Wednesday, January 31, 2018

West Coast got baked with dry heat due to easterlies triggered by HPA sitting over West India.

Mumbai & Ratnagiri in spite being a coastal place, sees just 13% humidity in afternoon time !

Some max temp from the region below for today dated 31st Jan 2018:

Mangalore & Punalur 36.6°C
Ratnagiri & Karwar 36.2°C (4c above normal temp for this time of year)
Mumbai(Colaba) & Mangalore AP 36.0°C
Alibaug 35.8°C (7c above normal temp for this time of year)
Mumbai(Santacruz) 35.8°C (5c above normal temp for this time of year)
Surat & Vengurla 35.6°C
Harnai 35.5°C (7c above normal temp for this time of year)
Dahanu 35.4°C (Today’s Dahanu max equals with the all-time highest record for Jan which was recorded on 17th Jan 1967)
Panaji 35.3°C
Cochin Nedumbassery AP 35.2°C
Honavar 35.0°C

With clear sky and dry weather there is also heat escape in atmosphere by night, so this creates huge difference between min & max temp!

Here are some max & min temp difference below for today dated 31st Jan 2018:

Karjat(AWS) 35.2c/12.2c.. Temp Difference of 23°C
Palghar(AWS) 35.3c/13.7c.. Temp Difference of 21.6°C
Nashik 31c/9.4c.. Temp Difference of 21.6°C
Vengurla 35.6c/14.3c..Temp Difference of 21.3°C
Pune 30.3c/9.6c.. Temp Difference of 20.7°C
Badlapur(private reading) 34.1c/13.5c.. Temp Difference of 20.6°C
Mumbai 35.8c/16.4c.. Temp Difference of 19.4°C
Surat 35.6c/16.4c.. Temp Difference of 19.2°C
Dahanu 35.4c/17.8c.. Temp Difference of 17.6°C
Alibaug 35.8c/18.4c.. Temp Difference of 17.4°C

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Total Lunar Eclipse on 31st January...Mumbai Viewing/Timing Details...
Click on Link for Count Down to Mumbai Event....
                                                                 Mumbai Timings

On January 31, 2018, the Moon will turn a shade of red in many parts of the World as the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon, casting its shadow on the Moon's surface.
The Moon does not have any light of its own—it shines because its surface reflects sunlight. During a total lunar eclipse, the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon and cuts off the Moon's light supply. When this happens, the surface of the Moon takes on a reddish glow instead of going completely dark.The reason why the Moon takes on a reddish colour during totality is a phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering. It is the same mechanism responsible for causing colourful sunrises and sunsets and the sky to look blue.
The red colour of a totally eclipsed Moon has prompted many people in recent years to refer to total lunar eclipses as Blood Moons.

If you look really hard right at the beginning and just before the end of totality, you may detect a light blue or turquoise band on the Moon's face (see image). This happens because the Earth's Ozone layer scatters red light and lets through some of the blue light that is otherwise filtered out by other layers of the atmosphere.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Posted 29th January:


New Find:....

Newest Cloud Types Seen in the Pacific Northwest

In  March 2017, an updated International Cloud Atlas was released and several new clouds were added.

One new cloud is Asperitas, characterized by a complex wave-like base.   This week (January 17th), James Dearman sent me this wonderful shot of an Asperitas cloud that he took near Vancouver, Washington (see below).

Pretty amazing cloud, with undulations looking like a sea surface turned upside down.

Here is another example from Virginia:

These clouds result from wave-like motions in the atmosphere that distort a pre-existing cloud deck.   Such waves can be initiated by fronts, thunderstorms, or some other type of atmospheric disturbance.  Generally no precipitation or severe weather with these clouds--but they do look scary.

Folks normally don't think about it, but the atmosphere is full of waves.    Generally, the atmosphere is stable, meaning if you push an air parcel upward, it will want to return to where it started.  But like a swing set, the air parcel tends to overshoot and goes into an oscillation.  A pendulum is another example.

Another new cloud is one we have talked about in this blog:  Cavum, or the hole punch cloud (see below).   These "holes" are produced when an aircraft goes through a cloud made of supercooled water (liquid water below freezing).  The passage of the aircraft through the cloud causes a transition to ice crystals, which subsequently fall out, leaving a hole.

