Monday, March 21, 2011

Effects of M2 were seen in the form of precipitation over West and Central Nepal. Kathmandu received 5.8 mms of rain on Monday,and the 2 days of rain has kept today's day temperature at 27.7c and the nights are still colder at 9.3c.
Pokhra got 2.2 mms of rain.
The system is now as good as over and done with.

A low seems to be on the anvil in the Bay. It could form around the 26th. of March. I personally do not see much effect on the mainland of India. Heavy falls could be expected in the Andaman Islands from Friday.
As of now, I see the system developing into a well marked low by the 27th, to around 1004 mb, and fizzling out over the North Andaman region in a couple of days. Will take a fresh review again.

Strong gusty westerlies, at around 28/30 kmph, are expected to sweep Gujarat region from Tuesday, 22nd. for 2 days. As a result, the days in the Saurashtra and Gujarat regions will be contained within the 37/38c range.
Rajkot, with gusty westerlies will be around 37c on Tuesday thru Thursday.Humidity will be on the higher side early morning, at around 75-80%.

The sharp westerlies will be sweeping the Sindh coast of Southern Pakistan too. Karachi will be windy, again from Tuesday thru Thursday, with westerlies at more than 30 kmph. Due to this, days will be contained at 33c.

A noteworthy feature: The temperatures of the last 30 days, from mid February till mid March have shown a different and interesting anomaly in 2 diversive cities of Maharashtra, and in interior A.P. and Karnataka region, which has experianced cold waves in regular intervals till March.

Mumbai, with its 41s and all time highs, shows a average going above the 1 month normal by 0.72*c, almost a degree. Actually, the lows and below normal nights during this period has brought the average down a bit. One notices the red areas on the diagram towards the heat wave period.

On the other hand, traditional hot spot Nagpur, as on 21st March, is yet to cross the 40c mark. Its diagram shows a normal range for the 1 month mentioned period. Normally, come summer, and this city initially shoots to well above temperatures.

And, now Anantpur in A.P. A huge patch of blue. Weather has been on the cooler side in this area, below normal by 1c*, till mid March.

* Please note, A fall or rise by 5/6c for a day is ok, but for longer periods, say 1 month, anything more or less by 0.5c is noteworthy and a marked variation.


Neeraj said...

5.8 mm of rain fell mostly on Sunday evening after six o'clock in Kathmandu. And it was raining during the night too. But the day hours of Monday was clear and sunny. Although the day temperatures are moderately hot now, the mornings are still on the cooler side.

Rajesh said...

Thanks for the details of the 5.8 mms of rain...its a releif for me to know that, since Vagaries had forecasted rain for Sunday..and not Monday.-:)

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