Friday, June 10, 2011

AS-1 at 7.00pm IST.
Located at 19.2N and 71.2E, meaning its movement has been NE in the last 6 hrs. The winds are at 30knts and pressure maintained at 1000 mb.
So, 6 hrs prior to our 12.30 pm report, the system had moved East, and in the next 6 hrs the track is NE.

Sat image shows most of the clouding and heavy rain now concentrated in the SW quadrant. The SE quadrant shows clouding and rains south of Mumbai, over Alibag. Been stationary in that position for the last 3 hrs now.
Was expecting a major movement northwards with the system. Mumbai had frequent heavy showers post afternoon, and South Mumbai is now getting continuous heavy rain since 7.00pm.

BB1 persists at the previous location off the Orissa coast.

Next update at 10 pm IST


NT said...

Rajesh, the clouding seems to have decreased in the system as compared to the earlier image you had put up. The pressure though has remained stationary at 1000 mb which means the system has not weakened beyond what it did earlier.

Rahul said...

hey could u give us an update on the water levels in mumbai..haven't seen any newspaper say anything about it

Anonymous said...

Systems in which part(e.g AS-X, BB-X, low over MP etc..) is responsible for heavy rainfall in ghat sections like Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar? Does AS-1 has effect on rainfall in ghat sections?


Anonymous said...

Where is the 10 pm update?

  October 5th.. Dussehra wishes to all Vagaries Readers  It now seems we may have to neglect the weak BB 14 and concentrate on this new Low....