Article Direct from Cliff Mass Weather Blog

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Niphad (Nasik district) has recorded lowest min temp in the state today @ 4.8 c .
North interior Maharashtra experienced sunny,crisp,extremely dry days at 29 c (hum 20%) and chilly nights at 8 c .
The Konkan coast experienced fine,sunny,crisp,dry days at 30 c (hum 30 %) and cool nights at 15 c .
North interior Konkan(Palghar / Thane dist) was in 31 c to 10 c range
In Mumbai region , lowest min temp was recorded at Palghar @ 11.4 c .

(Thanks to Shivkumar for Niphad temp )

Friday, January 19, 2018

Posted 19th January 2018 Night:

U.S. News :
Snow in all 50 states
Snowfall accumulations as far south as the Gulf Coast!

Yesterday morning, all 50 states and 52.3 percent of the country were covered in snow.

To have snow on the ground in all 50 states – at the same time – is fairly rare. The last time that happened was on February 12th, 2010.

A little known fact about Hawaii is that it often snows. Of course, that is always on the Big Island's Mauna Kea volcanic peak. Typically, the hardest state to get accumulating snowfall is Florida. This season has already featured three snowfall events in northern Florida!
Earlier this week, we reported that Russia's remote Yakutia region dropped to minus 88.6 F , -67c. Since then, many questions have come about wondering the coldest temperatures ever recorded in the United States.

When it comes to the coldest temperature ever recorded in the United States, as expected, Alaska takes the crown. The mercury plummeted to -80F, -62.2c,   on January 23, 1971 in Prospect Creek in central Alaska, north of Fairbanks.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Posted Thursday 18th January Night:

Dry weather expected in the India/Pakistan region till 22nd January.
Delhi NCR will see hazy sun this weekend with temperatures around 25c. Rain expected on Wednesday 23rd.
Mumbai: Clear skies this weekend with days warm around 33-35c. Nights will be around 20c, with no appreciable fall this weekend.
Srinagar will be above normal in the day this weekend, with the day temperatures around 11c. Dry weather this weekend, with Low s around -2c.
With absolutely dry weather in The North, Hill Stations in H.P. Including Simla and in Uttarkahand (Mussoorie etc ) have not received this year's snowfall yet.
Rainfall map of Jan 2018 (Till Date) below

News from U.S.
Great Lakes ice coverage almost triple this date last year
And more than five times what it was on this date in 2016

Great Lakes Ice Coverage

Today, 17 Jan 2018, total ice cover is 35.5%.
On this date a year ago, ice coverage was 13.5%.
And on this date in 2016, it was 6.7%

Monday, January 15, 2018

Posted Monday 15th January:

Very Unusual Weather for January in the Sub Continent....
North-East Monsoon has Ceased and is withdrawn from All over South India from today ...
Manglore again hottest in India at 36.3c, Kottayam (Kerala) 36.2c and Cochin (Kerala) at 36.1c. Hottest place in the Northern Hemisphere on Monday was Kolda (Senegal) at 36.7c...quite close !
Coldest Day in India on Monday 15th was in Gorakhpur (East U.P.) with the mercury not crossing 11.7c. Days will rise by 2/3c from Wednesday, and coldest in the plains was 1.2c at Amritsar.
Leh recorded -10c and Srinagar -3.3c on Monday morning.

No Western Disturbance/ Any Systems expected in the India/Pakistan Region till 22nd January at least...dry weather.
Dry weather in India/Pakistan/Nepal and Bangladesh till 22nd January.

Next Few Days....
Mumbai: This week next few days: Warm around 33c and nights shifting from the pleasant temperatures of last week to 20c.
Pune: Cloudy Tuesday with very light drizzles in some parts. Warm in the day and night. Temperatures drop by 2/3c from Thursday.
Srinagar will be slightly cloudy, with dry weather. Next few days will be in the 13c to -3c range.
Kolkata: Dry weather in the 25c -13c range.
Delhi NCR: Shallow morning fog. In the 25c -8c range.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Foggy/humid/Cold day conditions prevailed over Uttar Pradesh (the most populated Indian state) .The foggy/cold conditions extended to Bihar and north West Bengal as well.Similar conditions will continue to prevail over next 3 days over East UP /Bihar 
Meerut recorded min temp of 3 c (below normal by 5 c)
Shahjahanpur recorded max temp of 10 c (below normal by 9 c ) yesterday (on 12 Jan)

Temp inversion and foggy conditions prevailed ; hence the plains of Uttar Pradesh (Shahjahanpur max 10 c) recorded lower day temps than the hill stations of Himalaya (Jumla max 22 c, Manali max 12 c) and Kashmir valley (Srinagar max 13 c ), yesterday (on 12th Jan)

Meanwhile , west / south India is experiencing above normal temps upto 5 c (Udaipur 27 c / 13 c , Belgaum AP 33 c /17 c ).

