Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Posted Tuesday Night:

The Mumbai Rain fury is over....much reduced rains on Wednesday , and amount may not exceed even 30-45 mms. Winds may continue. Thursday will be partly cloudy and brighter.

Surat: A few sharp showers could be expected on Wednesday.
Heavy thunder showers expected in Saurashtra on Wednesday..Rajkot may reach 100 mms.

Karachi: Gear up for some heavy thunder  showers from Wednesday...increasing on Thursday...City can expect 80-90 mms next 3 days.

After the passing of BB-8 system, we may see the Withdrawal signs from the Sindh Pakistan and Western Rajasthan regions. We may see the development of the initial formation of an  anti cyclone and changes in the jet streams commencing from 3rd/4th September.

Posted Tuesday Evening:
BB-8 , which formed in the Bay, now lies as a Well Marked Low ( 996 mb) entrenched in a small East West trough (998mb)  around North Maharashtra/Adjoining MP. 

We had mentioned of its deepening possibility over Land, which it will and track as mentioned towards Kutch. 
Heavy rains expected in Western parts of Saurashtra and Kutch and parts of Coastal Sindh from Wednesday.

Meanwhile very heavy rains lashed Mumbai as a result of a SW inflow towards deepening system. With strong winds as predicted, Scruz got 316  mms rain till 8.30 pm in 12 hrs.
Other gauges in Mumbai saw this 12 hrs rainfall on Tuesday: Dadar (Salil) 325 mms,  SCruz 316  mms, Milan Subway 290 mms, Kings Circle 278 mms,  Andheri 275 mms, Bhandup 232 mms, Goregaon 212 mms, Borivali 187 mms, Mumbai Central 175 mms,  CST 143 mms, Colaba(AWS) 104 mms.

to continue....
Dadar (Salil ) measures 165 mms in 5 hrs from 8.30 am Tuesday.

some overnight rains in Mumbai till 8.30 am 24 hrs: Afghan Church Colaba 165 mms, CST 160 mms, Colaba IMD 152 mms, Mantralaya 138 mms, Bhandup 126 mms, Mulund East 114 mms, Ghatkopar 113 mms, King's Circel 95 mms, Matunga 95 mms, Scruz IMD 88 mms,

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Posted Monday Night:

There was substantial increase in rainfall in Mumbai on Monday. Though varied, it was extremely heavy and more  widespread in South and Central Mumbai. During the previous (Sunday night), Colaba recorded 60 mms each. 
During the day (Monday), Colaba recorded 125 mms from 8.30 am  - 8.30 pm and Scruz recorded 33 mms in the same time frame. In the same period, Rainfall of some Mumbai gauges in 12 hrs Monday: Municipal Office measured 113 mms, Vagaries' station at Mahalaxmi (Central Mumbai) recorded 105 mms, NanaChowk 69 mms, Vikhroli 51 mms, Matunga 52 mms. (Vagaries had estimated 70-90 mms).
Mumbai will get frequent and intermittent heavy showers on Tuesday also. Very windy conditions likely during showers. Amount may be same as Monday, may vary in different areas of city. Rainfall decreasing from Tuesday night.

Surat recorded a heavy rainfall of 108 mms on Monday (Day time 12 hrs)..(more than our expectations of 65 mms.) Bhavnagar 63 mms and Valsad measured 36 mms. Surat will see less rains on Tuesday, though there will be occasional rain showers on Tuesday. Quantum will be less than Monday.

Indore measured 47 mms of rain as on Monday morning...a few showers upto 20 mms for Tuesday. Raisen  recorded 77 mms.

As we mentioned, the system re- emerges in the Arabian Sea and tracks NW towards Kutch and Southern/coastal Sindh. 
We can expect thunder showers in Southern Sindh and Karachi. Karachi: Wednesday will see thunder showers and possible showers continuing into Thursday. On Wednesday/Thursday and Friday, Karachi may get an accumulated 55-70 mms.

Posted Sunday Night:

Mumbai will see an increase in rainfall on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th. Frequent intermittent showers, heavy, will make it a rainy day, cool and windy. Would expect around 70-90 mms per day. Very windy on Tuesday.

