Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday's position of Monsoon Trough (Purple Line) indicates a very slight shift Southwards. As discussed yesterday, rainfall is centred along the axis line today.

As J2 is gone, Vagaries estimates a steady position for the trough till Wednesday, before it shifts Northwards. Till Wednesday, rainfall continues along the trough axis. Rainfall will be concentrated to the east of Rajasthan. Gujarat expected to remain almost dry.
Special Gujarat report on 1st July.

On its shifting North, a decrease in rainfall could be possible from Central India down to the South.

Status Quo of Sunday/Monday weather for Mumbai to continue Tuesday/Wednesday. Expecting a further decrease in rainfall from Thursday.

Light rains in Pune next 2 days, and almost dry from Thursday.


svt said...

Looks like Mumbai will get total of almost 100ml of rains with occasional gusty winds in next 48 hours.

emkay said...

a mini cloudburst at Navi Mumbai between 1130 to 1300 hrs. blinding rain.

Anonymous said...

SVT, what is the basis of your observations ??

Intermittent but heavy showers at Ghatkopar since morning , accuweather showing evening showers.....potey

junaid said...

@rajesh,,,amboli in sindhudurg is said to be the rainiest place in maharashtra. Do u have any info abt the rainfall statistics of amboli till date!!!1 more suggestion do visit amboli it is a nature lovers paradise ,,it is coverd by pristine rainforests!!!

Rajesh said...

Junaid. I try regularly to get figures from Amboli. They do not respond. When i visited the place, i told them to send me rainfall, but they do not respond. Its very primitive the station there.
2 amboli pics during my visit on interaction page...below Mahableshwar pics.

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