Thursday, March 31, 2022

 March 2022 Heat anomalies & Temperature of India

March 2022  Heat Anomalies in Pune, Delhi (Sjung) and Mumbai (Scruz):

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

March 30th:

Hottest in Asia: Chandrapur (India) & Chorr (Pakistan) @ 44.2°c

India Table fo 30th Hottest 10:

As March ends... Heat 🔥Waves break records in the Sub Continent

Maximiliano Informed:

Insane crazy endless heat wave for March.

Karachi beat its March record today with 42.5C. (30th) 

Rohtak 40.3 new March record (30th) 
it's like a daily war bulletin of falling records...

Vagarian Vineet informed :

Delhi safdarjung 39.6c, this is the highest temperature recorded there in march at least since 2009

Meerut 38.6, highest march temperature in last 10 years

Katra: 33.9c 13c above normal

Jhansi: 42.1c 6 degree above normal

Vagarian Atul Compilation : Margao Goa

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

29th March.... Today's Hottest


Chandrapur & Nawabshah (Pakistan) @ 43.4 hottest in Asia today. 


And, this day 9 years ago.. 2013


What causes the temperature to rise?

Bizarre heat waves strike Arctic and Antarctic poles, raising them 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit above normal.

See all on World Weather News Page....Interesting Rare development...

Monday, March 28, 2022

Now Delhi sees the Heat 🔥!!

Some maximum temperatures recorded today from the capital:

Parts of Uttar Pradesh also seeing heatwave like conditions: Agra: 41.1°C

Pune also heats up!!

Shivajinagar, Pune: 39.7°C, highest of the season

Pashan, Pune: 39.8°C

Hot and dry weather likely to prevail over most of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and northern plains for next 3-4 days. 

Pune and Madhya Maharashtra belt likely to see max temperatures of around 40°C, even touching 41°C in some parts. 

Interior konkan belt (Palghar, Thane, Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts) would see max temperature of 40°C or above.

Coastal konkan (including Mumbai) and Goa relatively cooler (35-36°C) with sea breeze.  

Compilation by Vagarian Shreyas. 

Pre Monsoon Low... (Earlier than expected schedule) 

BB 4...Bay Low expected to cross from Thailand into the Bay... Around 1st April. 

Will start following up.. 

Friday, March 25, 2022

From Maximiliano Herrera (27th March)

  •  Hallo Rajesh
  • hallo. Ganganagar 41.7C highest Temp ever in March

  • Kandla 42.6 March record tied

  • Pakistan 45.5 Nawabshah (tied highest reliable in March).

  • Jammu 37.3 also hottest march day ever

Weekend estimate 25th-28th March. 😎🌞

Weather report for Mumbai

Into the weekend,  a few clouds are expected, and more clouding in the course of day. That is, sunny spells are forecasted. Temperatures peaking at 36°C. ( Real Feel 36c). By afternoons, afternoon a gentle breeze is expected

Weather report for Pune

On the weekend,  few clouds are expected. with warm sunny spells. Temperatures peaking at 37 °C. ( Real Feel 36c). With UV-Index rising to 7, sun protection is recommended. During the night and in the pre dawn , it will get cooler at 21/22c.

Compiled by Vagarian Vineet Kumar

Weather report for Aurangabad

We can see a mixture of cloudy and sunny skies. Temperatures as high as 37 °C are expected. The UV-Index climbs up to 8, Nights also warmer at 25c.

Weather report for Delhi

 Night and in the morning clear skies in the afternoon a few clouds are expected. Overall a sunny day. Temperatures peaking at 37 °C. With a UV-Index as high as 8 Windy at times with Gusts to 35 km/h are possible. Winds blowing from Northwest. 

Weather for Goa

Chances of rain with thunder on Friday and Saturday. Days around 31c. Gusty winds during showers.

Weather Report for Belgaum

Friday and Saturday in  the afternoon there is a chance of thunderstorms and local showers. Almost no sunshine can be expected. There is a high chance of Precipitation. Temperatures as high as 32 °C are foreseen.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

 Posted on 24th March 2022

LWD formation will result in pre-monsoon/summer thunderstorms across Western Ghats of Karnataka and Kerala over next 2-3 days from date. Parts of south konkan and Goa can also get some rain/Thundershowers.

