangladesh .....Moderate rains in rest of North East India States.
Thunder showers in Kerala and adjoining S.I. Karnataka.

30th and 31st march:
Mumbai will continue in the 33/34c range in the day with hot sunny conditions. Slightly better nights as the minimums are expected to fall by 1/2c on Tuesday and Wednesday night.
Pune : Hot days around 39c, with a bit pleasant at night as variation brings the minimum to around 18c.

Bangalore will be partly cloudy, but days will be warm and hot around 35c...
Delhi NCR: Will start feeling the Summer Heat from Friday as the mercury crosses 38c. Minimum rises to over 20c.
Kolkata: Hot at around 35/36c, chances of a thunder shower around on 31st Match/1st April.


Heat Wave in Malaysia...Maybe the worst yet...
The heatwave caused by El Nino.

In Malaysia, there were relatively stronger El Nino events in 1972, 1982, 1991 and 1997, with 1997 being the strongest year. Perhaps 2016 will rival or surpass that.

Malaysia’s daily mean temperature is between 26°C to 28°C, and at the lowlands temperatures are between 22.5°C at night and 33°C in the daytime, according to the biennial update report (BUR) that Malaysia submitted to the UN Climate Change Convention recently.

On March 19, The Star reported that temperatures had jumped to 39°C in Kangar, 38°C in Alor Setar, 36°C in Penang and Ipoh, and 35°C in Johor Baru, Kota Baru and Kuala Lumpur.

Compare this with the normal average daytime mean temperature of 33°C. Imagine if this kind of heatwave temperature were to be permanent.

The following are among the effects of El Nino in Malaysia:

> Unbearably hot conditions in homes and work places without adequate air conditioning, resulting in health problems such as headaches, fever and even a few deaths.

> Among the most affected are infants and children, the elderly and those who are sick. Schools in some states were forced to close for some days when temperatures exceeded the unhealthy level.

> A decline or absence of rainfall, causing a drop in water levels in reservoirs, parched agricultural lands and delays in planting of rice. Water shortages may soon emerge.

> Decline in agricultural production. According to Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development (Mardi), a two-degree temperature rise could lead to a 13% reduction in padi yield. A 15% decline in seasonal rainfall could lead to a drop in yield of up to 80%.

> The rise in sea temperature has resulted in fish migrating, affecting fish catch, according to the Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry.

> The heatwave results in more fires on agricultural land, forest and peatlands. Besides the damage caused, this also contributes to “haze”.

> Reduced water flow may increase the concentration of pollutants such as ammonia, organic and solid matter in streams and rivers. This may threaten marine life and the safety of water used for human consumption.

> There is greater intensity of energy use due to increased use of air conditioners to counter the heat. This makes it more difficult to control Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Excerpts from The Star Online..

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Unusual Heating of Bangalore..see daigram of Last 30 days..
Max temps...India 25th March

Friday, March 25, 2016

Mumbai: Cloudy weather on the weekend...with light rain possible in some parts of city and outer townships.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday 23rd March ...

As expected, the day got hotter in Maharashtra...some of Wednesday 23rd Maximum temperatures:
Several 40s today in Maharashtra....
Thane 42.3c, Solapur 41.9c, Malegaon 41.6c, Jalgaon & Chandrapur 40.2c, Sangli 40c, Nagpur 39.9c, Palghar 39.6c, Nashik 38.6c, Mumbai Scruz 38.2c, Pune 38c, Mahableshwar 34.5c, 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

World Water Day....22nd March 2016:

Water is the essential of Life...and still the age old phrase holds good "Water water everywhere, and not a drop to spare''
This chart shows total surface area of earth.

Total surface area of earth: 510,072,000 sq km

Total water surface area: 70.8% (361,132,000 sq km)
Total land surface area: 29.2% (148,940,000 sq km)
There are a total of 5 oceans, and they are the Arctic, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and the Antarctic Ocean. Out of these five, there are three major oceans, the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Indian Ocean. They account for 90 percent of the area covered by oceans.

