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Weather Knowledge - 22

Article on research and study of Arabian Sea Storms done by Vineet Kumar (Vagarian) Reasercher IITM.
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Weather Knowledge Page Updates with (20) and (21)

1. difference between Weather and Climate

2. The Impact of Volcanoes on weather.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

 Posted 27th October 

Himachal: First snowfall of the season in the residential areas of Lahaul, mercury minus one degree in Keylong

Vagaries mentioned in FPJ

From vagaries old archives.. 26 oct 1968..Pune 9c  

Monday, October 26, 2020

 Posted 26th evening:

Monsoon has withdrawn from North Marathwada and Aurangabad Region...Cooler Nights in the region expected to be around 17-19c.

Monsoon further withdraws from North Konkan, North Madhya Maharashtra, Vidhrabh, Northern Marathwada and Chattisgarh..

Mumbai: South West Monsoon has withdrawn from Mumbai. Equaling IMD record of Most delayed date ...26th October (2010).

(IMD Withdrawal criteria awaited this year.)

Rainfall:Scruz 3856 mms (151 inches) All time high.

Colaba : 3427 mms ( 135 inches)..Record 3482 mms 137 inches 1954

Pune: With the Monsoon having withdrawn now, the nights are expected to get cooler by 2/3c.

Next 3 Night temperatures in North Indian cities in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi expected to see a drop...around 11-13.Srinagar expected to drop below freezing.

Friday, October 23, 2020

 On 25th, Mahabaleshwar was with the coolest day in Maharashtra at 25.4c, and followed by Aurangabad at 25.7c.

NOAA – La Niña cooling flip has occurred..See World Weather News Page

Posted 23rd October 1 pm

Heavy rains for Kolkata and NE States on 23rd/24th from BB-12

Thursday, October 22, 2020

 World Weather News Page Updated

Violent Thunder Storms off Mumbai/ South Konkan  coast on Thursday Morning...This is posted at 10.45 am

Weakening into a small patch now...1 pm

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

 Posted 21st October 1 pm:

Weather for Marathwada: Monsoon will be over for Marathwada from 24th October. Clear skies with morning fog.

Gujarat: South West Monsoon on the way out now, and complete withdrawal from State by 23rd. Till then , light showers in South Gujarat coast  (Surat/Valsad). 

Bharuch has seen the last of rains and Monsoon retreating now.

South  west Monsoon to retreat from Gujarat and M.P. and North Chhattisgarh by 23rd.

Kolkata: Moderate showers Wed/Thu/ Friday and Saturday 24th.

Mumbai & Pune: Likely hood of thunder shower in some parts of city on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd. 

Rainfall substantial decrease from Friday and Monsoon retreating after 24th October.

Drop in Night temperatures below 19c in Pune.

Goa: Light to moderate continue with around 7-10 mms/day this week.

BB-12 has formed as a Low in the region 16N and 87 E. Likely to deepen to depression level and Move North initially and then N/NE. Towards Bengal.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Amboli achieved 10000 mark & Malvan crossed 6000 mms mark in Annual Rains on 17-10-2020

As Monsoon withdrawal got delayed this year, so an extended October SWM sneak in with milestone numbers for South Konkan region of Maharashtra. As we have record rains from both coastal & ghat station for year 2020 !

Outside NE India Khasi hills of Mawsynram & Cherrapunji, Amboli in Sindhudurg district, Amboli, Maharashtra is the first station to achieve 10000 mms milestone in Annual Rains on entire Western Ghat section !

Amboli Annual Rainfall stands on 10,541 mms till 17-10-2020!

Let us see how it achieved the milestone on month basis. Rainfall in mm below:

June 2015
July 2323
Aug 4080
Sep 1234
Oct 889 till date

Malvan in Sindhudurg district, MH becomes 1st station at coastal belt & not only in Maharashtra coast but might be on entire West coast to achieve 6K mark !(Here coastal means 0 to 5 km from sea shore)

Malvan Annual Rainfall stands on 6069 mms till 17-10-2020!

