Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Convective Available Potential Energy and Precipitable Water map shows the monsoon humidity "sliding "down south. The 850 hpa map also indicates the same, and very appropropriate to withdraw the monsoon at this stage from regions southwards from the 20N line.

As on today, indications are clear of Monsoon having retreated from
Mah. state.Vagaries withdraws the SWM from Maharashtra .

The appraoching well marked low, from the bay, will now dictate the SWM withdrawal and commencement of the NEM in the next 3/4 days.
The system is expected to graze the east coast fro A.P. to Orissa, before crossing inland near Orissa/W.Bengal.

Announcing the monsoon withdrawal from Mah. and we see the days getting hot on Wednesday, 6th. Hottest in the state is Nagpur at 36c, and Aurangabad at 35c, we have several other cities in the state at 33c/34c.
On Wednesday, 6th;
Highest in India: Jaisalmer 40c.
Highest in Sub-Continent: Nawabshah and Hyderabad (Pakistan) 42c
Highest in Asia: Makkah 43c.


Akshay Deoras said...

Nagpur hasn't reached 36C in recent after the inprocess SW Monsoon withdrawal. 33C has been the maximum and hasn't reached even 35C in the last week
From where you got that 36C toll?

Rajesh said...

On Wednesday, 6th,36c was recorded at Akola, not Nagpur as mentioned.
Thanks Akshay.

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