Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tuesday, the hottest temperatures ( Day) in India.
Kurnool: 39.0c, Anantpur: 38.9c, Solapur and Akola: 38.6c,
Mumbai: 38.2c and Chennai 38.0c.

39c, alongwith Prome (Myamnar) and Lamphun (Thailand) was the highest temperature in Asia too on Tuesday.
Apperantly, from information available, the highest in the World on tuesday was at Timbukto (Mali), at 43c.

(By the way, I do not consider the readings of Bhira (Mah.) as authentic nor accurate. There is some discrepency in the recordings at Bhira. Maximum as well as minimum. Even IMD daily bulletins do not acknowledge this station as the highest readings in the country).

No W.D.s till Sunday will ensure the heat will start creeping Northwards, from the existing regions. (IMD map). Anti-cyclone persists in Eastern regions.No rain expected in the sub-continent till the week end.

On Tuesday, Mumbai S'Cruz again touched 38.2c, same as yesterday. However, Colaba was at 33.5c, almost 5c lower than S'Cruz. A degree lower than Monday.

From Wednesday, days of 38c in the suburbs are over for now, and the rest of the week will see lowered temperatures of around 34c.
Nights will get a bit stuffier, with the humidity going to around 65% , and the thermometer reading 24c. Maybe Thursday night could be a bit better at 21c.

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Neeraj said...

At 10:30 am (Wednesday, 9th March) its drizzling in Kathmandu. And the temperature is around 13 degrees C.

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