Friday, July 08, 2011

The UAC, stubborn remnant of BB2 has moved northwards to East Rajasthan.
Also heavy rains in Pakistan Punjab as expected. Heaviest being Lahore 104, Sialkot 98, Bannu 67, Sargodha 39. Highest in Pakistan, 46c at Dadu.

In the 12 hrs from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm Friday: Mumbai Colaba 33 mms, S'Cruz 101 mms. (Vagaries, estimate for Friday was 25 mms)

Think we revert back to original Vagaries' Fri/sat/sun forecast (Put up yesterday) now onwards?

Reports say Panvel got 3 cms yesterday.

A Weather Event, as Rare as a "Blue Moon":

The Atacama Desert Experiences Heavy Snowfall...for those interested on International Page.


sset said...

Hi Rajesh/Pradeep,

Any luck - rains for south interior peninsula - no rain?????

Rajesh said...

sset. Dry weekend for interior Karnataka and T.N.

junaid said...

@rajesh ther is an error panvel got 11 cm yesterday plz refer imds website rainfall dist report of 8 july . Panvel has received 11cm till 8:30 am 8 july,,,u might be referring rmc mumbai,,, those ppl havent updated their todays report ,, they have only changed the date in that u can find even santacruz at 2 cm !!!!dumb rmc fellows!!!!

rajugana said...

Baroda: heavy overnight showers, and it is dark and cloudy with drizzling now, it appears heading for a wet weekend.

emkay said...

after a promising morning, its torrential downpour for last 30 mts now in Panvel.

Amit Tare said...

So much rain all around. But nothing for Nagpur. Its been frustrating year for us here at Nagpur. The weather is cloudy but no significant rains. Just traces here and there. Dont know when we will get heavy showers.!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ sir Rajesh
Me Karan Raj From hyderabad Pakistan
want to know that when monsoon will hit lower sindh cause its too hot here and no siggn of rain. tell me when a system will effect lower sindh.

Ron said...

hey..could u give us the ENSO status???

Pradeep said...

Dear SSET,

The above map shows normal for south interior regions of Peninsula,

End of this month i think they will become below normal (-ve)While west coastal and north Interior regions of India will continue to get excess rainfall.

 See Page Weather Knowledge - 2 7 Extreme Cold (Including Cold Days) Likely in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and U.P. This week till Month end....