Water covers approximately 70 percent of our world's surface. Yet only 2.5 percent of the Earth's water is fresh and thus suitable for consumption. Not only that, but of that 2.5 percent, more than two-thirds is locked away in glaciers and not particularly able to help meet the growing demands of society. 
By far, the most abundant and available source of fresh water is underground water supplies or wellsprings known as aquifers.
Now,with 2 successive poor monsoons, India is seeing a depletion in ground water also. Again, ground water gets contaminated by natural as well as artificial (arsenic, fluoride,nitrate, heavy metal) means.
This is a major concern, as a large population in India has this as their major source of drinking water.
Good, if not excellent, water management is needed to preserve and store as much fresh water as possible from our commonly available source, the only source...Rains.
85% of fresh water (in India) is used for agriculture.Water efficiency in agriculture can be improved with low cost new technology. Even in urban and industrial uses, water efficiency can be improved with proper demand management and re-cycling.
Our existence and development depends on proper use and saving of water.
Proper use, economical use for Humans, and proper channelisation preventing evaporation and wastage is necessary to overcome this problem (In India). For more reading on this, read "Is India really Water Starved" written 4 years ago in this blog. Article found on Author's Page. (2012)

Reservoir and Dams Storage Position (% 0f Full):

Konkan 53% ( 53%)   
Marathwada 5% (15%) In Aurangabad, Jayakwadi Reservoir is today at 0% Storage (15% Last Year). In Marathwada, 6 Major Dams are today at 0% Storage ! 
Nagpur Region 29% (31%) Nasik Region 23% (41%) 
Pune Region 27% (48%)  Amravati Region 22% (34%) 
Other Regions ot covered above 33% (41%).
Overall Maharashtra 24% (39%)

[Bracketed () Figures are of 2015 same Date.]

Water supplying Lakes to Mumbai are 33% full ( Approx 4.8Lmltrs) as per latest reports....With supply at 20% cut rate effective, the water available to Mumbai is for about 110 days ..That is upto around 10th July. 
Barvi Dam supplying to Badlapur and some Eastern Outer Townships of Mumbai is 41% full (44%). Acute water shortage due to low levels of dams supplying water to Navi Mumbai.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Posted Monday Night:

Tuesday 22nd:Clear weather with days around 31c at Mohali for the New Zealand /Pakistan Cricket match.
Wednesday 23rd:
New Delhi will be hot for the afternoon match between England and Afghanistan.
The match at Banglore between India and Bangladesh will see hot day (35/36c) and partly cloudy weather. Thundery developments possible around.

Hottest Place in India shot up to 43c at Nandigama (Coastal A.P.) on Monday..

Sunday, Mumbai Scruz was 36.9c (+4.5c) and Monday it was 35.8c (+3.4c )...Thats good enough, as the hottest day in March ever for Scruz was way back in 1956, when on 28th March it touched 41.7c...That was very hot !!
Colaba dropped from 34c (+3c)on Sunday to 31.8c on Monday.
Tuesday and Wednesday will see clear weather, with winds varying between N and NW (periphery of a High Pressure)...thus keeping the mercury hot in the day around 35/36c. Nights will be better off around 22/23c at Scruz. Almost 13c variations between day and night.

Moderate rain expected in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday and Wednesday. Gusty winds around 32-35 kmph...around 3-5 mms /day. 
Oman will get moderate showers on Tuesday, with heavier spells in South Oman and Muscat on Wednesday.

Except in Kerala and North_East Region, weather will be dry in India on Tuesday and Wednesday... M-4 , another Western Disturbance, moves into the Western regions of Pakistan and Pak Punjab on 24th, with possible scattered rain in Upper Sindh. The system gains strength on 25th in Central, North Pakistan and Kashmir.
Plains of north India get the effect of M-4 from 25th Night...Another detailed update in a few days.
Strong westerly winds likely in Karachi on Tuesday, and cloudy on Thursday. 

New Delhi may start heating up to above 35c on Wednesday and cross 35c on Thursday.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Posted Saturday 8 pm IST
Lone Thunder shower strikes Eden Garden "vicinity"...unfortunately for the match, it was heavy around stadium areas...while Alipore recorded only 5 mms.
Position clear as on 7.40 pm IST....

T20 Cricket World Cup Matches and Weather Forecast...Saturday and Sunday

Saturday 19th March...India v/s Pakistan...Kolkata..
Partly cloudy in a hot day, with the afternoon temperature rising to around 36c. But the evening match will conditions will remain hot and humid by match time.Though there may be light rain around in the vicinity in the evening... No chances of rain disturbance.

