Monday, October 25, 2010

The wind pattern today indicates the monsoon having completed its tenure in Goa and regions around the 15N line.
Seeing the NE winds build up in the extreme south peninsula, I would transform the SWM to the NEM in a couple of days. The winds are indicative, but the strenght not very strong at the outset.

Mumbai page updated today for the unusual weather in the city.


Anonymous said...

North East Winds in extreme south peninsula? I do not think so. It is westerly [perhaps light wind]that is prevailing now up to say 500 hPa over southern parts of especially along & below 13Degree North

Rajesh said...

You are right, there are no NE winds now. I meant they will "build up" after the circulation over A.P.coast vanishes in a day or two. Maybe my presentation of thoughts was not clear.:)

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