Heavy and very frequent rains for the Roha - Nagothane region on Monday and Tuesday

Pune will see a cold and rainy day on Monday and Tuesday. Day's high will be 23/24c, with around 20-25 mms per day.

Surat will see frequent showers, some heavy next 2 days. Around 45-65 mms per day could be expected. Maybe accompanied with thunder.

Posted Sunday 27th Evening:

As mentioned, the "pulse" from the system BB-8 (Low) has travelled West, and is embedded in an elongated trough (East-West) from South M.P. to Eastern parts of Gujarat. This is the region we see heavy rainfall occurring. Heavy rainfall and thunder showers in South MP and Eastern Gujarat regions.

The Pulse will move West in 24 hrs...Seems could move towards Mumbai/South Gujarat...next update on Sunday night 11.30 pm IST.

Friday, August 25, 2017

The Moon's Shadow on the Earth's Surface as seen from Space

During the Great American Solar Eclipse on August 21st, the students of Earth to Sky Calculus and Spaceweather.com launched 11 high-altitude balloons from 5 states in the path of totality. "We hoped to catch the Moon's shadow sweeping across the landscape from a vantage point in the stratosphere--and we succeeded." These pictures show the inky-black shadow of the Moon darkening a 70 mile-wide patch of Wyoming/Nebraska:

The camera, a Panasonic GH4, belonged to professional photographer Josh Stansfield. He helped students launch the balloon from Ft. Laramie, Wyoming, and later processed these unique images after the payload was recovered from its landing site in Nebraska.


Mumbai Colaba recorded 31 mms and Scruz 83 mms till 8.30 pm IST on Friday 25th..so 57 mms between the 2 stations .

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Posted Thursday Night:

Seems possibly a wet weekend with heavy showers for West M.P, adjoining NW Maharashtra and adjoining Eastern Gujarat.
BB-8 could form in the North West Bay by 26th. Can track Westwards, and later strengthen on land. Could be heading towards Gujarat as a Well Marked Low.

Mumbai: The short dry spell will end on Friday with moderate rains. Friday may see frequent showers, some heavy with around 40-50 mms rains (between the 2 stations). Saturday & Sunday will continue to get frequent intermittent showers, some heavy in Mumbai.
Pune: Weekend will be partly cloudy with light rains in some parts of Pune. A few scattered moderate showers on Sunday.
Roha and surrounding areas may see moderate to heavy showers on Friday ( 45-65 mms).Rain intensity may decrease on Saturday and Sunday, but frequent heavy showers continue.

Indore: Frequent rains for a slightly wet weekend.
Ahmadabad: Heavy thunder showers/showers likely on Saturday/Sunday.
Surat will see some frequent showers on Friday and Saturday.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Posted Wednesday 23rd Night:

A new Low, BB-8, is expected to form off North A.P./Odisha coast in the Bay around the 26th. 
Monsoon Axis likely to assist the Low to merge. BB-8, seems as of now, will strengthen (on land)in the trough and cross the Indian mainland moving West on crossing the coast. 
If things shape up, then i would not rule out good rains in Gujarat after 28th.... Possible, it seems now, that the strengthened BB-8 could re-emerge in the Arabian Sea off Gujarat. 

No meaningful increase in rains in Delhi this weekend. Maybe the stray thunder shower in some parts...for the North West region development, we shall observe the cloud spread from BB-8.
We wait and see the exact track...and also to see if there is any rains for Sindh from BB-8.

More of this will be clear in 2 days ....so no commitment today !

Mumbai: After a hot 3 days break in rains, Mumbai will see increase in rainfall from Friday 25th. Starting Friday, Mumbai will see a moderately wet weekend with daily rains of about 30-45 mms.

Weekend Posting tomorrow ( Thursday).

Monday, August 21, 2017

Cold Western Maharashtra on 20th and 21st August:

Many places recorded lowest August max and min temps of past 10 years 

Because of clouding in the western quadrant of the low pressure BB-7, which was situated over Vidarbha yesterday, western Maharashtra was cold and rainy ..The low proved of ample help to the Marathwada region which received rains after 2 months ..

