Friday, July 08, 2011

sridhar: I think, its my view, that we could get uniform widespread rain if it comes from a system, i mean direct impact. There the entire region would get rain almost uniformly, like if a depression comes into Mumbai..still of course there could be little variation,not so much though.Or, if there is uniform flow of winds across the coast towards a strong system.
This is a belt of rain, un- uniformly formed, and we can call it "out of turn", so distribution will be vastly uneven.

And distance between north and south Mumbai is 40 kms, enough to create variations in precipitation.
If we review the rainfall last night: Palghar 209 mms, Colaba 163 mms, Uran 154 mms, Surat 132 mms and Santa cruz 117 mms. Thats for N.Konkan.

Another low could form in the Bay, this time off the Orissa/W,Bengal coast by the 12th.We will have to watch and wait to know its track and intensity.


Pavan said...

Pl tel me what make the difference even this variation can be seen in pune also, til august we feel just like d dist between atacama and c'punjee is just 8km

Rajesh said...

Atacama ?? see this link

junaid said...

@rajesh plz try to get the rainfall info abt panvel of yestrday,,the rmc ppl havnt updated the rainfall,,although they r showing the correct date but the data is yestrdays !!!!!!

junaid said...

finally got the panvel figure that is 11cm!!!!

Pavan said...

Ya sir, your y'day forecast s true its drizzling here in ths part of pune almost aftr 20 days it was dry so in ths season i cald t as 'atacama' the driest and the extreme part of pune is lush green and wet

Pavan said...

Wat s d exact difference between these 2 types of precipitation can snowfal b compared to rain

Pradeep said...


Wondering why Mahabaleshwar, Bhira and Matheran are not getting heavy rainfall.

While other places such as Sangameshwar, Valpoi, Rajapur, Kankavalli, Lanja, Quepem, Ponda all are getting heavy rains

sridhar said...

Thanks, Rajesh, I guess you should start a tutorial for all amateurs like us...:)