Monday, March 07, 2011

With M1 now moving away, and no W.D. in sight, sunny days are in store for most of India for the remainder of this week. Meaning the day temperature rising trend spreads Northwards.

The anchored anti-cyclone now over east/central India is likely to move east into the bay by Tuesday, 8th. March. Result ? Strong/gusty NW winds will sweep the U.P./Bihar and North Orissa regions.
And, NW winds will resume over western India, sweeping into west Mah. and Gujarat.

This will bring back to normal levels the day temperatures in the Konkan from Wednesday.However, day temperatures will remain hugh,somewhat in the current range, in Vidharbh and adjoining states areas.

Tuesday: Hot dry day with NE winds keeping the day's high at 37c (S'Cruz) and 34c at Colaba. Night's minimum too will rise to 24c.

Wednesday/Thursday: Swinging to NW, the winds will change the day temperature trend prevailing for the last 2 days. High will be 34c at S'Cruz and 33c at Colaba on wed/Thu. Nights will fall to 20c on Wed/Thu.

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Neeraj said...

Check the difference between the morning time low and daytime high for Kathmandu. Yesterday it was 6.7 in the morning and 30 during the day. This is the time of the year for such huge differences between the morning and day temperatures. One practical problem arising out of this situation is the choice of garment if you are going out in the morning for the whole day.

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