India ( max /min temp in c ) major cities during past 24 hrs
  • Mumbai 34 / 20 (partly cloudy,dry ,significantly above normal temps)
  • Delhi 24 / 8 ( foggy and above normal temps)
  • Kolkata 22 /11 (below normal temps)
  • Chennai 30 / 21 (slight above normal temps)
  • Bengaluru 31 /18 ( above normal temps)
  • Hyderabad 33 /16 (dry,above normal temps)
  • Ahmedabad 30/18 ( significantly above normal temps)
  • Pune 31/16 (dry ,significantly above normal temps)
  • Surat 31/ 23 (dry , significantly above normal temps)
  • Nagpur 30/12 (near normal temps)
  • Kochi AP 35 / 24 ( above normal temps)

International weather (past 24 hrs)

US West coast (temps like Bihar): 
  • Bay area (San Francisco) max /min temp was 13 c  /10 c 
  • Seattle was breezy,cloudy,rainy with max / min of 10 c / 6 c
  • Phoenix is enjoying sub tropical winters at 22 c / 9 c..( temps like Delhi) 
US East coast ( temps like Punjab).. 
  • After the frigid ,windy weather of last week ; Newark was rainy,breezy and relatively milder at 18 c / 4 c 
  • Charlotte was 20 / 7 
  • Miami was Chennai like at 29 c/ 21 c

London (UK) was cold , humid, breezy at 7 c / 5 c (wind chill falling to 0 at times)..Scottish hills are extremely windy,humid with min temps of -4 c (wind chill plunging to -15 )

Muscat (Oman) is fine with temps of 25 c / 15 c 

The usually warm, humid Singapore was cool,rainy at 24 c / 22 c 
Thailand :
After a warm humid start to 2018 , Bangkok (Thailand) is currently experiencing nice,drier conditions at 28 c / 19 c 
Krabi/Phuket is warm,humid,cloudy at 31 / 22 c 
A high pressure system is bringing English conditions to the tropical hills of Northern Thailand with temps plunging to max /min of 7 c / 5 c 
North East monsoon is active in the Gulf of Thailand bringing rains upto 100 mms in southern Thai peninsula

Denpasar(Bali) was monsoon like at 29 c / 24 c ..showers around

Australian summer : After a blow hot / blow cold past week (max temps swinging between 22 and 45 at Sydney and Melbourne ), during past 24 hrs Sydney was breezy with max /min temps of 35 c / 21 c and  Melbourne was breezy,cool at 21 c / 12 c 
Auckland (New Zealand , North island) was breezy , mild at 29 c / 18 c ..Christchurch  (New Zealand , South island) was breezy ,rainy, cool at 19 c / 13 c 

In the highveld , Centurion (South Africa) is experiencing a dry , sunny summer day at 31 c / 17 c ..

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Coldest Weather/Freezing Weather ....Warming is Cooling

3rd January:
Winter storm Eleanor has swept into most of northern Europe, including France and Germany after battering the UK,

6th January
North America's East Coast is shivering in a record-breaking freeze in the wake of a deadly "bomb cyclone" that dumped snow as far south as Florida. On Wednesday 3rd Jan, snow fell in Tallahassee, Florida, for the first time in more than 30 years, causing travel chaos in the region. Five inches of snow fell in Charleston, South Carolina, making it the third snowiest day since the city began keeping records in 1938. 
On Friday 5th, the National Weather Service (NWS) predicted dangerously low temperatures moving into the weekend as frigid air lingering over the North Pole prowls towards the US mid-Atlantic region. "An arctic outbreak will keep temperatures 20F to 30F degrees below average across the north-eastern US," the NWS said. In Massachusetts, residents of Boston, which received over 30 cm of snowfall, were clearing the streets with shovels. 
Around a quarter of Americans across the Midwest and parts of the Southeast were under winter weather advisories today.