•Mahabaleshwar (Ghats) 18 c /13.5 c
•Osmanabad (Marathwada) 22 / 14
•Nagar (Madhya Maharashtra) 20 / 17
•Badlapur (North Konkan) 24 / 20

(click on the map below)

(Badlapur readings recorded by Abhijit)

Sunday, August 20, 2017

System moving NW and precipitation heading towards South Gujarat coast and Eastern Gujarat & Eastern Saurashtra

Scruz records 101 mms and Colaba 58 mms in 12 hrs ended 8.30 pm Sunday.
Pune cool at 19.4c at 8.30 pm Sunday.

Rains and cold day in Western Maharashtra (including Mumbai ) on sunday.
Readings from 8.30 am - 5.30 pm IST Sunday:
Mumbai Colaba : Max temp   26.4c and 43 mms  
Scruz                                       25.6c        86 mms....Lowest Max temp in 10 years (August)
Ahmadnagar                             20.2c         112 mms
Pune                                          22.1c          43 mms...19.9c at 5.30 pm
Pune AP                                    21.8c          50 mms
Nasik                                         23.1c            9 mms
Mahableshwar                          18.1c            22 mms  ....15.6c at 5.30 pm     
Matheran                                   23.0c         105 mms
Rabale                                                           91 mms
Badlapur                                    24.4c           94 mms
Parbhani                                     23.9c           51 mms

Aurangabad                               24.0c           35 mms

Posted Sunday 20th August Evening:
BB-7 deepens in Maharashtra...
The drought prone Marathwada region of Maharashtra received the much needed rains from BB-7. As we expected, sorry, much more than we expected ! ..
Some rainfall amounts as on Sunday morning ended 24 hrs from Marathwada: Pimpalgaon ( Nanded) 230 mms, Nanded 207 mms, Dharmabad ( Nanded) 182  mms Osmanabad 151 mms, Latur 150 mms,  Parbhani 97 mms, Udgir 95 mms.(Thanks Abhijit)
As Abhijit says, Marathwada has received a Relief Package !

Kuntala in Telengana measured 280 mms. 

On Saturday, Regions of Navi Mumbai too received good rains: Vashi 123 mms, Airoli 97 mms, Belapur 83 mms, Ulve 82 mms, Khargar 76 mms and Nerul 73 mms.

As on Saturday Thane total rainfall is 2261 mms  (2603mms last year).

Mumbai Lakes received good rains this year as compared to last year:
                                    2017                 2016
Modak Sagar              2389 mms ...  2354 mms
Tansa                          2217 mms...   2055 mms
Up Vaitarna                2674 mms...   2132 mms
Mid Vaitarna              2362 mms...    2234 mms
Bhatsa                        2324 mms...    1956 mms.
Our Vagarian Jayesh Mehta informs us : Lakes show a Storage of 1330 Mcum against total full capacity of 1447 Mcum. 93% full.
@ 3.8 Mcum daily usage, Mumbai has stored water for 350 days..upto 5th August 2018.

Rains continue in Western Maharashtra on Sunday...more details coming here today....stay tuned

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Posted Saturday Night:

Mumbai: Sunday will be cloudy with frequent showers, some heavy. Rainy atmosphere..with cooler days.  Intensity and frequency will increase from evening. 
Monday will also see frequent and intermittent rains. Again, heavy showers and persisting (maybe with thunder) in many parts of city.

Pune: Sunday: Overcast/Rainy day with the day not exceeding 24c. 
Monday will also be overcast in the day with cool weather. Frequent light to moderate rains.

Ahmadabad: Gradually increasing rainfall from Saturdayday night thru Monday. North Gujarat will see moderate to heavy showers in many places on Saturday night and Sunday. Decrease from Monday evening.
Ernakulam region will get the passing showers next 2 days with rains averaging around 20-30 mms/day. 
Erode region will not see any significant increase.

No major rainfall in the Sindh region. Very light drizzle likely on Monday in Southern Sindh and Karachi.

Posted Saturday Evening:
BB-7 wants to beat Vagaries at its forecast and advanced itself by a day !

Mumbai: We expected it on Sunday. it commenced on Saturday...Some Northern parts of Mumbai had heavy showers on Saturday. However, the rains were less in Central and Southern Mumbai.

