Thursday, October 14, 2010

Report of depression @10 a.m.
The depression is now situated at 20.6N and 90.1E, that is approx. off the Orissa coast, south east of Kolkata. Almost stationary since last 12 hrs.
The core pressure is at 1002 mb, and will now fall after the 14th. as anticipated earlier. Winds are at an average speed of 25-30 knots, but gusts in the north-west quadrant are at 30 knots.
The major clouding is in the western quadrant. And the eastern quadrant shows minimum clouding. This is because of easterly winds blowing along the trough axis line, that is "shearing " that quadrant. In fact, it is these easterlies that is going against the deepening of the system.
Anyway,it should strengthen now, and by 16th, become a depression at 996/998 and cross into Indian coast thru Orissa.
I think we can still assume it to track west/northwest after crossing inland and weaken rapidly.
Rains will be skirting the Vidharbha region from the 16th. while moving into east M.P. Added moisture is likely to precipitate some showers in interior Mah. and north Konkan Thursday thru Monday.


emkay said...

there was strong drizzle in Kharghar / Panvel region yesterday late evening !!

Rajesh said...

and emkay,worli and tardeo areas received light rains at abt 9 pm.Vagaries cannot be totally off the mark. ;)

nt said...

What is the Mumbai weather going to be from tomorrow till mid next week? Is vagaries coming out with a "Mumbai" forecast soon?

By the way there was light rain in the Andheri area too, although the rain was very patchy, it was raining around my office but around the Juhu area it was bone dry with the Moon seen shining brightly

Rajesh said...

I am waiting to see the "future" of the prevailing UAC over Gujarat.
It has shown tendency to slide south and then again northwards.
Seeing this and the winds due to this UAc, I'll put up the Mumbai forecast tonite at 9.30 pm.
Any suggestions?

nt said...

No suggestions, you are the boss. I wait for your forecasts completely. Wish I had as much understanding :-)

Rajesh said...

Thanks for the kind words,but believe me, i am no graduate or expert in met.but go with my 35 years of weather experaince and started as a hobby when i was 12!

Kaneyen said...

Good Luck Rajesh!
You are more than a professional meteorologist. You are 100% weatherman.

Rajesh said...

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement Kaneyen. Such words from experts like you really help a lot. Would always welcome your help and suggestions to improve my skill.

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