Friday, April 01, 2011

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First day of April in the subcontinent. Not bad, with Northern plains in the high 30s and Anantpur in A.P. at 40.6c.
Even hot regions of Sindh, Pakistan, are only just about touching 40c. With the 3 day "cool off" predicted for Karachi lapsing, the N and NW winds have brought an unexpected jump at Karachi which soared to 38c today.

Come April 1st and there is a mild cold wave in madhya Maharashtra.(West iterior Maharashtra). Norms say temperatures 4 below normal is a cold wave, and 7 below a severe cold wave.
Cold spots in Maharashtra on 1st april: Ahmadnagar 13c (-7), Nashik 14.5c (-4), Pune 15c (-4).

A1 precipitating over North Pakistan, North Indian states of Kashmir and H.P. on Saturday, and sliding into western Nepal on Sunday. Thundershower popping up over Kathmandu this weekend as a result.
Capital of Nepal seems to be enjoying very pleasant climatic conditions presently..27.4c - 11.5c range of temperatures is very comfortable !

Monsoon Watch Series 1st. article... log on to Vagaries on 10th. April !


Anonymous said...

monsoon watch so soon????

Neeraj said...

you are right Rajesh ji, its quite comfortable here at this time of the year. One good thing about the weather here is it tends to remain moderate (compared to other parts in the subcontinent) throughout the year. The minimum rarely dips below freezing in the winter and the maximum rarely goes above 33 in the summer/monsoon. Typical winter temperature : 1C(low)and 18C(high), typical summer temperature: 20C(low)and 30C(high).

Rajesh said...

Thanks Neeraj.

Anonymous, Vagaries puts up a popular Monsson Watch series every year from around 10 april. It chases and monitors the progressive parameters.
Please see previous Monsoon Watch in archives, April , if you get time...

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