Sunday 20th March....
1)South Africa v/s Afghanistan...Mumbai
Sunny skies, as it is an afternoon match..Hot and humid conditions.

2) Sri Lanka v/s West Indies....Bangalore
Warm day for bangalore at 35c. But evening some clouds may appear. Moderate East winds, Getting a bit stuffy, but no rain disturbance.

Srinagar recorded 16 mms of rains in the day on Friday, with the day's high not crossing 8.7c...A cold day !
Rain will persist for another day on Saturday. The Western Disturbance moves away from Sunday.

Days will be getting hotter by 2/3c in North West Indian plains and North India plains from Monday.
Interior Maharashtra sees hotter days from Monday, rising by around 2/3c from current levels. Few places in Vidharbh crossing 40c.

Maharashtra Reservoir and Dam Levels will be put up tomorrow (Saturday)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

T20 Cricket World Cup Forecast for Thursday and Friday Matches...

Thursday...Sri Lanka v/s Afghanistan at Kolkata....The day will be very hot at 36c, but match conditions at 7.30 pm will be better..Slight clouding but no rain threat.

Friday...Australia v/s New Zealand at Dharamsala...With showers expected in the day, rain could reduce the playing hours. Rain around 5-10 mms expected in the day.

South Africa v/s England at Mumbai....Mumbai will be partly cloudy and Humid...No rain. Day's high at 34c. But for the 7.30 pm match, the temperatures will be around 28c by evening.

Posted Wednesday Night:

M-3 will precipitate rains in the Northern plains of India and Pakistan. The region under effect will be Pak Punjab, Indian Punjab, Kashmir, HP and Uttarakhand. Snow likely on the hills. Snow likely in Kashmir and HP hills.
Srinagar will get frequent rains on Thursday, around 30 mms.
Islamabad had showers on Wednesday, with 20 mms in the day...will get thunder showers next 2 days, with cool days around 17c.

Bangalore AP received a whopping 75 mms rain on Tuesday, with gusty winds.
Thursday will be cloudy with light rains or drizzles in some parts, and rainfall reducing from Friday and getting warmer.

Cloudy weather with light rains likely in Abu Dhabi next 2 days. Muscat will also be cloudy with moderate rainfall next 2 days.

Mumbai Water Position not so comfortable... was better last year on date.
15th March 2015, the lakes (Combined) were about 41% full...at 5.99 Lmltrs.
This year on date, Mumbai has 4.99 Lmltrs, or the combined Lakes are about 34 % full..That's less than last year.

Mumbai has a 20% effective water cut in force. The daily supply is 3275 MlLtrs pre day. Considering 25% as pilferage, wastage etc, Mumbai has 114 days supply remaining. That is, water will last till 14th July. Provided not a single drop is added to the lakes till then, and with the effective water cut.

Outer townships like Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Uran, Thane, Kalyan all have water cuts in effect.

Trying to get the levels of Dam levels for outer township. All Maharashtra and outer townships available Levels of Dams will be put up on 19th March.

Monday, March 14, 2016

T20 match in Nagpur (India v/s New Zealand) on Tuesday 15th...Nagpur will be partly cloudy, and warm. The days high will be around 36/37c, while by evening, it will cool down by around 5c from the high. Light rains possible in vicinity around city, may not disturb cricket.

T20 Match on Wednesday 16th (Pakistan v/s Bangladesh)....After some overnight rains, no rains expected on Wednesday. Kolkata will be partly cloudy, and warm Wednesday at around 34c. 

As we had expected , Mumbai remained pleasant, with the day max at 30.8c at Scruz and 29.8c at Colaba.
Next 4 days Weather in Mumbai will be dry, with light clouds in the sky at times. The day's will remain in the 31/32c range till Friday. Nights also are around 20c now, and will be around 19c on Tuesday morning, and 20/21c next few days. weather warms up again from Saturday.
Pune recorded a low of 12.8c on Monday morning...

New Delhi is also keeping the temperatures under control. Sjung was 29.5c on Monday, and Palam 31.2c. Low was at 17c.
Weather till Thursday will be hazy and day will be within the 32c limit, with nights around 17/18c. Thundery developments in the vicinity on Wednesday/Thursday.
Mercury could cross the 35c mark after Friday.

