Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Analyzing situation..would like to comment with care after will be updated late tonite..

Meanwhile..a kind word from Shri Milind Phadke ( Scientific Assistant at India Meteorological Department)
""I am tremendously impressed by the profound and indepth knowledge you possess in meteorology and the way you despense trough your blog which I have been observing from almost about one year. After serving for 22 years in India Meteorological Department, I rarely find time to communicate freely, which I hope won't mind. Pls do continue to write or mail. Thanks."


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Shri Milind Phadake :). I always await for your blogs. Your blogs has induced interest about monsoon/nature in me. Such a good learning. Thanks a lot :)

Rajesh said...

Thanks Atul..Vagaries needs your support..always.

Vishal said...

Rajesh I am really amazed by your passion and consistency with correct forecast. I rarely spend a day w/o checking your site. Many thanks for such an enlightened analysis.

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