Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today's, 10th. march, actual day temperature map shows Anantapur achieving the first 40c. So, the Southern regions have heated up, and, taking advantage of the absence of any W.D.s, are likely to push the haeting phase Northwards now.

We see the Northern region of India (plains) in the 26-30c range. This region(Northern Plains) should now see a gradual rise in the day temepratures, and the current range will shift to 28-32c by this weekend.Details of other regions expected range, for this weekend, is given in the attached Vagaries' map.

Mumbai Weather report:
"Pleasant enough for Mumbai standards"...that's where I left off on the Mumbai forecast yesterday, and pleasant it was indeed...S'Cruz with a low of 19c and Colaba at 21c was certainly welcome for Mumbai in the 2nd week of March..and with the highs on Thursday at 32c and 33c at Colaba and S'Cruz repectively.It certainly is welcome, this March weather, for this city.

In fact, besides Mumbai, Pune and Nasik were COLD today morning at 11c,and
Jalgaon recording 12c, Madhya gripped by a mild cold wave today !

But..but.. for how long..??

Weekend Weather for Mumbai:
Friday will hover between 34c and 21c with NW winds making it feel comfortable'

Sat/Sun: E winds are back in the morning time. Pushing away the sea
breeze, the thermometer will start pushing up to 38c again and with the low humidty, dryness will be the feeling in this normally humid coastal city!
Nights in the weekend will nullify the heat to some extent with the mercury falling back to 22c. Yes ! the range between day and night will be around 15/16c.

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