Bangalore: Though thunder showers, medium to light, are possible on Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday, the day will be arond 33c.
Hyderabad will remain hot at 37c, but light rains possible in some parts of the city next 3 days.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Better weather coming for Mumbai with slight fall in Temps

M-3 approaching Sub Continent..will precipitate from 16th

Heaviest Rains in 2016 in Himachal from WD, ending 8.30 am on 13.03.2016 and 12.03.2016

The WD has not only cancelled some of the World T-20 matches but also given the highest rains from WD this year in North India. Bharmaur 150 mm in 24 hrs is the highest rainfall in North India this year. This is the same WD which caused havoc over UAE and Oman few days back.

Himachal Rainfall in mm (min 15 mm) on 12.03.2016

Bharmaur - 150
Dalhousie - 91
Hansa - 76
Saloni - 75
Kothi - 71
Manali - 62
Kalatop - 54
Jogindernagar - 42
Bangana - 40
Dharamshala - 40
Chhatarari - 38
Sujanpur Tira - 38
Bharwara - 38
Dehra Gopipur - 34
Seobagh - 34
Nadau - 31
Nagrota Suriyan - 28
Gaggal - 27
Kangra - 27
Una - 22
Sarahan - 22
Bhuntar  - 20
Shimla - 20
Chelsea - 18
Reckon - 15
Shimla CPRI - 15
Bajura - 15

Himachal Rainfall in mm (min 15 mm) on 13.03.2016

Kasauli - 55
Dharampur - 49
Jubbar Hatti - 48
Jhungi - 48
Manali - 45
Kandaghat - 44
Shimla - 44
Bhuntar - 42
Araki - 41
Kumarsen - 41
Bijahi - 40
Nav Bahar - 36
Sarahan - 35
Chail - 34
Janjehli -34
Kufri - 34
Solan - 33
Seobagh - 32
Jhandutta - 30
Dalhousie - 29
Kalatop - 27
Malraun - 26
Dharamshala - 26
Sundernagar - 24
Rohru - 22
Bilaspur - 21
Mandi - 18
Annu - 18
Kangra - 15
Hamirpur - 15
Barsar - 15

Kashmir Rainfall in mm (min 15 mm) on 12.03.2016

Batote - 89 
Banihal - 69
Bhaderwah  59
Pahalgam - 47
Kukarnag - 44
Kupwara - 43
Katra  - 40
Udhampur - 40    
Quazigund - 33
Anantnag - 31
Jammu - 25
Gulmarg - 25
Srinagar - 19
Harran - 18
Rambagh - 17

Kashmir Rainfall in mm (min 15 mm) on 13.03.2016

Jammu - 48
Katra - 42
Govindapura - 39
Batote - 30
Banihal - 24   
Kupwara - 21
Bhaderwah - 16
Gulmarg - 15


India Plans Heat-Wave Warning System to Protect  Against Rising Temperatures  

Recording upto 5.30 pm Saturday...

Dharamsala recorded 18 mms of rain from 8.30 am - 6.30 pm on Saturday...Kufri had 23 mms of Rain/snow.
Shimla had 24 mms rain ( 9 hrs from 8.30 am Saturday) with the day's high not crossing 11c.
Rainy day for Chandigarh on Saturday with 11 mms..on Saturday.
Ganganagar in North Rajasthan had 7 mms on Saturday.
Several parts of MP had light rains...While Sagar had 3 mms, Shahdol, Betul, Satna and Mandla saw 1 mm.Bhopal had 0.2 mms.

Hottest Place in India today (Saturday) was Anantpur at 41.3c..

Delhi Palam and Mumbai Scruz both dropped to an identical 31.8c (Max) on Saturday. The drop was was Friday's 36.3c at Scruz and 35.2c at Palam.