For example, SantaCruz received 40 mms from 8.30 am-5.30 pm while Colaba observatory measured 10 mms in the same period. Around , Rabale (New Mumbai) measured 25 mms ( seemed like > 100 mms to residents there). So, between the two observatories, the average was 25 mms for Mumbai, more than what Vagaries had expected for Sunday also.
Abhijit  provides  some extreme rainfall for the same period in Mumbai's North-West and Northern regions: Ghatkopar 119 mms, Bhandup 113 mms, Vikhroli 94 mms,  Kurla 60 mms. 

Pune saw a high of 25c and Nasik 25.4c on Saturday. Sunday will be cooler.

Meanwhile, on Saturday 19th, good rainfall occurred in Vidharbh as expected...Chandrapur got 45 mms, Amravati 27 mms , Yeotmal 25 mms and Buldana 23 mms. 

Coolest day in the State was at Mahableshwar where the day's high was 19.1c and Buldana where the high was 23.7c.

Rains also arrived in some areas of  New Delhi a day in advance...with S'Jung measuring 23 mms on Friday , and the thus saving the day from going extreme, as it stayed at 29.6c.

Hyderabad saw a high of 25.7c with 6 mms of rain till 5.30 pm Saturday.
Indore received showers measuring 31 mms overnight rains.

Mumbai, Pune and other forecasts coming up tonight at 11 pm IST...will try to give forecast of city on request.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Posted Thursday Night:

A UAC has formed off the Odisha coast, and the expected Low pressure, BB-7,  ( as estimated in  post of  13th Night  ) is likely to form there by 19th August.
We can expect the Monsoon axis to slide Southwards in the next 24 hrs. The BB-7, will then track along the Telengana/Vidharbh/North Maharashtra route from the 19th onwards.

Meanwhile heavy rains expected in Odisha and Telengana on 18th and in Telengana and adjoining Vidharbh on 19th/20th. Akola region can expect Good showers upto 20-25 mms/day on Saturday and Sunday
The much needed rainfall to Marathwada will occur on 20th . Heavy showers expected on Sunday and Monday in the region including Aurangabad. Cool day expected in Aurangabad on 20th.
The system gains a bit, and tracks across West M.P. and Northern Gujarat after 20th.

A bit early to say, but it seems the South West Monsoon withdrawal from the Western region and NW region will start earlier than normal date this year.

Weekend Estimate:
Mumbai: Weekend will be partly cloudy, with warm/hot days around 32c. Expect some sharp showers in some areas on Sunday. Rainfall maybe around 10-12 mms on Sunday. 
Outer townships around Panvel may get some heavy showers ( Maybe thunder) on Sunday.

Hyderabad will get showers, some heavy on Saturday and Sunday. Very cool days expected.
Delhi NCR: Days will get hotter by a couple of degrees on Friday/Saturday. Expected to be around 38/39c. Very warm nights...The isolated thunder shower likely on Sunday.
Jabalpur can expect thunder showers this weekend. Expecting some moderate showers. Jabalpur has received 689 mms of rain this season till 17th August. This is 113 mms short of normal. (14% deficit).
Good rainfall expected in Indore after Saturday for 2 days.
Weekend almost dry in Saurashtra.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bangalore gets freedom from seasonal deficit in just single day on our Independence Day !

Happy Independence day and Happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami/Dahi Handi to all Vagarians

Bangalore's actual seasonal rain was less and deficit in mms was more this was the story till yesterday !! As Bangalore recorded 129mm seasonal rain since 01-06-2017 till 14-08-2017 so deficit was standing on -133mm which was below normal from departure ! And almost same was with Bangalore HAL as recorded 116 mms seasonal rain since 01-06-2017 till 14-08-2017 so deficit was standing on -111mm

But Independence Day started with Massive Rains overnight so all the seasonal deficit got wiped out in just span of 3-4hrs Thunderstorm rain !

Bangalore HAL recorded 144 mms & Bangalore city 129 mms rainfall ending 8.30am today on 15-08-2017.

Not only seasonal deficit got wiped out but Bangalore HAL Airport broken it's previous 103 mm highest rainfall record in 24 hrs for Aug month which was set on 12-08-1996 by setting new record of 144 mms in 24hrs today !

