Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Temperature Extremes on March 1st, Day 1 of Summer in the Sub-Continent:

Asia Hottest: 38c at Sharurah (S.Arabia), Lampang (Thailand), Yangon and Prome (Myanmar).- As per the normal trend (check last years Vagaries of March), heat starts from the Far East.

Coldest: -54c at Saskyalah (Russia)

India; Hottest : 36c at Goa, Mangalore and Surat.

Coldest: -26c at Darbuk (Ladhak), -3.7c at Keylong and -1.2c at Kalpa (H.P.),

7.5c at Fursatgunj in the plains of the North.

9c at Rewa, in the plains of central India.

15c at Mandya in the plains of the South.

Pakistan : Hottest: 32c at Chhore.

Coldest: -6c at Parachinae and 3c at Quetta.

Nepal: Hottest: 29.5c at Biratnagar.

Coldest: -7.3 at Jomsom and 4.8c at Kathmandu.

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