Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Just a Whisker Away !

Kurnool, today (Wednesday, 9th. March) at 39.8c, was just a whisker away from getting the "first to reach 40c" title.
And it is in the "other cities" category. None of our named cities were near the mark, today at least.
But things can change in a day !

Starting 6th. March, Vagaries has initiated putting up "Severe Weather Warning "maps. These could be for a) severe heat/cold, b) for very heavy rains or winds, or c) cyclones or any type of weather warnings.

No severe weather warning till Sunday, 13th. March.

And for Mumbai, the temperatures have fallen: S'Cruz settled today at 33c, (Vagaries' estimate ,34c), and Colaba was 313c. It was ok, with the NW winds bringing in the releif. And as mentioned yesterday, the night temperature tonite and tomorrow should drop to 21c. Pleasant enough for Mumbai standards.Should remaim within the 33c - 22c range till Saturday, with a chance of S'Cruz dipping to 20c.
Shall put up the weekend forecast tomorrow for Mumbai.

As Neeraj reported from Kathmandu, its been drizzling there almost throughout Wednesday. The high did not rise beyond 16c due to the 1.4 mms of rain.
Now, this was due to the weak moisture incursion towards a dying M1, which was in Nepal as a UAC on Wednesday. High level humidity in a SW path, caused by the incursion aided the formation of clouds in Central Nepal and adjoining U.P.
Lucknow too received traces of rain. Being a weak event, it is not expected to last beyond Wednesday.

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