Also Blore city August total so far stands at 174mm till today against the normal 147mm ! So above of normal Aug avg in first half of month itself.

Bangalore Urban Dist rainfall in below map which clearly shows very heavy to moderate rainfall was well distributed over the region:

Back to home, Mumbai MMR in N.Konkan which is in break SWM period from past 15 days,sees an sudden surge of rainfall yesterday which proved one of the best widespread rain spell of August 2017 till today as with many stations scoring half centuries & also registering century in twin city of Kalyan-Dombivli. Below Map of Rainfall:

Click on both links for video: Badlapur 50mm in 1hr starting of spell in form of time-lapse(14-08-2017)
                                              Time lapse of clouds rolling(15-08-2017)

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Posted Sunday 13th Night:
Mumbai: Mumbai received a few showers on Sunday, around 10 mms in various places (till posting this).
Monday thru Wednesday will be partly cloudy, with few spotty medium to heavy showers, in parts of the city. Rains may not exceed 10 mms /day.

Pune: Monday thru Wednesday: Partly cloudy and light rains possible in parts of Pune. Day night range will be between 29c and 22c.

All Dams Maharashtra Water Storage Position as on 12th August:

The levels of ALL Dams combined  %  of the full Storage. ( Brackets is storage % on date last year).
Marathwada       26%  (25%).
Pune Region:     78% (86%). 
Nasik Region:    57% (60%)
Konkan               88% (89%).

Maharashtra whole   53% (63%)

A Low pressure may form in the Bay around the 18th/19th August.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Posted Saturday Evening:

With the Monsoon Axis stuck in the Himalayan Foothills, the heavy rains in G.West Bengal and Bihar have started...and Pradeep provides us the latest rain amounts
Rainfall in mm ending 8.30 am in West Bengal on 12.08.2017
Hasimara - 478, Buxaduar - 445
Barobhisha -­ 440 , Alipurduar­ - 390, Chepan­ - 320
NH ­31 - 295 , Jalpaiguri­ - 295, Domohani­ - 250 
Diana - 230, , Coochbehar­ - 233, Murti - ­200 
Mathabhanga­ - 190, Dumka­ - 185, Neora­ - 170 
Sevoke - 150 , Gazoldoba­ - 140 , Nagrakata - 120 
Mohanpur - ­120 , Bagdogra­ - 105 , Bankura­ - 104, Malda - 102

In Assam no signs of floods coming down with Gossaigaon recording 371 mm.
Bihar too in the foothills are getting heavy rains with Bahadurganj recording 324 mm, Taibpur 315 mm and Forbesganj 295 mm.( From PJ)

Cherrapunji recorded 295.6 mm rainfall on Friday and crossed 5000 mm seasonal rainfall mark.
Seasonal rainfall: 5208 mm (Friday 11th)
Annual rainfall: 8740 mm (Friday 11th).
(From Shivkumar Mogal)

New Weather Phenomena: Space Lightning:
As the rest of India is comparatively silent, i take this opportunity to provide readers with this  an unusual (newly found in 2001) weather phenomena called "Space Lightning". The Gemini cloudcam atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii monitor storms approaching some of the world's largest telescopes. It often captures bright bolts of lightning lancing down to the ground This time the cameras caught lightning lancing upwards ! 
It was not until 2001-2002 that Gigantic Jets were first recorded from Puerto Rico and Taiwan." Only a few dozen Gigantic Jets have ever been seen, mostly over open ocean.
A rare footage of Gigantic Jets leaping up from a powerful thunderstorm. The strange-looking bolts reached toward the edge of space.
Cloudcam video caught at least three of these jets springing from the tops of a powerful growing thunderstorm. The tallest of them reached all the way to the ionosphere some 80 km overhead.

Sometimes called "space lightning," Gigantic Jets and their cousins the sprites are true space weather phenomena. They inhabit the upper atmosphere alongside auroras, meteors and noctilucent clouds. Some researchers believe they are linked to cosmic rays: subatomic particles from deep space striking the top of Earth's atmosphere produce secondary electrons that could, in turn, provide the spark for these upward bolts.