Let us see how it achieved the milestone on month basis. Rainfall in mm below:

June 1341
July 2126
Aug 1097
Sep 1080
Oct 425 till date

Friday, October 16, 2020

BB- 10 effect creeping into Gujarat

Posted 16thOctober Friday 1 pm

BB-10, emerges into the Arabian Sea as a Well Marked Low. Likely to track away from the Indian coastline.

But as it moves away, Saurashtra, Gujarat Region likely to get showers on Sunday 18th thru Tuesday 20th.. under its influence. Saurashtra, can expect showers on Monday/Tuesday.

BB-11 forming around 20th at 15N and 95E. To track West wards, almost along same path as BB-10.

(Torrential rains may occur in Goa mid next week {21st}

Kolkata should expect good showers after 21st (When we may expect BB-12 to form and move towards Bengal)...More details of BB-12 later next week.

Mumbai, same as estimated, not much rains this weekend. Showers early next week before Monsoon withdrawal.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

BB-10 crossing coast at South Konkan...and re-emerging.

BB-10 crossing coast at South Konkan...and re-emerging.

Mumbai|Pune got the rains (persistent), but as we mentioned , increase in rains,  no cyclone or cyclonic winds...

Heavy Rains in Pune ;Increased on 14th and crossed 100 mms at many places...Thanks to the BB-10 movement.

BB-11 to form in Bay around 19th.

Rainfall in Pune and nearby regions ending at 8:30am on 15/10/2020:-


2.Bibwewadi:141mms(Pvt Reading)



5.IITM(Pashan):130mms(Pvt Reading)


7.Chinchwad Aws:115mms

8.Pune IMD:112mms


10.Talegaon Aws:100mms


Posted 15th Thursday morning:

Rainfall in MMR and nearby region ending at 8:30am on 15/10/2020(in mm):-

1.Malabar hill:140

2.Dadar W (pvt reading):135



5.Marine Lines:119


7.CSMT & Worli:117

8.Mumbai Central, Badlapur:115

9.Colaba IMD:116



12.Sandhurst Rd:107






18.Wadala & Marol:90


20.Santacruz IMD:87

21.Chembur & Lalbaug:88




25.Vile parle:78

26.Deonar & Juhu:74




30.Jogeshwari & Versova:62






Tuesday, October 13, 2020

 Posted 13th October Tuesday 1 pm:

BB-10 has crossed land near Kakinada (North A.P.) coast on 13th.Tracking W/NW towards North Konkan, and passing thru Telengana, Marathwada, Madhya Maharashtra and N.Konkan.

Possible re-emerge as a Low pressure in the Arabian Sea off North Konkan by 15th.

Rainfall creeping into Saurashtra from 15th October. Intensity of Saurahtra rains will be monitored as the System re emerges in the Arabian Sea. As on today, the possible track is N/W from North Konkan.

Moderate rainfall, (20-30 mms per day) will be seen in Surat/Valsad and Bharuch from Thursday 15th for 2/3 days.

Aurangabad Region: Good Thundershowers of around 20-30 millimeters per day on 13th and 14th October. Heavy rainfall in Southern parts of Marathwada.

Pune: Showers on 13th Tuesday and increasing showers on 14th, maybe around 100 mms combined.

Mumbai: Reactivated Monsoon: Commencing from Tuesday Night into Wednesday. Monsoon atmosphere with  Persistent Showers on Wednesday 14th and 15th Thursday, some  heavy at times, (Wed/Thu around 30-50 mms per day)

Goa getting moderate showers since 12th..will continue for the next 2/3 days at 20-30 mms/day.

Jabalpur: Sharp showers expected in Jabalpur from 15th for 2 days.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Posted 11th Sunday Afternoon:

BB-10 has become a Depression at 15N and moving inland as a Deep Depression.

Tracking West thru A.P/Telengana/Marathwada...1th thru 14th.

Heavy falls for Marathwada, Telangana, A.P and N.I. Karnataka.

Squally winds off Coastal A.P. and Odisha.

Mumbai/Pune: Wet week ahead. Monsoon re-grouping from Mid Week...good rains expected to increase from Tuesday onwards.

Pune: Very heavy rains on 14th/15th..100 mms ?

Aurangabad/Jalgaon: Rainfall expected to increase through next week. Around 15-25 millimetres  per day.

