Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A part of Pune received rain in a small area today, and shivajinagar obseravtory measured 34 mms till 5.30 pm Wed. Bund Garden areas received negligible rain with Lohgaon measuring only 0.5 mms. Localised rain.

An UAC at 850 hpa has formed in the Bay around 19N as on Wednesday morning. Likely to descend as a low around the same region.
Massive clouding is seen in the S/SW/SE quadrant.

Sympathy vortex and trough will strengthen along west coast from Thursday.
Details tonite...
heavy rains late afternoon early evening in Mumbai...posted @ 3.30pm

Delhi rains ease out after 11 am...currently cloudy and temp at 27c....GK2 private weather station measured 21 mms till 8.30 am and 1 mm later till 10.30 am.

Very Heavy overnight and morning rains reported by readers from Delhi and NCR.
Some of the rainfall till 8.30 am: S'Jung and Lodhi 60 mms, Ayanagar 51 mms, Noida 39 mms,  Indrapuram 32 mms, Palam 29 mms, Mungeshpur  20 mms, Gurgaon 17 mms and University 11 mms.
Seems like a localised heavy patch built up on convection. 

Though many areas are still receiving heavy rains , it seems from the doppler and cloud study, that rains should decrease and brighten up after 11 am IST.


Arpit Sharma said...

But now the sky is very dark and raining heavily.Seems today we will have another 100mms of rain.

Vijayanand said...

At 5.30 am:

Wow! Dense clouds parallel to karnataka and kerela coastline. If this moves in, there is going to be one more spell of super rain.

Vivek said...

Rajesh sir,

What's is your forecast for the rest of the week.


Vikas (Gurgaon) said...

Rain is such a wonderful gift of nature but we humans just ruin the fun of this gift so easily. Whole Gurgaon/Delhi is choked due to water-logging and poor roads!! Rajesh sir, sorry for posting this comment on your blog but just felt like expressing myself since people here would understand the real meaning.

Pradeep said...
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Pradeep said...

Rain battering on Karnataka Continues for 4th Straight day

Rainfal in mm ending 8.30 am on 28.08.2012

min 60 mm

Arendur 132.4
Kanakumbi 124.2
Kollur 120.6
Kogar 114
Gokarna 111
Ulloor II 101
Castle Rock 98.8
Kavalakatte 84
Talacauvery 83
Agumbe 80.8
Manki 78.4
Bandal 77
Katagal 75.6
Amasebail 73
Vendse 72.8
Kota 71.6
Nilkund 70.4
Baindur 68.6
Sunkasal 68
Albadi 68
Bhatkal 65
Kuppepadavu 65
Iavatur 64.8
Kundapur 64.4
Jamgaon 63.6
Kedinje 63.2
Araga 62
Yelagith 62
Naravi 61.8
Karkala 61.2
Kumta 61.1
Sunkatti 60.6
Chandewadi 60

Pradeep said...

No stopping of rains in Karnataka

Rainfall ending 8.30 am today (29.08.2012)

Puttige 185.4
Kota 157
Ajekar 154.4
Venoor 148.4
Belthangady 144.6
Talacauvery 144
Mudabidri 143.2
Kollur 142.4
Udupi 140.4
Kedinje 137.2
Sulkeri 135.4
Mulikar 132.6
Agumbe 132.2
Kapu 132.2
Yelagith 128
Kogar 128
Albadi 124
Kerveshe 123
Dharmasthala 122.4
Balale 120.6
Kuppepadavu 115
Bandal 112.4
Baindur 109.4
Sangabettu 109.4
Gokarna 109
Mulky 108.8
Naravi 108
Kundapur 106.8
Halady 106
Iavatur 96.2
Hosangadi 95.2
Byakody 92
Kokkada 91.6
Aluru 89
Arendur 88.4
Sitanadi 87.4
Surlabhi 87.4
Hosakere 87.3
Amasebail 87
Kigga 87
Karkala 85.6
Surathkal 83.2
Aralagod 81
Kottigehara 80
Vendse 80
Gurumittkal 78.3
Kukkala 75
Sringeri 71
Hallibailu 70.8
Basarikatte 69.5
Barur 69.3

Danish Raza said...

Rajesh Sir ! My name is Danish Raza and iam from Larkana City Of Pakistan.
I want to know weather conditions of Larkana City and Sindh Province for next 3 days . i hope you will give me answer as soon as possible thanks :)

NT said...

Dark and overcast at Andheri since the last 1 hour with light rain. The satellite image shows CB clouds building up in the Arabian sea around Mumbai.

kjkj said...

Hi Rajesh

Any idea how much rains has Kodachadri, hosanagara areas in Karnataka received rains till now, and what is the forecast for september ?

Pradeep said...

Rainfall ending 8.30 am on 29.08.12 around Chennai region in mm

Sriperumpudhur - 20
Kadambathur - 18
Poondi Agro - 18
Kaveripakkam - 16
Tiruvallur - 16
Vellore - 16
Poondi Lake - 11
Pallipattu - 10
Poonamalle - 10
Sholingur - 10
Kancheepuram - 8
R.K.Pet - 7
Chembarambakkam Lake - 5
Kattupakkam - 3
Katpadi - 3

Pradeep said...


Kollur is located very close to Kodachadri Mountains hardly 5 kms

Kollur has got around 5500 mm till date. You can expect another 2000 mm in September.,+Shimoga,+Karnataka&hl=en&ll=13.862247,74.875259&spn=0.085331,0.154324&sll=10.782836,78.288503&sspn=5.523683,9.876709&geocode=FaSF0wAdQYF2BA&hnear=Kodachadri&t=m&z=13

Ron said...

even imd reporting a UAC in westcentral bob..ahh finally good news for mumbai...

svt said...

looks like expected vortex of west coast will bring heavy rains for Mumbai on friday/saturday. Btw rainig steadily in central mumbai for last 20 mins.

nasir chudary said...

Rajesh shab yesterday above 50mm rain in pano aqil this is 35miles east of sukkur.

Pavan said...

A very very localised convection in pune with a radius of may be just 6km which poured off 46mm of rain in pune city(station, shivajinagar etc,) rest all areas are absolutely dry

Pradeep said...


Here is ur answer

Kollur the closest spot to Kodachadri has got 5323 mm till today

Hosanagara - 1756 mm

Abhijit Modak said...

Yesterday Badlapur had cloudy day with just one heavy spell in late afternoon period. then Foggy & Misty condition and today morning sky is open with some sunshine at moment.

So overall Badlapur records 15mms rain in past 24hrs.(i.e from yesterday 8.30am to today 8.30am on 30-08-2012).

kjkj said...

Thank you Very much for info on Hosanagra and Kodachadri.

Posted 31st Night: Mumbai weather expected this week in city. 1st Feb - 4th February  Windy evenings, Hazy warm days and just about comfort...