See Pakistan Rain amounts from M-2 on Vagaries Pakistan

Friday, March 11, 2016

Dharamsala Received 40 mms on Friday, with the minimum dipping to 9.8c. 
Shimla drops to 6.4c and  Srinagar to 4.4c. Gulamrg was -1.5c
Heavy rains from M-2 in HP on Friday...Rain amounts till Saturday morning...Keylong 62 mms (Rain/snow), Manali 62 mms, Dharamsala got 40 mms, Shimla 20 mms,

In Kashmir, Banihal 69 mms, Pahalgam 46 mms, Gulmarg 32 mms (Rain/snow), Jammu 25 mms, Srinagar 19 mms.
Around Delhi: Palam 14 mms, SJung 9 mms, Lodhi Road 8 mms, Najafgarh 7 mms, Noida 5 mms, Gurgaon 2 mms.
Nainital 9 mms.
All Amounts in 24 hrs ended Saturday morning.

Posted Friday Night:

M-2 strikes Pakistan...Latest Rain amounts from Pakistan

Punjab (Jhang 50, Jehlum 46, M.B.Din 39, Sargodha 29, Gujranwala 25, Muree 23, Islamabad & Sailkot 22, Multan 21, Faisalabad 20, Rawalpindi 19, D.G.Khan & Layyah 17, T.T.Singh 14, Noorpurthal 12, Mianwali 11, Kot aduu 8, Chakwal, Johrabad, Shorkot & Lahore (PBO) 7, Sailkot Cantt 2, Gujrat & Kasur 1 ); 
Balochistan (Kalat 32, Zhob 21, Quetta (Sheikh manda 17, Samungli 08, Barkhan 14, Panjgur 11, Nokkundi 06, Dalbanadin 05, Sibbi 03, Pasni 01).
Sindh (Larkana 05, Shaheed Benazirabad 01).

Rainfall has commenced in North India as well...Some amounts od Saturday in cms
Banihal­3; Kupwara, Baderwah, Batote  2 each;, Pahalgaon, Kokarnag, Katra ­1 each.
Srinagar recorded 17 mms till 5.30 pm , with the day's high at 10.8c...Qasi Gund measured 18 mms with the max at 9.9c
Jammu recorded 18 mms...and Amritsar 11 mms.
Rain amounts in Delhi on Saturday: Palam 12.8 mms, Najafgarh 7 mms, Lodhi Road 5.2 mms, S'Jung 3 mms, Noida 2 mms.
Palam was hot on Saturday at 35.2c.

Mumbai Scruz soared to 36.3c, Colaba 34.0c. Mahableshwar (Hill Station in Mah) soared to 33c.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Posted Wednesday 9th March Night:

1. Heavy rains lash Abu Dhabi and other parts of UAE on Tuesday and Wednesday...On Wednesday, thunder storms lash Abu Dhabi, and the Airport measured 15 mms in the day.Local flooding has occurred in the region.
North Oman, including Muscat is being lashed by almost continuous rains last 24-36 hrs. Sudden heavy thunder spells have caused local and Wadi flooding. Seeb Airport measured 17 mms on Wednesday. 
Many dams in North Oman are full, but precautionary measures have been taken.

Muscat: Passing showers on Thursday, amounting to around 5-7 mms. Friday, Partly cloudy with light rain in some parts, Clearing by  Friday afternoon and Saturday will be dry.

Karachi: Light rains in parts of city on Thursday. Increase in intensity on Friday. Showers on Friday may measure around 8-10 mms.

Mumbai: Warm and hot till Friday..around 34/35c. Light rains expected around Mumbai on Saturday 12th.

2. Thursday 10th: M-2 , with the induced Low over the UAE region moves East on Thursday. Due to the Low, rains to some extent continue in UAE and Muscat. Rains move into Pakistan. Most of the country gets showers. Karachi will get some rain.

3. Friday 11th: The system M-2 moves into NW and North India. Some sharp showers expected in Pakistan, North-West and North India. Sharp showers in Karachi.

4. Saturday 12th: M-2 strengthens over North Pakistan and North India. Rains in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi NCR, Kashmir, HP and North Rajasthan. The induced Low will bring showers to Gujarat Region, West MP ( Indore/Ujjain) and Madhya Maharashtra (Pune/Nasik).

Saturday and Sunday estimate will be put up again on Friday Night...

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Posted Sunday Night:

Karachi: As mentioned by Vagaries earlier, M-2 will have effect on almost the entire length of Pakistan...
Karachi is expected to get cloudy weather on Monday 7th, with moderate West/SW winds. Tuesday gets more windy, with wind speeds increasing to 35 knts. Light Showers in some parts also expected on Tuesday 8th. An overcast day on Tuesday leads to a windy and cloudy Wednesday, as strong West/SW winds continue to blow in Karachi. A few spells of light rain possible in some parts on Wednesday (around 3-5 mms). Humidity increasing from gradually during the week.

