Saturday, August 25, 2012

The MJO is coming out of its weak phase rapidly, and going into "neutral" mode. Possibly can get into a moderately (not very) strong phase from the 26th of August.

I do not expect much from the Low mentioned below, hence do not think it should be numbered.
But, I expect another "better" low in the Bay around the 29th of August. 

The mentioned vortex (Friday Blog) off the West coast may form by Tuesday, and strengthen the trough.

A Low has detached itself from the monsoon axis in the North, and stands independently below the axis. Situated on the Orissa/W.Bengal coast, and is at 1000 mb. 
A trough runs down south from this low. Running along the Easy Coast, the trough cuts inland from North TN coast, and at 1200 UTC Saturday, shows a line of wind discontinuity from North TN coast down Southwards. Winds to the West of the "line" are NW and SW to the East of the "Line."
The progress of the Low and trough needs to be monitored next 12 hrs.

Saturday Thunderstorms Lash Chennai...
Pradeep promptly sends these figures..
IMD official Rainfall in mm till 8.30 pm

Taramani – 86
Marina (DGP Office) – 2
Ennore – 0
Nungambakkam – 0
Redhills – 0

IMD official Rainfall figures in mm till 7.30 pm

Avadi – 38
Sholliganallur (Sathyabama University) – 16
Guindy (Anna University) – 14
Puzhal – 9
Kattupakkam (SRM University) – 6

Rainfall figures in mm till 8.00 pm

Uttiramerur – 36
Madurantakam – 31
Ellapuram – 13
Kaveripakkam – 7
R.K.Pet – 6
Kancheepuram – 5
Kadambathur – 4

Wow 72 mm in just 45 minutes in Taramani...Southern Chennai really got battered

Disappointing .....

Nungambakkam 0 mm
Marina Beach 0 mm
Redhills 0 mm


Viravanalluran said...

The Doppler winds clearly depicts the formation of low above 15 Deg North. Chennai being the southern limit. The rapidly moving system brought rainfall to North TN & Chennai.
Some of chief amounts of rainfall as on 2100 hrs IST in mm.
Dharmapuri District:
Dharmapuri-5.0, Harur-2.0m Karimangalam-9.0, Morapur-2.5, Pennagaram-3.0
Krishnagiri district:-
Bargur-5.5, Hosur-48.0, Kaveripattinam-25.5, Krishnagiri-16.5, Uthangarai-6.0
Tiruvanamalai District:-
Arani-33.0, Polur-13.0
Villupuram district:
Kalrayan hills-38.0, Rishivandiyam-24.0,
Thiruvallur district:-
Kadampathur-12.5, ellapuram-13.0
Vellore district:
Nilgiri district:
Virudunagar district:
[Courtesy : Tamilnadu Agricultural Weather Network (TAWN)
You can see the raining sequence: From West (south west) to East (north East)

Rajesh said...

Viravanalluran: i do not think it was a "low'. In fact, i feel it is the line of wind discontinuity..something that ccreates violent thunderstorms..expressed my views in blog.

Vivek said...

What is the effect of the MJO going for weak to normal?


Abhijit Modak said...

Yesterday Badlapur had mix weather condition. Day started with bright sunshine and CB type clouds hovering in the sky, then afternoon produced localized brief heavy spell then again bright sunshine for remaining part of the day.Even till 11pm there was clear sky with stars and moon were visible but today pre-dawn saw sudden weather change and steady medium rains from 4.30am till 8am.

So overall in past 24hrs, 32mm rain measured here.(i.e from yesterday 8.30am to today 8.30am on 26/08/2012).

Pradeep said...

vivek it means monsoon is going to be active in the peninsular india.

in simpler terms more wet weather

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