Sunday, August 19, 2012

BB3 is estimated to track westwards on Monday, and fizzle out by night.
Monsoon axis moves North into HP and Utterakhand, and thru UP into the Bay
Off shore trough along west coast remains very weak, and along East coast moves inland and subsequently weakens.

Outlook for Monday, 20th, Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd:

Monday 20th: 
Rains: Heavy in West MP and adjoining Rajasthan. Moderate in Eastern Gujarat, (including Bharuch), Goa and coastal Karnataka.

Tuesday 21st:
Rains: Very Heavy falls in Utterakhand. Heavy to moderate in Haryana, Delhi NCR, adjoining UP, HP plains and hills and Punjab. 
In AP,only regions around Vizag get moderate rains on Tuesday. Light rains in Konkan and coastal Karnataka.

Wednesday 22nd: 
Very heavy in Utterakhand. Heavy to moderate in Punjab, Delhi NCR, Haryana and adjoining UP. Light to weak along west coast.

No significant increase or potential of rainfall enhancement these 3 days in Southern Peninsula, all Maharashtra, all Karnataka, AP and Gujarat.

No system or movement of major rainfall towards Pakistan.

Mumbai city: 
Monday: Partly cloudy with sunny intervals. A few showers, passing types in some regions. Rain Amount: 15 mms.
Tuesday: Sunny spells with a few passing showers. Decrease in rains overall. Rise in day temperatures.
Wednesday: Partly cloudy, with sunny spells. Hot day. A shower in some parts. Rain Amount: 5-7 mms.
Rainfall decreasing to 10-15 mms/day next 3 days in townships of Thane/Panvel and around.

Pune: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: Partly cloudy with light rains in parts. Rain amounts upto 5 mms/day.

Delhi NCR: 
Monday: cloudy with light drizzles in some parts. Rain Amount: upto 5 mms.
Tuesday/Wednesday: Increase in rains, specially from Tuesday evening. Some heavy showers with winds in many parts. Rain Amount: 30 mms.

Surat: Monday: Cloudy, with light rains in parts. Rain Amounts: 5-7 mms.
Tuesday/Wednesday: Decrease in rainfall with warm day. Not much rainfall.

Chennai: A sharp shower possible on Monday night in some regions. Subdued rains, or localised thundershowers in the evening till Wednesday. Rain Amounts upto 7-10 mms in areas where it rains.

Hyderabad: No significant rains. 

Bangalore: No significant rains increase till Wednesday, with some shower (local) in some parts. Rain amount around 5-7 mms where it rains. Day may cross 30c.


GSB said...


19/8/2012 ----------- 525 MM (-16%)
12/8/2012 ----------- 473 MM (-16%)

minimum 700mm ------ 4.17 mm p/d
average 900mm ------ 8.93 mm p/d
maximum 1100mm ----- 13.7 mm p/d

CURRENT RAINFALL is 6.56 mm p/d

COASTAL KARNATAKA ------- 161.7 mm
ORISSA ------------------ 134.0 mm
KERALA ------------------ 123.3 mm
LAKSHWADWEEP ------------ 121.4 mm
UTTARAKHAND ------------- 107.5 mm

RAYALASEEMA -------------- 12.0 mm
MARATHWADA --------------- 10.4 mm
N.I.KARNATAKA ------------ 9.7 mm
HAR.CH&DELHI ------------- 7.3 mm
SAURASHTRA & KUTCH ------- 4.8 mm

Total ABOVE AVG days this week - 2
Total ABOVE AVG days
this season -------------- 19 (24%)

Total BELOW AVG days
this season -------------- 61 (76%)

EXCESS (0)----- N.A


Data from IMD. Any errors pls
point this out to me

Shitij said...

heavy rainfall started in Surat

Shitij said...

Rain has stopped now in Surat but the sky is covered with thick black clouds

Abhijit Modak said...

Yesterday Badlapur was having continuous rain with drizzles were consistent and medium to heavy rain in between. Also misty and low level dark clouds for almost whole day. In past 24hrs, almost 21hrs were rainy hours .

Some latest pics of today morning weather conditions also uploaded on vagaries of weather group on FB.

So overall in past 24hrs, 72mm rain measured here.(i.e from yesterday 8.30am to today 8.30am on 20/08/2012).

emkay said...

Gloomy day with continous showers in Panvel

junaid said...