Cloudy with light showers on Monday and Tuesday. Heavy showers with thunder expected on Wednesday. Thursday will be partly cloudy with light rains in some parts.

Abu Dhabi: Cloudy and overcast on Monday and Tuesday.Around 2-4 mms/day. Rains increase to heavy thunder showers on Wednesday , pouring maybe around 15-20 mms.

Mumbai: Partly cloudy skies on Monday and Tuesday, with the day around 33c, with mild nights. Wednesday warms up to 35c in S'Cruz. If things shape up as i expect, we can have a chance of some showers on Saturday 12th (No firm commitment at this stage).

M-2 approaches Pakistan from the West and the trough brings in initial precipitation along Southern Pakistan from 8th March. Slowly, due to poor divergence in the jet streams, the system moves into Kashmir and Northern India a bit later, around 10th March. 
Hence, precipitation from M-2 can start in India after Thursday 10th. We see proper precipitation in North and Central India then onwards.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Posted Saturday Night:
As expected (yesterday's Post) from M-1, on Saturday Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, North Rajasthan, Western U.P. and some parts in North M.P. received showers...
Delhi received showers on Saturday, with Noida getting fairly heavy showers. S'Jung recorded 2 mms till 8.30 pm. 
 Hissar in Haryana measured 14 mms and Ambala 3 mms. In North Rajasthan,  Churu 11 mms and Bikaner 3 mms.
In Punjab, several towns received showers.
Reports of good rains in Barielly have also come in from readers.

Places in Pak Punjab and some places in Upper Sindh got showers on Saturday.

Posted Friday Night:
Mumbai sees the end of the short lived rain spell.

Saturday 5th: 
Rainfall moves East into Vidharbh.
Western Disturbance M-1 brings rainfall to Pak Punjab, Upper Sindh in Pakistan.
Across in India, Rainfall will occur in North Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, West U.P, H.P and some parts of Kashmir.

Sunday 6th: Rainfall from W.D. in Pak Punjab and Indian Punjab. Also a shower possible in Delhi. Uttarakhand gets the rains on Sunday. Rains increase in Vidharbh and South Chattisgarh.
M-1 effect decreases on Monday 7th.

Look out for the next WD...M-2...The current situation shows M-2 approaching Pakistan on 10th, covering almost entire Pakistan. What's more, as the scene is today, by the 11th, M-2 will cover Pakistan and NW India , maybe Gujarat also...That's the scene today. Will keep the developments posted.

around Mumbai on Friday 8.30 am-5.30 pm...SCruz 10 mms, Alibag 9 mms, Badlapur (Abhijit) 7mms, Thane 5 mms, Karjat 3mms and Murud 1 mm.

Ratnagiri shot up to 38.2c on Friday...Hottest in State.

( True to our Estimate of 29th Monday) Showers reported around Mumbai...Reports of Thunder Showers from Virar, Vasai, Palghar, Mira Road and Thane in the North . Badlapur, Panvel and Dombivali in the East and from Andheri, Santa Cruz, Borivali and Kanjur Marg in Mumbai....Thane had 3 mms till 11.30 am Friday, Badlapur 5 mms. 
Traces in South Mumbai at Vagaries.

Mumbai rains decrease from Friday evening, and skies becoming clear.
The rain region moves eastwards towards Marathwada on Friday.Good rains again on Friday for Marathwada.
The trough from Western Disturbance M-1, will inter act and bring rains to Vidharbh and adjoining East M.P/ Chattisgarh. on Saturday and Sunday.

Aurangabad recorded 41 mms in 24 hrs ended 8.30 am Friday. After talking to the people in the farms, learnt that the Phulambri, Vadod Bazar and Sillod region had around 15 mms. Happy to note that they had taken due precautions and shifted their crops, which were cut and lying outside, to covered sheds.
Nasik had 8 mms and Yeotmal 20 mms  till Friday morning.

