Saturday, July 02, 2011

On assessment of the SWM till 30th June in India, we see from the map the spatial distribution.
Overall, SWM is +11% as on end June.But, there are a few worrying regions.

The worst hit is Gujarat. And specially Kutch and Saurashtra regions. A number of stations in Kutch are yet to receive even 1 mm of rain.
Worrying is Saurashtra and some places in South Gujarat. Anand district, and all the places in the district have not got a single mm of rain. Saurashtra is reeling, with many places yet to open their mark. Here too, many stations are with 0 mm till June end. Worst are Amreli, Bhavnagar, Rajkot and Surendranagar districts.
The coastal regions of Porbunder are a little better due to AS1.

Ahmedabad, Anand,Sabarkantha, Mehsana, Patan and Banaskantha districts too are reeling under dry conditions. Not a drop of rain, and the highest rainfall amongst all these 4 districts is in Ahmedabad city which got 12 mms in June ! Patan and Banaskantha show 100% departures.
Vadodra is also amonst the driest, with the city itself measuring the highest rain in the entire district at 14 mm in June.

Bharuch district is a little better, though far below the normal mark. Bharuch city has recorded 52 mms in June, Vagra 33 mms and Ankleshwar 32 mms. Jambusar is still to open its account, though June is over !
Overall. Gujarat State has received 3% of the total monsoon rains it receives till end September !

Maharashtra's Marathwada and Northern areas are also very dry, and the IMD map shows deficits upto 76% in Jalgaon and 72% in Latur and Jalna.

All India Toppers from June 01 - 30, 2011. Compiled and sent by Pradeep.
Rainfall in cm's (Min 100 cm)
Kollur (Karnataka) - 229
Gaganbawada (Maharashtra) - 191
Agumbe (Karnataka) - 188
Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) - 187
Sangameshwar (Maharashtra) - 177
Kadra (Karnataka) - 171
Siddapura Udupi (Karnataka) - 154
Valpoi (Goa) - 153
Chinnakallar (Tamilnadu) - 150
Bhagamandala (Karnataka) - 150
Piravom (Kerala) - 149
Vadakara (Kerala) - 149
Kanakavali (Maharashtra) - 139
Karkala (Karnataka) - 136
Gerosoppa (Karnataka) - 133
Devala (Tamil Nadu) - 129
Castle Rock (Karnataka) -128
Lanja (Maharashtra) - 128
Sawantwadi (Maharashtra) - 127
Ratnagiri (Maharashtra) - 126
Rajapur (Maharashtra) - 124
Ammathy (Karnataka) - 123
Kottigehara (Karnataka) - 122
Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) - 118
Gorkhana (Karnataka) - 118
Vythri (Kerala) - 117
Dharmasthala (Karnataka) - 117
Bhira (Maharashtra) - 117
Cherrapunji RKM (Meghalaya) - 116
Mandangad (Maharashtra) - 115
Udupi (Karnataka) - 113
Bhatkal (Karnataka) - 112
Honovar (Karnataka) - 110
Shirali (Karnataka) - 109
Nilambur (Kerala) - 108
Linganamakki (Karnataka) - 108
Vaikom (Kerala) - 105
Karipur AP (Kerala) - 104
Subramanya (Karnataka) - 100
Heavy Weights - Buxa, Matheran, Peermade failed to make the cut.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,
IMD says break monsoon to last untill July 15, other say we have a positive MJO phase . conflicting reports, whats your take , will Monsoon remain numb till july 15, interior penisular is staring at imminent drought

Regards, Ananth

Rajesh said...

Ananth,Today, the trough line is in "position 1" mentioned in blog dated 27th June.
I would stick to my forecast published on 29th June. MJO phase regaining, and break monsoon conditions over by 5th/6th July.
Please refer to 29th June blog for full forecasts.
as of now, no changes.

Pradeep said...

Rajesh, you have uploaded the old list which is only upto 12th

Here is the list which contains upto 30th

Pradeep said...

Again Kollur, Karnataka tops south India report with 14 cm…..

It is the only place in the country which has got continuous rainfall from June 2nd non stop. Whether monsoon is weak or strong.

Shitij said...

As you said earlier that a low pressure will form in the north bay around 5th july.Now Rajesh tell me whether this low pressure will track towards Gujarat state or it will track towards Rajasthan state.

Rajesh said...

Thanks Pradeep.Sorry guys, the correct list is up now !