Light drizzle possible in some parts of Pune. 

By Vagarian Shreyas. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

 The "reasonable" Temps achieved  ! .. 22nd March

 BB -3 crosses Myanmar coast as a Deep Depression at 2 pm 22nd March.. Weakening soon. 

22nd March... Morning

BB 3 will cross as Deep Depression across Myanmar Coast Today'. (We have maintained at DD strength as maximum). 

IMD table ⬇

Readers from Maharashtra & Gujarat... Please observe this image of Tuesday detect low clouds.

.. No low clouds visible.. Only high clouds. Major Precipitation not likely

Monday, March 21, 2022

20th March 2022

Sensational News from The South Pole
Record broken by 15°c !! 
Above normal by 40°c !! 


 21st March Afternoon

BB3  ⬇

Rainfall as on 8.30 am Monday, Andaman, from system ( in red square)... Previous figure is Max temp and beyond that rainfall at 5.30 pm Sunday

Sunday, March 20, 2022

 20th March 4 pm IST

BB-3 Depression expected to strengthen and move as shown

Except on the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, no effect on Indian Mainland. 

An Upper Air Disturbance caused clouding and small patches of extreme weather. In South Madhya Maharashtra. 
Fizzling out in a day. 

Next week ( 21st..week)..No Rains
Mumbai:  Will be partly cloudy. But humid and sweaty even as the day temperatures fall to reasonable levels.. Around 34°/35°c.

Pune: Partly cloudy and above normal humidity. Around 37/38°c.

Goa: Cloudy, stuffy, humid next week. Maybe a thunder shower on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Post of Saturday 19th:

BB -3 , WML, mentioned now in Vagaries. 

Expect to move Northwards now

Vagarian Vineet Kumar ( Fellow Researcher, IITM) says

"Although imd expecting cyclone in bay of bengal in next few days

However ocean not very supportive for intensification of system

 TCHP less than 40kjcm2 over most of central, north bay where the system expected to track. In such low tchp system may not intensify

 SST in range 27-28c in central, north bay.

 I think system may intensify max to deep depression and imd-gfs is currently over estimating the forecasted intensity of the system

 It might be good that no strong cyclone will form as there r incidences when cyclone induced subsidence over india amplify the heatwave over the region.

Latest such example was during cyclone Fani"

Monday, March 14, 2022

 14th March Mumbai Regional Highs

Posted 14th March

Mumbai...very hot yes..but some relief in site...:16th March onwards, daytime temperature can see some drop with early setting in of sea breeze. 

(Hot weather with heatwave like conditions for Mumbai and Konkan, not uncommon for March!) 

Mumbai max (Santacruz) will be settling at the late 30s, around 36-38°C due to dry easterly winds. With sea breeze setting in, we can witness reduction of day temperature earlier over Western suburbs and south Mumbai compared to other regions. Real feel will be 36/37c,  as humidity will be low in the day and increasing to moderate levels by evening/night. 

Mumbai March Records

Eastern outer townships of Mumbai and Thane district likely to witness around 40°C temperature. Min temperature to be around 22-23°C.

Interior Maharshtra (Marathwada/Vidharbh) around 39/40c this week.

Pune max temperature will be around 35-36°C. Min pleasant around 18°C.

Gujarat expected to heat up tis week, with Ahmedabad touching 40c. Saurashtra will range around 40c. South Gujarat coast will be hot.

Bharuch can touch 42c this week.

No Rainfall recorded in India last 48 hrs...

Prepared by Vagarian Shreyas Dhavale

Friday, March 11, 2022

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Outlook for 11th - 14th March

After rains  over many parts of the country in the past few days  now, most of India is going to see a lull in weather activity for about next four days or so.

March 10 - March 14, not much weather activity will be seen in terms of a W.D or any active Pre Monsoon system. 

Thursday Image

Due to the absence of any weather activity, the temperatures in North, Central & Peninsula are expected to rise. 

Weekend Outlook:

Mumbai, after hot 🌡️temperatures of + 37°c  last few days, will now see a marginal fall to 34/35°c.Real feel will be around 35°c.

