Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mumbai Weather:
Colaba came up with 38.4c on Thursday, but Santa Cruz was defiant at 41.0c. Thursday's expectation put up in Vagaries was 37c.
Low was 20.5c at S'Cruz and 23.5c at Colaba.

Anyway, our forecast put up on 15th. for Mumbai should hold good. Relief for Konkan and Gujarat from Friday. M2 has arrived.

I think the peak of the heat's done with,and relief will be from tonite itself. Mumbai should see something around 33/34c on Friday. Winds have changed direction, and the anti-cyclone at 500 mb has moved away.

The hottest in Asia was 42c at Bhuj in India and Hyderabad and Nawabshah in Sindh ,Pakistan.Major cities in Gujarat were expected to peak today, and it was 41c in Ahamdabad, Baroda and Rajkot on Thursday.

More detailed sub- continent weather news at 9.30 pm tonite.

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