Wednesday, March 09, 2011

As winds revert to NW direction, Mumbai gets comfort. Afternoon humidity 51%. Temperature at 12.30 pm on Wednesday: 31c. High reached as yet 32c. Probably will settle at 33/34c as predicted .

Reports Neeraj from Kathmandu:

"At 10:30 am (Wednesday, 9th March) its drizzling in Kathmandu. And the temperature is around 13 degrees C".

Day's high has been hovering around 30c last few days.

Reports Shiraz from Mahableshwar:

" Its a heat Wave here !"

Temps have touched 33c in this hill station on Monday.


Neeraj said...

Its overcast, windy and drizzling on and off. and the temperature has not climbed above 15. Why is this sudden turn of events? Last few days were sunny and hot. The weather today was little unexpected for me.

Rajesh said...

Neeraj, the reason is not too complicated, and I have explained it on the blog for all to read.
Actually, the SW flow was expected, but not enough to precipitate rains. Anyway, the rain was also very meagre.

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