Saturday, October 02, 2010

According to "Vagaries" estimate;
As on Saturday, 2nd. October,The SWMosoon has retreated from all regions west of W.Bengal, North of the 20N line.

Monsoon still "on" in W.Bengal, NE States and states south of 20N including Mah.


Anonymous said...

Hello..wanted to know your view on the potential low pressure in West Central Bay of Bengal..Some forecast model are predicting an enormous system to develop..Potential Cyclone????

nt said...

Rajesh, the weather around Mumbai has suddenly become active, the following things are being mentioned in various web-sites:
1. According to the Thai map of 00 UST today there is an area of Low Pressure just off the Mumbai coast.
2. According to the NGP analysis a land Low pressure is likely to form around South Konkan area and move West from the 7th of October
3. The Low pressure area in BoB is likely to intensify

Today morning Mumbai woke up to very overcast conditions and plenty of sea breeze around the Juhu area.

What is the 'Vagaries' analysis on all these happenings in this week?

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