Thursday, October 14, 2010

Report on Bay Depression.
The Bay depression is now at 16.7N and 88.4E. In the map, see "Megi" in the horizon.
Core pressure at 998 mb, and winds in the western quadrant 30 knots, it is now showing signs of strengthing.

We see the system getting more organised now, with circular bands forming in the western quadrant, where most of the clouding is restricted to.
Expected to deepen tomorrow and move north-west.
Coastal Orissa has started receiving rains from this system.Bhubaneshwar has been getting medium rains from 8 pm Thursday .
The coastal region of the state will experaince heavy rains and gale winds from tomorrow, as I expect the system to make landfall on the Orissa coast by 15th. evening.
If it does make landfall by tomorrow evening , it would be almost in agreement with Vagaries' forecast published earlier on 13th.October (@2 a.m.).


Anonymous said...

The satellite image of around 10:15 am IST shows that the landfall has already happened around North Orrisa side


@ Anonymous
Landfall has already happened in Orissa side this early morning(possibly before sunrise)
I still don't understand why IMD is saying its 200km away!

Check this which had forecasted correct landfall time

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