Friday, October 01, 2010

Observing today's OLR and cloud motion vector maps, I would consider the monsoon having retreated from all places above 20N, westwards of W.Bengal and the north-eastern states.Meaning, Mah. not considered as monsoon free yet.
Both the maps are illustrative enough,and need no elaborations.
Will declare it accordingly tomorrow.

Vagaries had anticipitated this rise in day temperatures, about a week after the monsoon widhraws .
And look at the high day temperatures venturing from the west in the monsoon widhrawn regions. A 41c in Nawabshah,Pakistan, Karachi and many places there reaching 39c and otherwise a wide range of 38s.
In neighbouring India, Rajasthan, see the 38s now dominating the scene. And gradually showing 36 and 37 eastwards.The highest in India on friday was ,38c recorded at Jaisalmer and Bhuj.

Unlike the day temperatures which spreading the heat from the west, the nights gradual lowering will start from the north. I do not think we will have to wait too long for the nights to get pleasant.
The lowest temperature in the country on Friday was -4c at Darbuk, Ladhak. Places in H.P. like Kalpa and Keylong have started seeing minimum readings of a few notches above freezing.
Not too long before the drop is seen in Punjab and Haryana, the next in line southwards.

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