Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sindh (Pakistan) Report:

We have mentioned the axis falling a bit southwards, and travelling thru central India, but the extreme western end of the axis, has also slid dpown and is over SE sindh, with the "gift" of an embedded UAC in the region.
The Western End of the Monsoon axis is today over the SE region of Sindh and adjoining Rajasthan. Though not very strong on surface level (998 mb), it has an embedded UAC over Rajasthan/Sindh region, "enriching" the region with moisture. Upper winds coming into Sindh are from the WD aloft, and these winds interacting with the UAC have caused much needed precipitation and thunder activity due to upper air interaction.

Our regular reader, Nasir, reports of 50 mms of rasin from a location 35 miles east of Sukkur. Other overnight rains were meagre and low, like Chhor 18 mms, Mithi 12 mms, Thata 9 mms and Sukkur 2 mms. 
Thunderstorms are active in Chhor as of Wednesday evening.
We can expect the rains to move into Karachi tonight. Hyderabad can get some thundershowers tonight and maybe tomorrow afternoon. Sukkur can also expect thunder and rain tonight. 
Though the rain amount may not be much, it will be a welcome releif as the rain amount thus far this season in these two cities has been 0 mms and 2 mms in Karachi.

We may even expect rain in Larkana on Thursday. Would expect the UAC to fizzle out by Thursday evening, with rains decreasing after Thursday. This spell in Sindh will last 2 days restricted to SE and than Southern Sindh region, with Central areas getting lesser rains. Gusty dust and thunderstorms likely in Larkana, Hyderabad and Sukkur Thursday evening.


Rajesh said...

Danish: Thanks, my views for Larkana posted with Sindh report.
Nasir: Thanks.
Shahjan Khan: Expecting some rain to move west, and maybe some rain in Nawabshah tonite. Please keep me posted. Have put up a sindh report on vagaries.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh, must commend your blog - easily the most reliable source of weather information for Indian sub-continent.
Could you please also provide a weather summary for Kanpur and Lucknow for this coming Sunday? We are planning to have a couple of events there.

Anonymous said...

This year a supercyclone is going to affect coastal ap orissa, telangana maratwada vidharbha chattisgarh and adjoining regions by mid october.

Anonymous said...

I m your 5 year old reader.
sir pls mumbai water lake level... and also forecast for next 3 days i mumbai surburbs

sset said...

Somebody mentioned about SuperCyclone - Grade 6, remember this happened in 1990s. This is not good news, as cyclone will spell severe drought to Rayalseema,TN - basically NEM will be sucked away by cyclone - and bring rains to unusual areas like Orissa,Vid,Marathwada.

Anonymous said...

Heavy rains to Bangalore and Bangalore alone all 12 months
-- From Annoymous

(SSET can you please comment)

Rajesh said...

anonymous:Kanpur and Lucknow will get light rain on Saturday, but i think there can be a moderate shower, sharp one on Sunday.
can you put your name and place please ?

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