Friday, March 11, 2011

Mumbai S'Cruz Low drops to 15.2c on Friday Morning. That is 5c below the normal.

In fact, as per my observation, this could be the lowest ever recorded at S'Cruz on this date, 11th. March, the previous being 20c in 2003. Broken by a huge margin this year for the day.
However, Colaba has maintained the Vagaries' estimate for today, and was at 20.8c

As estimated yesterday, the weekend, the day temperatures specially, are in for some heating in the coastal belt. Well, we did expect a day -night range of around 15/16c for Mumbai.

The IMD map shows a small area in the Mumbai-Pune region under a cold spell. Pune's morning was cold at 10.6c today, also 5c below normal.


junaid said...

hi rajesh,,quite surprised to see temp of 15 c at santacruz,,i gues it might be around 13 at panvel as it was quite chilly here last nyt.what is the reason behind this???if it is due to the northwesterlies ,,they were already blowing since wednesday????? also ratnagiri recorded 17 and goa 20 both below normal!!!

Rajesh said...

Junaud, yes, the NW winds swung into action and first wiped out the 38c heat from the region.The NW continued as was expected, and the colder front crept in after the moving away of M1. Sometimes the cold front may be a matter of 1 day, and normally the cold comes south a couple of days after the W.D.

junaid said...

ratnagiri's max was at 39.6 nearly 9 degrees above normal,,,,,what is the highest max record for ratnagiri,,,has ratnagiri broken its max record????????

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