Saturday, February 27, 2021

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North India gets taste of Early Heat...excess Heat !

Poste 27th Morning

Bhubaneshwar touched 40.4c...the first 40c  for India this year 2021. Earlier too, Bhubaneshwar has been the first to touch 40c in India: 2009 on 26th Feb 40.1c, and again 40.1c on 25th in 2012. Earliest was in 2016 when Bhubaneshwar touched 40.9c on 20th Feb....This is earliest  Date for India as per Vagaries Records.

New Delhi which saw a high of 32.5c on 25th , reached 33.0c on 26th.  all time February record is 34.1c in 2006.

Highs on 26th: (Compiled By Vag. Vineet)

Amritsar : 29.5c, highest in Feb. in a decade

Bhatinda : 30.9c, 7 degree above normal

Ludhiana : 32.8c, 9 degree above normal. Highest in at least last 10 years

Patiala : 33.3c, 10 degree above normal
Agra : 34.6c, 7 degree above normal
Jhansi : 35.6c, highest feb temperature in at least a decade
 Hardoi : 31.6c highest feb temperature in at least a decade
 Dehradun : 31.3c, 8 degree above normal,  all time record broken
 Sriganganagar : 33.5c, 8 degree above normal highest temperature in at least a decade

H.P: ...In spite of WD...
Simla 20.4c 8c above normal
sundernagar 29.3c...8c above Normal
Una 32.6c....8 above

Thursday, February 25, 2021

 Posted Thursday 25th February ..Afternoon

Mumbai  had a warm/Hot week (19th -25th) as seen from the Graph (See the Red Line for Actual temperature and Black line is  the normal temperature.)

The average Mumbai Humidity was 50%.

Now, this weekend 26th -28th, and the first 2 days into March will continue to be warm around 33/35c, with average 55 % humidity. No signs of meaningful relief till that date.

Pune was also warm in the latter part of the week. Average Humidity was also at 50%.Coming Weekend will be warm at 32/34c and nights becoming slightly pleasant at 15c/16c.

Goa: weekend will be Partly cloudy and warm at 34/35c, with average humidity at 75%.

Delhi NCR: Weekend: Hot misty days at 31/32c with humid conditions, making it stuffy. Nights around 13/14c.

Jabalpur next 4 days, also remaining warm at 32/34c, and nights around 16c.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Record Rains in Cuddalore and Pondy with both breaking All Time Records for February

Cuddalore got 186 and 112 mm rainfall on 21 and 22nd February, 2021 respectively. But the rains were spread into 2 days because of the 8.30 am cut-off timings. Actually, the rains happened in single stretch. So close to 300 mm fell at a go in Cuddalore. Without any low pressure or even a trough of low or even a UAC, these are mind blowing rains. People in Cuddalore in particular and Pondy to a ceratain extent have witnessed once in life time February rains, which they wont forget for a while. However the years 1984, 2000 and 2002 rainfall will still stands out as great February rains for Tamil Nadu.
  • 186 mm has been recorded in Cuddalore in 24 hrs on 8.30 am on 21.02.2021, this breaks the record of 119 mm set on 09.02.1930 
  • 192 mm has been recorded in Pondy in 24 hrs on 8.30 am on 21.02.2021, this breaks the record of 117 mm set on 27.02.2000



Monday, February 22, 2021

 Posted 22nd Evening. 

Back to back WDs coming.. In Northern Sub Continent. 

Hill regions of North India will witness snowfall for the entire week.

 Jammu& Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand will experience precipitation commencing today 24th and 26thFebruary.

 Places in Himachal Pradesh in like Keylong and Spiti are expected to be covered with a blanket of snow. 

The snowfall in Uttarakhand will be in the hills and rain in the foothills. 

The plains of Punjab, Haryana  and West Uttar Pradesh may experience light rainfall . 

Excerpt from Weather and Radar News

Sunday, February 21, 2021

 And Konkan heats up on 21st

Vengurla, 37.6c, Alibaug 36.4c, Mumbai scruz 36.3c and Palghsr 36.2c.

Thane 35.3c

  See and Understand a different ( New for most of us) Phenomena on lightening... Rare Upside Down Lightning Viewed ...on Weather Knowledge ...