Tuesday, March 29, 2011

B1 Latest Position: Very sluggish, and refusing to gain momentum. Reason. Bay waters SST not very conducive at 29c. And resistance wind from a very stubborn M3.
Core pressure at 1006 mb, down 2 points, wind at 20 knts and situated at 8.9N and 98.6E.
Should roughly follow the forecast pattern put up, may end up a day early.

Even though it has slid into Nepal, M3 still precipitating rain/snow in Kashmir and H.P.Even Northern regions of Pakistan had medium precipitation on Tuesday.
Should move away by now, and make way for A1, coming to N.India/Pakistan around 2nd. April.

The high (43c) anticipated in Sindh before Wednesday was recorded on Tuesday at Nawabshah, at 43c. Strong 33 kmph winds kept the day temperature down to 33c in Karachi.

Mumbai, out of the blue, suddenly shot up to 38.6c !! Colaba was within reasonable limits at 34.6c. Winds were NW at not expected to make a hot day ! Surprising ??


Ashok Patel said...

You are using A1 for the first Western Disturbance of April, I wonder what abbreviation you would use for the first Low Pressure of Arabian Sea.

Rajesh said...

ashokbhai..please give your suggestion...i did not think of that...thanks

NT said...

I would suggest changing the abbreviation for Western Disturbances to AW1 - the 'A' stands for April i.e. the month, 'W' stands for Western Disturbance. In the same vein, for a low pressure it will be AL1 or BL1 depending on which sea the Low pressure develops

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