Friday, July 15, 2011

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BB3 , stubbornly weak, is positioned over M.P. And it is today enveloped by clouds. Embedded in the monsoon trough now, and due to its sudden pulling of the clouds, fairly good rainfall can now be expected over north M.P, Delhi, H.P. and Utteranchal. A weak W.D. will interact with BB3 on Saturday and bring heavy rains in H.P.and Utteranchal.
Warning of flash flooding and landslides in the mountains of Utteranchal.

Good rainfall reports received from Nepal today. Kathmandu with 23 mms was pleasant at 30c.Highest rainfall was in Birendranagar with 85 mms. The above system brings rain into the region.
BB3 not expected to go westward into Pakistan.

Cloudy with moderate showers over all regions of Gujarat (except Kutch) on the weekend. Rains between 10-30 mms.

Rainfall has reduced in interior Mah and Karnataka. As per the attached "precipitable Water" map from NuWe, there could be future cause of concern for south interior Karnataka and interior T.N and Kerala.


Anonymous said...

pl go here to see daily lake levels

Ron said...

^^^getting hard to read in marathi...sigh..thanks though

Rajesh said...

Anonymous: Thanks for the was not updated till 15th yesterday.

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rajesh said...
Anonymous: Thanks for the was not updated till 15th yesterday.

10:39 PM, July 16, 2011

I donot understand what you want to say by not updated till 15th yesterday? I am seeing this site from last 10 days they update it daily except on holidays........

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