Saturday, March 19, 2011

M2 precipitation is likely to spread Eastwards into Nepal on Sunday.
Coming in from the West, precipitation will commence there from Saturday. Could be sharp and brief and in pockets.
Kathmandu can get thundershower by Saturday/Sunday. There was light rain recorded on Friday (could be convective), with a pleasant day at 22.4c

The system will move away from Pakistan by Saturday evening. No meaningful precipitation from M2 there.
Karachi slides down to 35c as expected. For Sat/Sun/Mon, the range will be between 35c -22c. Expecting change from Tuesday.

Mumbai Weather on Friday: Maximum at Colaba:33.8c and S'Cruz: 36.8c. Fall in temperatures,as per Vagaries estimate -:)
Lows were 23.3c and 18.6c at Colaba and S'Cruz respectively. Vagaries predicted minimum between 21c and 19c.

Saturday's Forecast: -(For your convenienve) Repeating and Copy/Pasting from Vagries as published on the 15th.-"Saturday: Much better than the weekdays. With NW breeze, the thermometer will manage 33c, but the mornings could be a bit pleasanter (W.D. effect) with the low dipping to 19c in the suburbs."-


Sunday/Monday/Tuesday:Hazy.Moderate day, with temperatures peaking at 33/345c. (Colaba/S'Cruz).
A fairly good Westerly breeze in the evenings, on all 3 days mentioned, blowing at around 15-17 kmph will keep the temperatures in control.

But, people are going to feel more sweaty and the "real feel" will be more uncomfortable, as with the west (sea ) breeze, humidity levels are set to increase. From low humidities of 11% to rise to 60%.

Comforting fact will be pleasant nights and mornings at lows of between 23c and 19c (Colaba/S'Cruz).

Readers from Pune and Nagpur, hope you remember Vagaries' warning of high temperatures given yesterday for Nagpur and 3 days ago for Pune... 41c on Sunday !

Mr. Harrera from Bangkok sends this very informative weather fact for Vagaries, and I quote him:

" Yes Rajesh.

The records of coldest maxima in all Bangkok province stations are confirmed , except for the station Bangkok Metropolis.

the Thailand highest peak Doi Inthanon at 2500 aslm, recorded a min of +3.4C, with rain.

In laos in the Phou Bia at 2800aslm, i guess they ahve been very close to get snow, maybe it rained with 1-2C."

Thanks Max, its nice of you..keep it coming -:)

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