Sunday, October 31, 2010

Heavy Monsoon rains are lashing the A.P. and T.N regions. Active monsoons are due to the UAC in the region, over the T.N. area to be exact. Seasonal !
Heavy rainfall recorded as on Sunday morning: Bhimavaram recorded extremely heavy rainfall of 250 mms.
Machilipatnam 197 mms, Kakinada 172, Nellore 131 mms, Kozhikode
63 mms, Pamban 37 mms, Kochi AP 36 mms, Madurai AP 30 mms.

The Thai map shows a depression in the east of the Andaman sea. No
w, a pulse from this system should trudge its way westwards.
The cyclonic circulation over southwest Bay of Bengal and neighbourhood
persists and now extends upto 4.5 kms a.s.l.
I would estimate the formation of a low, around 1006 mb, by the 2nd. November, in the Andaman region. Movement ? Roughly would stick to the same pred
iction as of last posting in Vagaries.And shown in the next week's esti
mate map (NECP) put up.

Mumbai forecast updated. International page shows a fascinating hailstorm !

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