Thursday, March 17, 2011

While Mumbai has broken its record high temperature, by scaling a new day time high of 41.6c at Colaba , another day time record has been broken in SE Asia , across the Bay waters.
Its Bangkok. But this record is the other way around. Bangkok, on Thursday, broke its day time maximum temperature record by dipping to its lowest ever day temperature. It had its coldest day ever at 19c. It was cloudy and overcast throughout the day there today.(As per International norms for Maximum recordings, the reading closes at 12 mid-night, local time. Hence will be confirmed to Vagaries from Mr. Harrera in a couple of hours from now).

In the sub-continent, the heat has peaked in Gujarat and neighbouring Sindh region of Pakistan. The day's maximum highs are seen in the map (Cologne Univ). Distribution of 41s in Gujarat was generous on Thursday, with Porbander, Idar, Surat and a few more cities in this range.

At present, today, the anticyclone is anchored over Gujarat, and is forecasted to shift southwards, off the Gujarat coast.
M2 clouding is prevelent in Northern India. Though not much rain has been recorded, it is cloudy.
As per the Vagaries' Forecast Map put up on the 15th, the day temperatures are expected to rise in the plains of N.India. Cities in the North will see the days now moving towards the 40s.

Normally, the day temperatures experianced in Mumbai and Nagpur last few days could have been easily interchanged. Mumbai has been going thru "Vidharbha like" days with the thermometer scaling 41.6c, while Nagpur has been averaging 36-38c.

From Friday, the reversal could take place. Nagpur temperatures are to rise from Friday, and reach 41c by the weekend.

As expected, M2 should precipitate some rains in the Northern regions of Pakistan. Temperatures in the Sindh region should scale down a bit, as explained in the 15th. write up.Northern cities will remain in the current range.

Pakistan Weather forecast put up on 15th. hold good.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rajesh,
What is the current update on la - nina , can you please put it up on your blog .


Rajesh said...

Sure Ananth. Shall put up the best I can on La-Nina tonite.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.
Eagerly awaiting for April 15 , when our annual monsoon watch series starts.


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