Monday, March 07, 2011

Today's Highs (Monday, 7th.March) in India:
Akola: 39.1c ,Solapur: 39.0c and Ramagundum: 38.8c. All 3 named candidates in Vagaries' poll. Nagpur was 37.4c.
Not a single vote has been put for Solapur, which I thought could be a very probable winner.

Mumbai reached a (very) high of 38.3c today. Colaba was at 34.6c. Strong ENE winds were the main reason for the (expected) jump. Vagaries had forecasted a 38c day for Mumbai , way back on Thursday.
Reproduce from Thursday's blog: ''Mumbai can make the most of this weather till Sunday.
Vagaries expects a rise in temperatures, albiet for a few days, from Sunday, and Monday can shoot up to 38c !"

Putting up a map showing Monday's highs. It would be difficult to list out all the 38s and 37s in India today !Compare with the forecast heat wave map put up on Vagaries yesterday.

Anyway, two 40s have been recorded today in the far east..the first in Asia this year.Moywa and Prome in Myanmar were 40c today.


Saurabh said...

As per IMD Bhira in Maharashtra touched 41 yesterday. This report is based on the IMD report

Rajesh said...

Saurabh, Bhira has been showing 40c since the last 5 days. I write showing, as the reporting from there is not accurate and trustworthy. I do not take the Bhira readings as authentic. Maybe bed exposure and improper conditions of recording. Or maybe faulty thermometer.
And see the minimum. Everyday for the last 4 days including today it is showing 15c. Not possible at all.

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