Friday, July 19, 2024

Big rainfall numbers from core monsoon zone in the past 24 hrs. 

Porbandar,Guj   49 cm 
Eluru, AP   27 cm        Castle Rock  24 cm  
Compiled by Vag Gokul          
Heavy rains lashed Saurashtra...rain as on 19th morning last 24 hrs👇


 Extremely impressive cold night in the tropics of Queensland, Australia 🇦🇺

While a minimum of 0.5°C (33°F) might not sound that impressive... This is the coldest July night for this weather station, which has over 120 years of measurement. Remarkable.

Thursday, July 18, 2024

18th Night Post:

The low pressure  (BB 4) in the Northern Bay of Bengal has formed and lies at sea level as shown.

This has activated the West Coast Trough and also resulted rains in Vidharbh (Aundhi 11 cms,) and M.P ( Pachmarhi 9 cms) and  adjoining regions. 

Moderate-heavy rains to continue over this Region next 4 days.

As the remnant UAC moves West, Gujarat Region (Bharuch) and Saurashtra will receive heavy rains on 22nd & 23rd

Later, not Expected much from this system as it will fizzle out in the Himalayan Region by  23rd.

But the marginal All India deficit will not get worse nor improve next few days.

Mumbai: Continuing with getting fairly good showers this weekend.

Decrease in rain intensity after Sunday 21st.

Rainfall this season till 18th evening

Santa Cruz 1358 mms (+21%)

Colaba 1382 mms ( +25%).

Current rains improve lakes storage to 38. 5%...better than last year ( 37.5%).

Pune: A bit more frequent rains this weekend, than currently happening. Expectations can be a bit more at 15 -25 mms per day.  Cool days.

Pune has seen 359 mms ( +26%)  as yet.

Water dams storage also improving in dams around Pune.

Pawna and Andra at 36%

Sambhajinagar: Just enough rain this season with 230 mms (-5%). Crops are healthy and can survive another week with moderate showers. 

Expected around 15-25 mms per day next 4 days.

Goa: With having crossed the 2000 mm mark as we mentioned, at 2325 mms till date , Panjim is in good surplus at +37%.

Next 5 days,  Goa regions can continue moderate to heavy frequent showers at 50 -75 mm per day.

 Fresh Update by 10.30 pm ist Thursday 

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

 17th July

Mumbai/Pune to see more rains on 18th & 19th. 👇


Interesting Figures

Kolkata has received only 300.6mm this monsoon till date, whereas Pune city total stands at 356.6mm so far.

This shows Pune city has received more rain than Kolkata this monsoon till date which is a very rare.

Fact by Dr.Vineet 

 16th July

Violent thunderstorms in kutch today 😳 

Courtesy Vag. Gaurav Raninga 

Monday, July 15, 2024

15th July...Goa statistics &Comparison from 👇

☝compilation and comparison, last 3 years for 45 days of the season. 

Source : IMD Goa

Gujarat Cloudburst...15th July.

Cloudburst event occurred in Gujarat's Umarpada (district surat),

whopping 247mm rain recorded here in just 2 hours today between 8 to 10am... today's total rain 347mm till 12 noon starting 6am as per GSDMA norms...with yesterday's 45mm rain, total cumulative rainfall during last 30 hours reaching 392mm ..!!!


By Vag. Gaurav Raninga


Big rainfall numbers from core monsoon zone in the past 24 hrs.  Porbandar,Guj   49 cm  Eluru, AP   27 cm        Castle Rock  24 cm   Compil...