Rain continues in Maharashtra for 5th day, ending 8.30 am on 05.03.2016

A trough in lower level easterlies extends from Comorin area to south interior Karnataka.

in mm (min 10 mm)

Mul - 50
Nivale - 37
Chikhali - 36
Atpadi - 28
Masal - 24
Jambhur - 22
Deolapar - 20
Supane - 19
Barwha - 18
Nagbhir - 17
Malkapur - 14
Kavathe Mahakal - 15
Karad - 13
Kokrud - 13
Chandrapur - 12
Ambawade - 11
Dingore - 11
Walwan Ghat - 10
Chichal - 10
Saidapur - 10
Adyal - 10
Alandi - 10
Kagal - 10
Beedkin - 10
Kasarshirsi - 10
Kondha - 10
Rajur - 10
Jat - 10
Diksal - 10
Bhimashankar - 10
Asane - 10
Vita - 10
Kalmodi - 10
Mumbai Santacruz - 10
Alibaug - 10
Sangli - 10
Madh - 10

4th day of rains in Maharashtra ending 8.30 am on 04.03.2016

A trough of in the lower levels runs from southeast Arabian sea to Konkan coast and extends upto 0.9 km above mean sea level.

in mm (min 10 mm)

Aurangabad AP - 41
Makhmalabad - 36
Bhendala - 31
Shendurwada - 27
Yeotmal - 20
Kalamb - 19
Selu - 17
Tryambakeshwar - 16
Kasa - 15
Dhoksal - 15
Chapal - 14
Chikalthan - 14
Mokhada - 13
Partur - 13
Igatpuri - 13
Mokhada - 13
Madh - 13
Vikramgad - 11
Saiwan - 11
Khapa - 11
Marali - 11
Hingani - 11
Dindori - 11
Babulgaon - 10
Ghoti - 10
Taket - 10
Beedkin - 10
Chittepimpalgaon - 10
Sirsam - 10
Jawhar - 10
Turkabad - 10
Waluj - 10
Ozar - 10

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

 Ice cover of Artic (Jan 2016) shown in a Satellite image..Though this winter was "Above Normal"..This Image and Recent Events speak in differently.. 
With the exception of the yellow line, the map was compiled from observations by the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer 2 (AMSR-2) sensor on the Global Change Observation Mission 1st–Water (“Shizuku”) satellite, which is operated by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

The map above shows Arctic sea ice extent for January 2016. 
The yellow outline shows the median sea ice extent observed in 
January from 1981 through 2010, as determined from a sequence of NASA and U.S. Department of Defence satellites. 
The Ice , no doubt, a bit less than the "normal' Average Yellow line...about 7.5% below normal.
A preliminary analysis released by the National Snow & Ice Data Centre found that Arctic sea ice extent averaged 13.53 million square kilometers  during January 2016—1.04 million square kilometers (7.5%) below the 1981 to 2010 average.

The cap of sea ice over the Arctic Ocean is always changing. Each winter it grows dramatically, usually reaching its maximum in March. It melts just as dramatically each summer, reaching its minimum in September.

Other Recent Winter Extremes:
--Near the Artic Circle....Iceland...
3rd year in a row The city of Akureyri in North Iceland is seeing great snow accumulation for the third year in a row. This morning, residents woke up to 110 cm (3.6 ft) of fresh snow.Snow depth has not been greater since the winter of 1995-1996

--March 1st: Japan...Hokkaido faces worst blizzard in years.
Japan’s Meteorological Agency warned Hokkaido on Tuesday to brace for its worst blizzard in years.The agency forecast 40 cm (16 inches) of snowfall in the 24 hours until 6 a.m. Wednesday in the region.

--February 27th: U.S...Blizzard conditions force Chicago drivers to abandon cars

--February 25th:U.S....Record snowfall in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Wednesday’s 24th Feb.. 7.2″ snowfall set a record for the date in Grand Rapids. The city received a total of 11.2″ over two days.The heavy, wet snow caused power outages and problems throughout West Michigan.Here are a few of the more notable snow totals:
Comstock Park ………….. 12 inches
Marshall ……………………….11.8 inches
Greenville …………………… 11.5 inches
Kentwood …………………….11.3 inches
Grandville …………………… 11.2 inches
East Grand Rapids …….. 11 inches
Cannonsburg ……………….11 inches
Barry ……………………………..10.2 inche