At least 39 record low temperatures were set on Sunday 7th morning across the eastern US, said CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri.
The temperature at JFK airport dropped to 5F (-15C) Sunday morning, breaking the previous record of 6F (-14.4C) set just three years ago. (Do we detect a trend here?)
Meanwhile, an ice storm dumped freezing rain from the Missouri Valley through the Ohio and Tennessee valleys into parts of the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast.

Several daily record low temperatures were broken or tied in at least seven states in the Northeast today (January 7), including.
Baltimore, Maryland (BWI airport): 1 degree (-17.2C)
Boston, Massachusetts: minus 2 degrees (tie) (-18.9C)
Burlington, Vermont: minus 20 degrees (-28.9C)
Hartford, Connecticut: minus 9 degrees (-22.8C)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 4 degrees (tie) (-15.6C)
Providence, Rhode Isalnd: minus 3 degrees (-19.4C)
Richmond, Virginia: minus 3 degrees (-19.4C)
Worcester, Massachusetts: minus 9 degrees (-22.8C)

Hudson river freezes as US hit by record-breaking lows of -40C, reads headline.”
Arctic conditions in areas including Philadelphia, Boston and New York.”
Ice 12 inches (30 cm) thick in places after 2 days of record cold.

Interesting Comparison of great lakes ice coverage on Jan 6 over past few years.

“I assume this page will update with more recent data,” says reader Greg C. “But today ( Jan 6, 2018 ) it shows percent coverage ( rounded ):

2018 – 30%
2017  – 9%
2016 – 2% to Greg C for this link Jack Hydrazine

“But, then again, we were told that AGW causes Global COOLING."

In Canada, the provinces of New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador are both under winter storm and blizzard warnings. On Friday morning, Nova Scotia Power said some 125,000 customers were still without power after 140 km/h wind gusts hit parts of the maritime province. Ontario is under an extreme cold warning, while Quebec faces heavy snowfall, strong winds and storm surges. Boston harbour's tide gauge matched its record at 15.1ft - previously set during the great blizzard of 1978. The weather pattern has already brought snow to the US South as far down as Florida, where the cold snap has caused iguanas to lose their grip and fall from trees. 

7th January
The Australian city of Sydney has experienced its hottest weather in 79 years with temperatures in the region hitting as high as 47.3C in Penrith, west of Sydney. Severe fire warnings were issued for the greater Sydney area and total fire bans were put in place across the city. Sunday's temperatures fell short of the scorching heat to hit the area in 1939, when the mercury reached 47.8C.

8 Jan 2018 – 
Parts of Sahara Desert covered in 15 inches of SNOW
More than 15 inches (40cm) blanketed sand dunes across the small town of Ain Sefra, Algeria.
It is the second time snow has hit in nearly 40 years, with a dusting also recorded in December 2016.
But yesterday’s snowfall is much deeper than last year’s fleeting flurries, which brought chaos across the town, with passengers stranded on buses after the roads became slippery and icy.
Before that, Ain Sefra last saw snow on February 18, 1979. That snow storm lasted just half an hour.
"And snow was supposed to be a thing of the past in high latitudes?"

Bangladesh Cold: The lowest temperature of the day, 5.8C in Chuadanga and Rajshahi districts."8 January Chittagong second city of Bangladesh recorded 6.3C, its lowest T ever.Previous was 7.2C in 1937 and 1964."...Max Informs.

9th January
Unusually heavy snowfall has trapped around 13,000 tourists at the Swiss resort of Zermatt, one of the country’s most popular ski stations.
Switzerland’s WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research said Monday afternoon that at least 80 cm (31.5 inches) of snow had fallen on the Zermatt area over the last 24 hours, raising the avalanche risk to a maximum level.
French forecasters have described the snowfall as the kind only seen “once in every 30 years.”

A number of other Valais villages were also isolated by heavy snow, including the Simplon region of Valais,  which was hit by two metres ( Equivalent to 200 mms of rain) of snow in a 24-hour period, (more than 6 ft), the ATS news agency reported. We’ll hear more about it when it finally melts and causes flooding! 

Excerpts from Brugge, Ice Age and Local Newspaapers.

Sunday, January 07, 2018


The higher reaches of Himalaya are in deep freeze (-30 c)..
Kerala and the islands are warm and tropical (33 c )..

North plains : Foggy with cool days and chilly nights ..
West and Central India : Sunny , with crisp fine days and cool/cold nights..
East India : Patchy fog , with cool days and cold nights..
South India : Sunny , with warm days and comfortable nights ..

