Saturday, March 12, 2011

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The Heat Wave illustrated in the newly started Vagaries' Severe Weather Maps, has proved absolutely precise ! Vagaries shows the coastal belt (Konkan) and parts of North interior A.P. as the likely regions for a heat wave on the weekend.

And see the west coast temperatures on Saturday, the first day of the weekend ! Ratnagiri tops at 39.6c, (+9c), and S'Cruz records 38.1c, Colaba at 38c !

Junaid, it certainly is an all time record for Ratnagiri, for any month. The previous highest for Ratnagiri was 39.0c, on 5th. June 1969.
For March, the highest was 36.9c, on 9th. March 1922. Beaten by a 2.1 degrees !

Surprising Fact for Today, 12th. March: Ratnagiri was the hottest place in Asia today ! And Mumbai was second hottest, in Asia !

Mumbai Weather:
Vagaries' Weekend heat: Begins with a38c at S'Cruz and 38c at Colaba. And with the variation mentioned in Vagaries on Friday, a minimum of 17c at S'Cruz and 22c at Colaba, the respective range between day and night calcualtes to 21 d
egrees and 16 degrees.

Mumbai Forecast:
Sunday: Hot day with the thermometer at 38c. Again, better nights ,with the NW winds in the evening providing relief with the temperature dropping to 21c.

Monday: Warm day, again at 37c, and the minimum hovering around 20c mark.

Figures look alarming, but on both these days, the humidity will continue to be low, averaging at around 40% level.
Recalling Vagaries' estimate yesterday for Saturday, "Dryness will be felt in this coastal city", the humidity in the evening was very low at S'Cruz, at 26%, and at Colaba the humid factor was 41%. Due to this, the sweat factor is not be a botheration. Dryness, with a day- night variation of 15/16c is the "comforting" factor ! -:)
Next Mumbai Forecast for the week will be put up tomorrow night.
Pakistan and Dubai Weather Forecast also to be put up on Sunday night.


junaid said...

releived to see the temp of 30.4 c
with 70% humidity at 2:30 pm,,,nd the wind blowing from Southwest,,why is this fluctuation happening,,as per my understanding in the konkan region two types of winds r blowing dividing the region into two(one from SW nd other from NE)!!!!!!!!!!!because eventhough wen ratnagiri touched record temp yesterday goa was quite comfortable

Rajesh said...

Junaid,there is some mis-understanding in your readings. at 2.30 pm, as per my observations, it was 35c in Mumbai and humidity was 25%.The max. today was 37.5c, and the highest humidity of 59% was in the early morning.Winds were NE till the afternoon, and after 1.45 pm a west wind set up. Now, if you see my forecast, i expect a NW wind by evening, to again bring the temperature down, maybe to the early 20s like I said by morning.
all along the Konkan it was NE yesterday, and E in Goa. Coastal Karnataka was mildly east (weak) and more of west in the days. Thats why my heat wave was forecasted in the severe weather map.

Rajesh said...

shall put up next weeks forecast tonite by 10.30 pm

junaid said...

hey actually i coudnt convey u correctly,,,,,,i was telling u about the reading of ratnagiri today not mumbai,,,as ratnagiri touched record temperatures on saturday,,,,,,thats is why i was mentioning abi ratnagiri

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