Karnataka gets rains after a long break, ending 8.30 am on 03.03.2016

The upper air cyclonic circulation over Gujarat & adjoining south Rajasthan has become less marked

in mm (min 5 mm)

Kumsi - 90
Joladabka - 52
Tidagundi - 41
Hidkal Dam - 39
Kakhandaki - 35
Bidar - 34 
Pachapur - 27
Kannolli - 24
Gulbarga - 23
Rabkavi  - 20
Kamalapur - 20
Sulepet - 20 
Kalaburgi - 20 
Billur - 14
Singasandra - 12
Mahalingapur - 10
Humnabad - 9
Sedam - 9
Kalaburgi - 8 .
Bommanhalli - 7
Athani - 6
Bellandur - 5
Varthur - 5

3rd day of Rains in Maharashtra ending 8.30 am on 03.03.2016

The upper air cyclonic circulation over Gujarat & adjoining south Rajasthan has become less marked

in mm (min 15 mm)

Doodhganga - 47
Bhandane - 43
Asane - 37
Kusumba - 35
Pusegaon - 34
Chakur    - 34
Sawargaon    - 32
Mangrul    - 32
Fulwal    - 30
Nesari - 29
Waki - 29
Ahemadpur - 28
Murum - 26
Gategaon - 26
Solapur - 22
Kingaon - 23
Shi. - 23
Belkund - 21
Udgir - 21
Dewani - 21
Mukati - 20
Peint - 20
Chandgad - 20
Andhori - 20
Itkal - 20
Ambulaga - 19
Govindpur - 19
Shelagi - 19
Kudashi - 19
Ambeghar - 19
Tirhe - 18
Wadval - 18
Makni - 18
Deshing - 17
Kumbhi - 16
Savarde - 16
Ausa - 16
Salgara - 16
Renapur - 15
Walandi    - 15
Jalkot  - 15
Tuljapur - 15
Naldurg    - 15
Dajipur - 15
Pune (Pashan) - 15
Ner - 15
Raymoh - 15

2nd day of Rains and Hailstorms in Maharashtra, ending 8.30 am on 02.03.2016

The trough in the lower level easterlies from Konkan & Goa to East Rajasthan now seen as an upper air cyclonic circulation over Gujarat & adjoining south Rajasthan and extends upto 1.5 km above mean sea level.

in mm (min 10 mm)

Jambhali - 74
Parali - 54
Urmodi - 54
Kanher - 50
Pachgani - 47
Shendurjana - 47
Manora - 42
Yelgaon - 39
Ranjani - 39
Risod - 35
Medha - 35
Malewadi - 32
Bhatghar - 30
Magrulpir - 30
Tarli - 23 
Lonar - 20
Asti - 20
Kati - 19
Udgir - 19
Andhali - 18
Ambeghar - 18
Sangola - 18
Bhor - 17
Thoseghar - 17
Kalmodi - 17
Kasarsai - 16
Kandhar - 16
Sinnar - 16
Niphad - 16
Buldhana -16
Nigade - 15
Mukhed - 15
Tandulwadi - 14
Madukali - 14
Nagewadi - 14
Mhaswad - 14
Banganga - 13
Kalmodi - 12
Kas - 11
Bamnoli - 11
Tarali - 11
Javli - 10
Dahiwadi - 10
Phaltan - 10
Shahwadi - 10
Sonebonge - 10
Walwan Ghat - 10
Mahagaon - 10
Umnerkhed - 10
Nira Devghar - 10
Nanded - 10
Ambawade - 10
Belewade - 10
Jor - 10
Wathar - 10

Karnataka gets rains after a long break, ending 8.30 am on 04.03.2016
The upper air cyclonic circulation over Gujarat & adjoining south Rajasthan has become less marked

in mm (min 5 mm)

Kumsi - 90
Joladabka - 52
Tidagundi - 41
Hidkal Dam - 39
Kakhandaki - 35
Bidar - 34 
Pachapur - 27
Kannolli - 24
Gulbarga - 23
Rabkavi  - 20
Kamalapur - 20
Sulepet - 20 
Kalaburgi - 20 
Billur - 14
Singasandra - 12
Mahalingapur - 10
Humnabad - 9
Sedam - 9
Kalaburgi - 8 .
Bommanhalli - 7
Athani - 6
Bellandur - 5
Varthur - 5

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