Goa: Wet week with moderate rains 10-20 mms/day and more later in the week.

Jabalpur: Showers on Sunday 11th and Monday 12th..about 15-20 mms/day. Light showers on Tuesday 13th/Wednesday 14th.


Saturday, October 10, 2020

What is the foehn effect?

For those Really Interested in Windward and Leeward winds..See Fohn Effect on Weather Knowledge -19

See Video here and details on Page..Must study for learning meteorology details.

Friday, October 09, 2020

 World Weather News page Updated

Posted 9th October 1 pm IST:

BB-10 has formed at around 15N , a Low Pressure Area. Likely to intensify to Depression and move W/NW towards Odisha coast.

The Monsoon withdrawal line will now be stationary for a few days.

Forecast given in 8th post..

Special Forecast :Jabalpur: Monsoon withdrawal will not be happening before 15th/16th. Next 4/5 days will see chances of showers in parts of city.

Scattered rain upto 5-7 mms/day.

More showers from 13th/14th October as BB-10 crosses inland.




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Thursday, October 08, 2020

Posted 8th October: 1 pm IST:

Weather for Marathwada Farmers: Aurangabad Region: Not much rain this weekend that is Friday to Monday. Increase and more rains from Wednesday 14th. Caution: Rainfall increasing in Marathwada from 13th for 2/3 days.

Jalgaon: Dry next 4 days.. Rains expected from Wednesday 14th.

BB-10 will bring good rains in Interior Maharashtra from 13th - 16th October. Specially in Vidharbh and to an extent in South Madhya Mah. and Marathwada.

Another system, BB-11 expected in NE Bay , to form at 95E and 15N around 14th October. Expected to head towards Odisha.

Kolkata: Few Moderate showers to continue. Rainfall expected to increase from 16th October (BB-11)

Nagpur/Akola: Moderate rains continue this weekend with around 5-15 mms /day. Increase from Tuesday 13th October.

New  Delhi: Monsoon Withdrawn. Warmer days with nights getting the nip.

Mumbai: FAQ: Is the Monsoon over ? The answer: No.
No meaningful rain this weekend, that is 9th-12th. Some thunder showers expected around next mid -week ( 14th/15th).

Pune: Light drizzles this weekend and warm day..nights around 19/20c. More rains expected next week from 14th Wednesday.

Goa: Very light rains this weekend, but more rainfall expected (to increase) from Monday 12th.

Monday, October 05, 2020

Posted 5th October afternoon:

Weather for Marathwada: This week Monday 5th -Friday 9th will be sunny and very light rains in some parts. Almost dry. Some rain could be expected on Saturday 10th..but will inform the latest.

South West Monsoon Withdrawal:

The Monsoon  withdrawal in Interior Maharashtra will linger till 10th..\

A Low pressure (BB-10) is expected to form in the Bay around approximately 90E and 17N...and Move towards Odisha Coast.

Mumbai & Pune : Monday 5th thru Thursday 8th will be sunny with few sporadic light rains in some parts. Almost no meaningful rains. 

Mumbai Lakes;

  • 98.98%
    Combined live storage across all lakes compared to 99.04% same time last year. 1,432,661 million litres - Live storage as at 6 am 30 Sep 2020. [Annual requirement: 1,447,363 million litres, Total capacity: 1,778,000 million litres]
  • 12 Months
    Number of days of supply left in all lakes combined (@ 3,800 million litres BMC supplies to city each day).

Light to moderate showers expected to continue in Goa this week.

This week no rains expected in Saurashtra and South Gujarat as the Monsoon withdrawal starts.

Kolkata can expect one or two spells of rain showers, maybe with thunder during the coming week till 10th October. We will monitor the progress of BB-10 and keep blog  informed about the Monsoon withdrawal, which is expected by next week.

Sunday, October 04, 2020

Posted on 4th October morning:

Thunderstorm rains in MMR and surrounding regions ending at 8:30am on 04/10/2020:



3.Chembur Naka:99mms






9.Ram Mandir:86mms






15.Dadar(Pvt Reading):62mms

16.Mira Road:62mms

17.IIT Powai:60mms

18.Chirak Nagar:59mms









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