Thursday, March 03, 2011

F5 active today, Thursday, in Kashmir and H.P.
Kashmir has been witnessing incessant rains in the plains and snowfall in the higher reaches.
There has been fresh snowfall in the Bannihal Tunnel of the Srinagar-Jammu highway and over one foot of snow has accumulated on the road in this sector,
In H.P., slight rain and snowfall continued in northern areas of the state.
The 13050 feet high Rohtang Pass recorded 15 to 20 feet thick layer of snow which is highest in the last 20 years.
Video of Simla weather here.

F5 will be out of Pakistan by tomorrow, but prevailing remnant moisture will bring isolated pockets of rain in Punjab and upper Sindh till Saturday.Expect day temperatures to rise suddenly from Sunday, specially in Sindh, as they are appreciably below normal there today (Sibi had a high of only 16c).
Northern India (including Punjab, Haryana and N.Rajasthan) will receive the precipitations till Saturday, when the F5 fizzles out in the mountains of Western Nepal.

An easterly trough with an UAC embedded in it, is expected to batter rains along Eas
tern Sri Lanka and Southern T.N. and Southern most Kerala on the weekend.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, days were very much below normal in NW India, and getting warmer, gradually,in the central regions, except, the interiors of southern India.(Refer Vagaries temp. forecast put up yesterday).

Highest in India, on Thursday, was 37c at Akola, and 36.6c at Baroda. Our other poll candidates were Nagpur at 35.6c and Solapur at 35.3c and Rama
gundum at 35.2c.

Highest in Asia remains Prome in Myanmar, at 38c.
Map shows day temperatures still substantially low throughout Pakistan.

Mumbai can make the most of this weather till Sunday.
Vagaries expects a rise in temperatures, albiet for a few days, from Sunday, and Monday can shoot up to 38c !

By Mark Vogan


December 2010 January 2011 February 2011
City/Province Coldest High/Low Coldest High/Low Coldest High/Low

Victoria, BC 1.7C/-6.1C 1.7/-5.7C -1.1C/-7.2C
Whitehorse, YT -22.7C/-35.9C -34C/-40.7C -23.5C/-35.3C
Yellowknife, NWT -34.5C/-41.1C -35.1C/-41.7C -28.1C/-40.2C
Calgary, AB -15.6C/-27C -27.7/-29.4C -20.6C/-28.4C
Edmonton, AB -20.6C/-29.5C -27.1C/-39.8C -21.1C/-36.8C
Saskatoon, SK -19.2C/-27.7C -24.3C/-34.7C -23.6C/-36.8C
Churchill, MB -27.2C/-32.8C -31.1C/-38.9C -27.2C/-35C
Winnipeg, MB -21.7C/-30.9C -24.7C/-35.4C -20C/-31.7C
Moosonee, ON -22.2C/-26.1C -27.2C/-38.9C -21.1C/-35C
Thunder Bay, ON -15C/-27.1C -21.1C/-37.3C -16.1C/-32.2C
Timmins, ON -17.4C/-26.4C -25C/-37.6C -17.1C/-32.7C
Toronto, ON -8.3C/-13.8C -11.7C/-21.2C -9.4C/-18C
Montreal, QC -10.6C/-18.9C -17.2C/-27.9C -11.7C/-18.9C
Quebec City, QC -11.1C/-20.5C -19C/-28.2C -12.4C/-22.4C


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In February temperatures varied from minus 31 at Nowata to 90 degrees at Grandfield and Walters, Oklahoma Climatological Survey, Gary McManus
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