Mumbai region (West India) was cool at night with min temp range of 11 c to 14 c and sunny,breezy,very dry (min hum : 28%) during the day with max temp around 27 c to 28 c  ..

Minimum temperature map 

Maximum temperature map

International weather :

Great lakes/North East US is frigid with temps reported between -10 c to -25 c throughout the day ( wind chills dropping below a bone chilling -30).
Contrastingly at the west coast of US, Bay area is relatively milder with max/min temps of 14 c / 8 c .Seattle is cloudy and rainy at 10 c / 5 c . The desert city of Phoenix is enjoying sub-tropical winters at 23 c / 11 c (very dry , min humidity 23 %).

London(UK) is cold and windy with max temps of 5 c and min temps of 2 c (freezing wind chills between 0 and -5 through the day).In the Scottish hills temps have fallen to -9 c (frigid wind chills of -15).

Muscat (Oman) is fine, breezy at 25 c / 16 c.

Bangkok(Thailand) is enjoying tropical weather with min/max temps of  33 c / 26 c (Mumbai summer type weather).
The mountains of Northern Thailand are cool at 19 c /14 c .

Singapore is tropical and humid as usual at 30 c /  25 c .

Sydney (Australia) reported a jump in summer max temps from 31 c to a sizzling hot and dry 45 c (winds from the hot desert interiors)..Min temps offered relief at 22 c .
Contrastingly , Melbourne reported a slide in summer max temps from a sizzling dry 42 c yesterday to a cool and humid 22 c today (cool sea winds from the south )..Min temps remained stable at a cool 16 c .

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Posted Saturday Night:

On Saturday 6th Jan, Delhi NCR recorded this  season's lowest  temperatures. Lowest temperature of the season:- 
NewDelhi: 4.2°c, Modeltown(Rtk): 3.2°c, Gurgaon: 1.7°c
Chandigarh: 3.2°c, Rohtak: 3.7°c
Saturday also saw the maximum temperatures (Day Temperatures) dip in East U.P.....Gorakhpur 10.6°c ( -11c below normal), Bahraich: 11.6°c.

Table complied by Navdeep Dahiya:

Continuation of previous post on U.S....Some technical details..

The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this image of the frozen Northeast landscape on December 28, 2017. Brisk northwesterly winds created rows of “cloud streets” as cold air blew over Lake Ontario and the Atlantic Ocean. A layer of snow covered much of New England and upstate New York.
Cloud streets are long parallel bands of cumulus clouds that form when cold air blows over warmer waters and a warmer air layer (temperature inversion) rests over the top of both. The comparatively warm water gives up heat and moisture to the cold air above, and columns of heated air called thermals naturally rise through the atmosphere. The temperature inversion acts like a lid. When the rising thermals hit it, they roll over and loop back on themselves, creating parallel cylinders of rotating air. As this happens, the moisture cools and condenses into flat-bottomed, fluffy-topped cumulus clouds that line up parallel to the direction of the prevailing winds.
While the cold streak has not broken all-time records, it is breaking records for individual days. On the day the image was acquired, weather observers on Mount Washington (New Hampshire) recorded a daily record low of -34 degrees Fahrenheit (-36° Celsius). Baltimore, Boston, Flint, New York, Montreal, and Toronto Cities have seen records fall during this cold snap.
The cold weather pattern has its origins in a large bulge, or ridge, in the jet stream that has brought unseasonably warm weather to Alaska. On the east side of this ridge, a trough in the jet stream plunged southward, bringing plenty of Arctic air with it. This orientation of the jet stream, which looks similar to the greek letter omega, is known as an omega block.(See Article on 200 Jet Streams..Explained there).
NASA image by Jeff Schmaltz, LANCE/EOSDIS Rapid Response. Story by Adam Voiland. From Earth Obervatory NASA.

Thursday, January 04, 2018


A fast moving winter storm (snow,blizzards,high wind speeds) will skirt the US North-East coast today and suck Arctic frigid air on Friday and Saturday (plunging wind chill levels)..
The storm will move towards Canada maritimes states by tomorrow morning..
UK will get cold after Storm Eleanor as a high pressure area approaches bringing in cold North winds,with London wind chills dipping below freezing levels (0 to -5) during this weekend ..
Read the forecast and precautions to be taken ..