Eid mubarak to all readers of vagaries !!!its an overcast cool nd rainy start to eid!!! :) :)

Rajesh said...

Junaid/Emkay/abhijit: Contrast Mumbai, almost clear skies and about 20% clouding with bright sunshine...of course no rains.
Wish i could come and stay with you'll and enjoy monitoring the weather...-:)

abhijit: The comparison figures of rainfall with the cities around you show: Days rain as on 19th and Total this season:
kalyan 21 mms 1261
murbad 5 mms 1169 ambarnath 15 mms 1168 ,
panvel 97 mms, 1440,
Matheran 48 mms, 2256 and
Badlapur (your readings) 45 mms 1898.

Abhijit Modak said...

@ Rajesh Sir. Thank you very much. Yes we in suburbs area on Mainland having consistent rain from Saturday evening till now. And really enjoying low level dark clouds and misty conditions around. Regular pics with date and time already on vagaries group on FB. Now today's Badlapur mine own measurement is 72mm at 8.30am . So now total 1898+72= 1970mm till 20/08/2012 today 8.30am period. Just 30mm short now of 2000mm rain mark .In that 10mm already measured from 8.30am till 11.30am today. So now just 20mm short of 2000mm mark. Now hoping for 20mm more today only so tomorrow might be touch to 2000mm mark then.

Vijayanand said...

Hot, clear weather in bangalore. . Coastal karnataka also seeing clear weather.

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Arpit Sharma said...

Heavy cloud cover with thunder here in Ghaziabad.

RK said...

Looks like rain is imminent in G.Noida...becoming darker and darker...

Arpit Sharma said...

Light to moderate rain in many parts of Ghaziabad.

sset said...

Bangalore again hot today - direct sun is like summer season. Karnataka facing 2nd year consequtive drought.

Vidharbha,Madhya Maharashtra excellent rains - Bharampuri 400mm in 2 days. Maha seasonal rain can turn out be excess-normal.

Myself still maintain same stand - respect nature (trees,lakes,mountains..) and nature will be kind to you. Else it will show no mercy - no matter what science and weather models say. We do understand your explainations but nature has its own secrets - no science can explain.

RK said...

full day of heavy clouds and thunder....But...only drizzles at G.Noida

Anonymous said...

@SSET :)

Anonymous said...

aaah...someone plz take sset to hospital...he has got "drought mania" :D

Abhijit Modak said...

Some Rain figures of today(i.e 20/08/2012) at 8.30am of near by towns around Mumbai region.

Matheran 120mm
Karjat 90mm
Badlapur(own measured) 70mm
Kalyan 60mm
Panvel,Ulhasnagar,Ambernath 50mm
Thane,Murbad 30mm

Pavan said...

@sset तुम्हारे मुह मे घी सखार if at all madhya maharastra is getting excess rain if mumbai cross 2000mm rain by august. Hope ur bangalore be sunny and pleasent for ever and ever, for god sake be practical, i appriciate the efforts of mr abhijit modak in this regard for being so prudent towards badlapur even i love those regions of badlapur vangani shelu which are wel connectd and pollution free, mr sset just follow mr modak

Pavan said...

Sorry mrsset if at al ur hurt every1 has hs own way of work and thnking ok very sorry fr my words

Abhijit Modak said...

@ Pavan. Thanks for the compliment dude. I really love the nature and surrounding mountains which starts at Badlapur and seen parellel to Mumbai- Pune Railway line upto Karjat or we can say right upto Lonavala. Many waterfalls & lush green atmosphere has made mini picnic spot attraction for Mumbai- Pune tourists. Some of famous places are Kondeshwar waterfall, Badlapur. Vangani waterfall, Jummapatti waterfall on Neral- Matheran mini train route, Bhivpuri rd waterfalls very famous in college going youths & zenith waterfall in Khopoli. So from Badlapur upto Karjat, Khopoli & Lonavala there are many nature attractions.

Vikas (Gurgaon) said...

Heavy rains in Gurgaon since 6:40am. Yesterday also the sky was overcast but there was no significant rainfall.

Abhijit Modak said...

Yesterday Badlapur was having continued rain of Sunday till afternoon then rain was stopped and also sun was visible in evening period. Then rain spell were noticed today early morning period . So overall in past 24hrs, 23mm rain measured here.(i.e from yesterday 8.30am to today 8.30am on 21/08/2012)

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