Monday, March 28, 2011

Highest in Asia on Monday:
Nawabshah (Pakistan): 42c and Nagpur touches highest in India at 41c. Srinagar manages only 10.9c as the high while across the borders, Islamabad reaches only 22c and Kathmandu sees 19.5c. Showers there keep temperatures down during Monday.


Nagpur Star said...

From what I see in Newspapers Nagpur has still not touched 40 deg as yet on 31st March

rajesh said...

Nagpur star,
In March, as per my records, Nagpur was almost 41c on 28th, and 40c on 29th.

Posted Wednesday evening : BB 8 tracks over M. P. Bringing good rainfall.  East MP 5-16 vms, West M. P up to 12 cms and a good 4-16 cms ...