Friday, March 18, 2011

Grand Success ! First Ever Spacecraft put into Mercury Orbit …For those interested in this first ever event..Click on Space News Page Now !!


emkay said...

Was following the wunderground temperature readings on ur blog. At 11.45 Pune and Bangalore were showing around 23 degrees. Very unusual. Now at 1730 in Pune it is showing 37 degrees while Bangalore at 31.

Could this be true ? Such a big variation from Noon to evening !!

ashok Patel said...

From Wundergroud:
Pune 11.30 am 33 degrees
& at 2.30 pm. 36 degrees

Bangalore 11.30 am. 27 degrees
at 2.30 pm 31 degrees

Rajesh said...

Emkay, the wunderground had not updated their temperatures after 8.30 am (IST) today. Even i noticed when I saw Mumbai at 24c in the forenoon on the weather underground page.
the readings were corrected around noon.
Your observation was right.

Anonymous said...

Try accuweather, i find it rather reliable, they do have their dope moments though!!s

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