The link to cosmic rays is particularly interesting at this time. For the past two years, space weather balloons have observed a steady increase in deep space radiation penetrating our atmosphere. This increase is largely due to the decline in the solar cycle. Flagging solar wind pressure and weakening sunspot magnetic fields allow more cosmic rays into the inner solar system--a trend which is expected to continue for for years to come. These changes could add up to more Gigantic Jets in the future. 
Article courtesy Spaceweather.com. Excerpts from spaceweather .com. More on this here.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Posted 11th August Night:

The Monsoon axis runs very close to the Himalayan Foothills. Hence, very heavy rainfall is expected in Eastern Nepal, Sikkim and Sub Himalayan West Bengal. Heavy rains likely at few places in East U.P, Bihar and Jharkhand.
Expecting the next low in the Bay around 18/19th of August.

Saturday: The break monsoon conditions will be felt as the day temperature records 32c. Partly cloudy skies with a few passing showers. Not much accumulation of rain above 7-10 mms.
Sunday: Partly cloudy with thunder cells developing in the eastern sky. A sharp shower possible in some parts of city by afternoon or evening. Some heavy showers in many areas of city. 20-30 mms possible.
Eastern Outer township also can get the singular thunder cell precipitating rains, maybe heavy.
Monday: Cloudy skies with few showers. Again, thundery developments possible in East. Upto 15-20 mms rain possible.

Not much rains and a Warm Weekend for Delhi NCR, with the day touching 37c possibly.
Kolkata: Estimate till Monday: Heavy showers expected in parts of city on Saturday.

Monsoon Contest: As explained earlier, there was a tie (Equal Scores).
The Super 6 are - Salil Kawli , Ronnie , Navdeep Dahiya , Shitij , Ankit Patel and  Vinod Desai 

Hence, a tie breaker is organised between the above 6 contestants only, for the final result  to emerge ..

All the contestants except Ankit Patel has filled and submitted their "Tie Breaker" Entries.

Hence Ankit has forfeited his entry.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

FORECAST - The monsoon will be weak over West India including Mumbai for the next 3 days .. Absence of significant rains will cause warm and humid conditions at Mumbai (32 c / 27 c) ..
# Refer the previous post for Monsoon contest results


Friday, August 04, 2017

Image result for tie break cartoons

 ( JUNE / JULY 2017 ) RESULTS ..

Well played all..
In a nail biting contest , there has been a tie between 6 contestants ( 2 points each ) !!

The Super 6 are - Salil Kawli , Ronnie , Navdeep Dahiya , Shitij , Ankit Patel and  Vinod Desai

Hence, a tie breaker will be organized between the above 6 contestants only, for toppers to emerge ..
They have to predict the total rainfall quantum during the period 1 June to 31 August 2017 , for the below mentioned stations by Monday 7th August 2017 (All other rules remain same as previous.. refer the contest page for details) ..

I. CITY RAINFALL EXPECTED during 1 June to 31 August 2017  ( 2 points for 25 mms and 1 point for 50 mms range )

1. Mumbai SCZ
2. Delhi Palam
3. Ahmadabad
4. Chennai AP

II .  HEAVY RAINFALL STATIONS during 1 June to 31 August 2017  ( 2 points for 50 mms and 1 point for 100 mms range )

1. Cherrapunji
2. Mahabaleshwar
3. Agumbe

So, Salil Kawli , Ronnie , Navdeep Dahiya , Shitij , Ankit Patel and  Vinod Desai please put your entries on the contest page only , mentioning # tie breaker # by Monday 7th August 2017


