Saturday, October 16, 2010

The DD crossing inland yesterday, has weakened, very rapidly, into a well marked low at 1002 mb. And is now over Orissa/Vidharbha border region.

Since it has weakened, not rapidly, but Very Rapidly, I do not foresee a UAC coming upto Mah. border, leave alone forming a vortex on the west coast.

I would put up a Maharashtra forecast for Saturday like medium rains, maybe between 2-3 cms, scattered in the state. and isolated patch may receive up to 5 cms on Saturday.Interior rains decreasing on Sunday.

In M.P. rainfall will be decreasing, and almost ceasing in the rear of the fast dissipating system.

I think, we can hope for the NEM soon, to ride on an easterly wave expected soon.


emkay said...

I doubt last is heard of the LP. Remnants seems to be crossing over into Arabian Sea. Passing drizzle in Panvel around 0930 hrs.

Rajesh said...

emkay, your forecast differs a biy from mine, specially for Mumbai :)
BTW, was there lightning in Panvel on saturday night ?

Rajesh said...

sorry, it should read "your forecast differs a bit from mine, specially for Mumbai"

emkay said...

u r the guru and hv the last word. not seen lightning. unusual sprinking of rains today morning 0930 hrs.

S2 said...

there seems to be a vortex like thing formed outside mah..can u confirm that???remnants of the depression???

nt said...

Almost all weather channels seem to suggest rains till Friday this week in Mumbai with infact Thu - Fri time showing heavier rains. Does your forecast for clearing weather today and clear weather tomorrow still hold?

As asked by S2 - where is this depression or low currently? There seems to be lot of clouding and lightning happening just off the coast around the Chiplun area

Anonymous said...

The latest Thai map shows the low just off Mumbai and also weakend to 1006 MB from the morning pressure of 1004 MB. Looks like it is moving away westwards into the sea and may again become more aggressive, however should stop troubling Mumbai soon

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