Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mumbai Weather for WC Finals:

Saturday, 2nd. April: Clear Day will begin with high humidity and very misty. Humidity drops to 50% by afternoon, and the day's maximum temperature will be 33c. Strong NW winds at 17-20 kmph from afternoon onwards. after sunset, humidity set to increase again to 70% by nightfall.

Night temperature will be 23c at Colaba.

After several suggestions, Vagaries will give nomenclatures of AL and BL to systems from the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal respectively (Thanks nt). The numbering of WDs will continue with the month alphabet as usual to avoid confusion.

So, with BL1 fizzled out after moving due east into Myanmar, we have a remnant of an UAC there in place. Nothing to be expected from this now !

And, with A1 coming along and precipitation expected from 2nd.April in North Pakistn regions and for India in Kashmir and H.P.
Cloudy weather with some rainfall in pockets will be experianced in Punjab/Haryana on 2nd. System will affect Utteranchal from 3rd.
A1 effect on Nepal after 3rd April.

Click here for enlargement of Vagaries Forecast Map for next 3 days.

For the month of March 2011,Cherrapunji recieved the highest ( as per my records) rainfall in the sub-continent: 1517 mms, i.e. 60".

Highest day temperature in Asia on 31st. March: Kurnool :40.7c and Anantpur: 40.6c.(Both India).

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