Tuesday, August 01, 2017

MONSOON REPORT (01-6-2017 TO 31-7-2017)    
TOTAL ALL INDIA RAINFALL (as on 31-7-2017)   460.20
SEASON +/-   1.63%
TO ACHIEVE BY 30TH SEPTEMBER          required rainfall per day------->      mm
MINIMUM                              700   mm   3.93
AVERAGE                                890   mm   7.05
MAXIMUM                          1100   mm   10.49
HIGHEST RAINFALL DAY THIS SEASON                          24th JULY 14.7 mm
LOWEST RAINFALL DAY THIS SEASON                            5th   JUNE 1.2 mm
KONKAN & GOA   1092.50
JHARKHAND   489.40
N. I. KARNATAKA   77.30
HAR. CHD & DELHI   69.20
TOP FIVE SUBDIVISIONS ABOVE NORMAL (1-6-2017 to 31-7-2017)           Actual (mm)   
WEST RAJASTHAN                                                                                                                         301.6 127.00%
SAURASHTRA & KUTCH                                                                                                               451 64.00%
GUJARAT REGION                                                                                                                         749.1 59.00%
EAST RAJASTHAN                                                                                                                          382.4 33.00%
JAMMU & KASHMIR                                                                                                                    336.9 31.00%
BOTTOM FIVE SUBDIVISIONS BELOW NORMAL (1-6-2017 to 31-7-2017)  Actual (mm)  
WEST UTTAR PRADESH                                                                                                                260.7 -21.00%
TAMILNADU & PONDICHERY                                                                                                       89.9 -21.00%
ARUNACHAL PRADESH                                                                                                                811.6 -22.00%
KERALA                                                                                                                                             959.5 -30.00%
S. I. KARNATAKA                                                                                                                            235.2 -34.00%
SIROHI (rajasthan)   1568.5
EAST KHASI HILLS (meghalaya)   1435.7
DADAR & NAGAR HAVELI (union territory)   1295.6
VALSAD (gujarat)   1278
RAIGARH (maharashtra)   1256.8
PALGHAR (maharashtra)   1235
UDUPI (karnataka)   1153.2
THANE (maharashtra)   1151
RATNAGIRI (maharashtra)   1092.9
LUNGLEI (mizoram)   1078
PERAMBALUR (tamil nadu)   12.5
FIROZPUR (punjab)   12.3
ERODE (tamil nadu)   12.3
DINDIGUL (tamil nadu)   10
TIRUPPUR (tamil nadu)   9.4
YAMUNANAGAR (harayana)   6.9
LEH AND LADAKH (Jammu & kashmir)   6.2
TIRUNELVELI (tamil nadu)   5.3
TUTICORIN (tamil nadu)   1.9
SAIHA (mizoram)   0
TOP TEN DISTRICTS ABOVE NORMAL (1-6-2017 TO 31-7-2017)                Actual (mm)  
JALOR (rajasthan)                                                                                                                          840.8 330.00%
SIROHI (rajasthan)                                                                                                                      1655.9 310.00%
BANASKANTHA (gujarat)                                                                                                          1016.6 259.00%
BARMER (rajasthan)                                                                                                                     414.6 257.00%
PALI (rajasthan)                                                                                                                             662.4 202.00%
PATAN (gujarat)                                                                                                                             792.7 201.00%
GANDHINAGAR (gujarat)                                                                                                            960.1 172.00%
MORBI (gujarat)                                                                                                                              738 165.00%
JAISELMER (rajasthan)                                                                                                                 204.9 160.00%
SURENDRANAGAR (gujarat)                                                                                                      683.2 160.00%
BOTTOM TEN DISTRICTS BELOW NORMAL (1-6-2017 TO 31-7-2017)                        Actual (mm)  
DHARAMPURI (tamil nadu)                                                                                                          42.5 -68.00%
CHAMARAJANAGAR (karnataka)                                                                                                36.6 -72.00%
PANCHKULA (harayana)                                                                                                               117 -73.00%
FIROZPUR (punjab)                                                                                                                         39.5 -75.00%
SENAPATI (manipur)                                                                                                                        170 -77.00%
THOUBAL (manipur)                                                                                                                        102 -80.00%
SAIHA (mizoram)                                                                                                                             154 -81.00%
DIBANG VALLEY (arunachal pradesh)                                                                                       106 -84.00%
TUTICORIN (tamil nadu)                                                                                                                 3.1 -87.00%
TAWANG (arunachal pradesh)                                                                                                     149 -89.00%
TOTAL ABOVE AVERAGE DAYS (1-6-2017 to 31-7-2017)      37 (61%)
TOTAL BELOW AVERAGE DAYS (1-6-2017 to 31-7-2017)      24 (39%)
source: IMD

  Posted 13th Night: Outlook for Sunday 14th to Wednesday 17th: An off shore trough along the West Coast is expected to bring good rainfall ...