Saturday, June 11, 2011

Current position of AS-1 system is 19.5N and 71.5E, as on 4.0 am IST. Sat image of 9.30 am IST, could be read, and a judgement made of the current centre as 20N and 71.5E. Thats my calculation.
(This, checking on the AS-1 system seems to be going on for ever ! -:)))

The clouding shows the entire Southern periphery of the system to be enveloped. With a central core, in the clouded periphery showing very heavy rains.
As per the radar, (and as it is very very difficult to predict the movement, and the cloud movement of AS1), the entire Mumbai region, was covered by rain clouds in the morning. Subsequently, after 9.00 am, the rains advanced into the outer townships like Thane and Panvel.

Proper Mumbai should get heavy rains , at least till 11 am,(flood warning ) but outer townships, may get some extended period of rains (also warned of flooding).

Mumbai received 103 mms of rain at Colaba, most of it post Friday evening.

"Heavns have opened up the flood gates and pouring by buckets here in Mahabaleshwar". -Shiraz from Mahableshwar



emkay said...

Panvel rains started around 0530 hrs today. It has been consistent but not heavy yet. Keeping fingers crossed. Interestingly not at all windy.

Tyrone said...

Rajesh, would like to see some pics of the rains in Mumbai if possible :)

Tyrone said...


The JTWC via its bulletin at 2230 hrs on Sat still maintains that AS1could develop into a significant tropical cyclone. Did u check out their advisory

Anonymous said...

MUMBAI AND SRINAGAR BOTH AT 25 DEG CELSIUS :) (ofcourse the heat index in mumbai is more)

Anonymous said...

amazing!! at 11am LEH temp 32C and mumbai was at 25C!!! hot himalayas and cool konkan!! :)

Rajesh said...

I think this system AS-1 has become my boss, shall I give up Meteorology ?? -:)
Yes, moving NE it seems as er sat image..putting up around 1 pm latest..
Mumbai was at 26c yesterday, but at noon today it is 24c !
Pics ?/ Readers, try some pics from various areas.

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION!! the leh airport corrected its TYPO now!!

"VILH 110630Z VRB02KT 9999 FEW070 SCT150 23/M05 Q1017 NOSIG"
so the temp is 23C

but srinagar went up at 28C!!

emkay said...

wow has it become a cyclone, seeing a broad eye in the system now.

Anonymous said...

thunder started at borivali (west) 12.45pm

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