The silver lining : Early next week (Monday/Tuesday) , North -East US will thaw as temps rise by 20 c across the region due to temporary south winds, reaching upto 5 c during mid-day..

North East US (Boston / New York/Newark).. 
 Snow in New England region (Boston) to be expected around 1 feet and in Newark/New York around 2-4 inches today ..
Cape cod region will have rain /snow mix as the coastal front dilly dallies there (as shown in the wind map below)..
Remove the snow immediately tonight as by tomorrow it will turn into ice as more frigid weather sets in after the storm ..

Max temp -10 to -15c , low temp -20c by weekend..Winds along coast will gust to 70 kmph and in the interiors to 40 kmph..
Windchills below -15 through the week plunging to -30/-40 levels at times..
Be indoors/minimize travel and keep yourself/your pets/water pipes insulated..Keep atleast one faucet dripping so that pressure doesn't build in your water pipes and know where your water main shutoff valve is located..
Keep emergency state numbers handy in case of power outages due to high wind speeds ..

Moving over to West US , Seattle will settle at 9 c(max) / 4 c(min) this weekend with the usual winter clouds and rain showers..
Bay area will become relatively sunnier as the weekend approaches with temps around 15 c / 7 c ..
The desert city of Phoenix will be fine and very dry with temps around 23 c / 9 c through the week..

Roads under snow ..Current stormy weather at Virginia -5 c (wind chill is -15) (Photo Courtesy: Leena Joseph)

Boston currently at 11 am EST ( Photo courtesy : Venus Patel)

New Jersey currently at 11 am EST ..freezing cold stormy outdoors from the cosiness of indoors( Photo courtesy: Taher Saif)

Past 24 hrs temps at US/Canada/Mexico .. It's freezing cold deep into Texas/Mexico to Florida(Jacksonville)..Bitter cold across the midwest plains and great lakes with extreme values dipping to -30/-40 c with wind chills of bone chilling -45..

Only the west coast of US is recording above freezing temps with fine and mild conditions along Californian west coast(Los Angeles), Mojave desert(Las Vegas) and Sonoran desert (Phoenix).
West Mexican desert/semi arid region is sunny,warm and dry (Choix).


Meanwhile in India today, the northwest plains(parts of Haryana/Punjab/UP) recorded cool max day temps of 11c - 12 c(with fog blanket) and parts of Rajasthan /Haryana/Delhi/ MP /North Chattisgarh recorded near freezing min temp of -1 c to 3 c (with fog blanket).

Leh ( JK) max/min temp was 1 c / -14 c 

Mumbai recorded cool night(16 c) and warm day (30 c).Pune recorded 29/12..
Chennai was mild with max/min temps of 30 c / 21 c.
Bengaluru was fine , dry with max/min temps of 28 c /17 c .
Delhi was cold at night and foggy with max/min temps of 19 c /04 c.
Kolkata was fine,cool with max/min temps of 22 c /12 c .

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

RAINFALL FOR THE PERIOD 1-10-2017 TO 31-12-2017


112.7 mm 127.2 mm -11.40%


712.6 695.9 2%
445.1 480.7 -7%
394.0 438.2 -10%
374.0 243.0 54%
360.7 333.6 8%
261.4 219.2 19%
261.0 160.1 63%
235.8 267.2 -12%
235.7 195.0 21%
215.9 262.8 -18%


21.9 41.0 -47%
21.3 89.6 -76%
19.5 57.8 -66%
16.0 53.1 -70%
6.1 29.5 -79%
5.6 29.4 -81%
3.0 60.4 -95%
3.0 27.6 -89%
2.3 9.5 -76%
2.2 54.4 -96%


261.0 160.1 63%
374.0 243.0 54%
195.9 144.1 36%
182.7 149.1 23%
235.7 195.0 21%
261.4 219.2 19%
106.4 91.6 16%
122.3 107.8 13%
360.7 333.6 8%
155.4 145.3 7%


55.2 108.2 -49%
19.5 57.8 -66%
16.0 53.1 -70%
21.3 89.6 -76%
2.3 9.5 -76%
6.1 29.5 -79%
5.6 29.4 -81%
3.0 27.6 -89%
3.0 60.4 -95%
2.2 54.4 -96%


 20th June  Maharashtra ghats giants wakes up! Some rainfall readings since 9am till 10pm (13 hrs) today in mm below: #Kitwade: 208 #Patgaon...