Pune, after some light rain on Friday, the day will be will be around 37°c.Real feel also around 37°c.

Gujarat expected to heat up to 40+, this weekend. 

Bharuch, around 37c now can touch 40c.

Surat too can warm up to 38/39°c.


Tuesday, March 08, 2022


Anna Mani - The Weather Woman of India

Anna Mani with international scientists in Tübingen, Germany in 1965Anna Mani with international scientists in Tübingen, Germany in 1965 - © dpa

International Women's Day is an occasion to remember and celebrate talented female scientists from across the world. Today we pay a small tribute to the most distinguished Indian female meteorologist - Miss Anna Modayil Mani.

Miss Mani was born on Aug. 23, 1918 in Kerala, studied and researched in Chennai, Bengaluru and London. She was a student of CV Raman and later served as the deputy director general of the Indian Meteorological Department.

Her contribution to ensuring self-reliance in measuring aspects of weather is considered her biggest achievement for independent India.

She focused on accuracy of Indian weather measurement instruments for solar radiation and wind strength hence laying a solid foundation for today's solar and wind power as alternative sources of energy.

Anna Mani has also led a team of scientists who developed the Indian ozonesonde, a balloon-borne instrument to measure ozone levels as early as in 1967. The collected data became a real treasure to identify the dangerous changes in the atmosphere.

Women's day IndiaHappy international Women's Day!

Being a woman scientist at has been a great challenge which Anna Mani overcame with ease and firmness. We salute all the Indian women scientists of yesteryears and look forward to see many more in the future. Happy International Women's Day!

Credit for Article:Weather & Radar Editorial Desk 

Sunday, March 06, 2022

8th March .. Mumbai Water Position

  • 50.23%
    Combined live storage across all lakes compared to 46.65% same time last year. 
  • 727,061 million litres 
  • 6 Months of supply left in all lakes combined 

Moderate rain shower in South Mumbai 9 pm Monday. 

Outlook for 7th Monday/8th Tuesday/9th Wednesday/10th.

Mumbai: Weather starts getting cloudy on Sunday, and as humidity increases on Monday (7th), we see clouds and sweaty conditions. Light rains possible on Wednesday 9th in some parts of city. Real feel temperatures may be 36c.*

Pune: Cloudiness and warm weather. Increase in humidity and rain showers with thunder possible on Wednesday 9th. Unusual humidity levels for Pune. Real feel temperature 35c.*

(*it's what the temperature appears to be for a human due to the influence of other weather conditions such as wind speed, dew point, relatively humidity and amount of sunlight.)

Showers expected in North Madhya Maharashtra , and Marathwada on Tuesday & Wednesday.

Aurangabad: Warm and getting hotter, but rain/thunder possible on Wednesday 9th.

औरंगाबाद :उष्ण आणि ढगाळ. बुधवार 9 रोजी पाऊस / मेघगर्जनेची शक्यता.
Goa: Cloudy and light rains possible in some regions on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Saturday, March 05, 2022

 Latest on System BB-2...Posted Saturday 11pm IST:

                    ADT-Version 9.0                
         Tropical Cyclone Intensity Algorithm       

             ----- Current Analysis ----- 
     Date :  05 MAR 2022    Time :   151500 UTC
      Lat :   11:18:05 N     Lon :   83:11:05 E

          CI# /Pressure/ Vmax
          2.3 / 1009mb /  33kts

       Center Temp :  -8.5C    Cloud Region Temp : -15.7C

* Intense Convective clouding spreading towards NE.
* Ridge in South Peninsula in NW of System will steer the system towards West from Saturday Night
* Currently estimated core winds at 50-60 kmph, will weaken to 45-55 kmph by Sunday Morning.
* Rainfall expected on Sunday/Monday in Chennai 20-30 mms. 
In Puducherry  Squally winds and 15-25 mms on Sun/Mon.

5th March Afternoon... BB 2 , Deep Depression. Main Rain region restricted to the sea. 

As on 5th Morning, no rainfall in T. N. 9 mms in Karaikal. 

  23rd June After a record 39 days (14may-21june), delhi safdarjung recorded below 40c temperature Data From Vag. Vineet☝ ------------------...